Aged Care Cleaning Checklist: A Complete Guide

Aged care cleaning checklist

A Comprehensive Aged Care Cleaning Checklist Looks Like

Those in charge of running and managing aged care facilities are responsible for the health and safety of the residents. Senior citizens are at high risk of contracting infections and diseases due to their weakened immune systems. That is why maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is crucial, and the best way to do that is to adhere to a strict and comprehensive aged care cleaning checklist.

Most aged care centers such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities rely on their in-house janitorial staff or commercial cleaning companies to keep up with regular cleaning and maintenance. In both scenarios, cleaners generally stick to a cleaning checklist that helps to streamline tasks and make cleaning more efficient.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of having a well-thought-out checklist and what such a checklist looks like.

Why Do You Need An Efficient Aged Care Cleaning Checklist?

A well-rounded aged care checklist takes into account the specific needs and vulnerabilities of older adults to facilitate the highest standard of cleaning. Here are a few more reasons for creating a comprehensive aged care cleaning duties list.

Maintaining The Highest Standard Of Cleanliness

A well-planned aged care cleaning checklist helps to ensure that all areas of the facility get the necessary cleaning and disinfection. It prevents the build-up of dirt, dust, and debris and removes germs and allergens. A checklist tells the cleaning staff which areas to pay attention to and how they should go about cleaning. This way, the entire facility gets thorough cleaning according to the plan.

Making Cleaning Efficient

A functional aged care cleaning schedule involves many tasks, some of which fall under the category of regular cleaning, while others are commercial deep cleaning. Keeping up with all the different tasks can become overwhelming. That is why the cleaning staff needs a proper plan to tell them precisely what to do and when. Such a checklist makes the whole process more efficient and organized.

Complying With Regulations

Elderly care facilities need to adhere to specific cleaning-related regulations and requirements. Failing to comply with such regulations can pose a legal threat to the establishment. A comprehensive aged care cleaning checklist helps ensure that all the necessary cleaning requirements are up to date and that the facility is fully compliant.

Now that you know why you need a reliable aged care cleaning checklist, it is time to find out what such a checklist looks like.

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Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Aged Care Cleaning Checklist

When creating checklists or schedules, aged care cleaning services always separate regular and deep cleaning tasks. That is why the checklist often has distinct daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning sections. The professionals also review the cleaning guidelines and reset the schedules when they need. Below is a standard set of daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning checklists that most aged care cleaning services swear by:

Daily Aged Care Cleaning Checklist

  • Remove dirt and dust by wiping down all the surfaces in individual rooms and shared areas a few times daily.
  • Vacuum carpets, sweep and mop non-carpeted floors, and inspect door mats and floor mats for wear and tear to avoid trip and fall accidents.
  • Disinfect high touch points such as doorknobs, handrails, cabinet handles, light switches, and shared electronics.
  • Empty garbage bins daily or a few times a day, and dispose of hazardous waste carefully as per regulations.
  • Clean and disinfect kitchens, wipe down appliances, wash dishes, and check refrigerators for spoiled food.
  • Clean and disinfect toilets, bathroom showers, sinks, tubs, whirlpools, countertops, and mirrors.

Weekly Aged Care Cleaning Checklist

  • Vacuum cushions and furniture upholstery, wash drapes and curtains, and clean window sills and blinds.
  • Dust light fixtures and check all the bulbs to make sure they are in great working order and safe to use.
  • Clean out and organize the kitchen, pantry, refrigerators, and general supply storage rooms.
  • Clean and polish glass windows and other glass surfaces inside and out. Pay attention to both interior and exterior glass windows and room partitions.
  • Clean metal and wood doors and inspect door stops, hardware, and lock mechanisms.
  • Thoroughly inspect the floor and sink drains in the kitchens and bathrooms for signs of mould, mildew, and clogs. Fix them immediately after identifying them.

Monthly Aged Care Cleaning Checklist

  • Clean HVAC units, air ducts, and air vents to maintain clean and safe indoor air.
  • Get professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.
  • Perform tile and grout cleaning in bathrooms.
  • Cleaning the interiors of kitchen appliances.
  • Thoroughly inspecting fire sprinkler systems and smoke alarms for efficiency or signs of damage.
  • Wiping down the walls and baseboards in all the rooms.

Most commercial cleaners create and stick to a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule or checklist for aged care cleaning. Not all aged care cleaning checklists will look the same. Since different facilities have varying cleaning requirements, and will also be customized according to their unique needs.

Aged care cleaning schedule

Importance Of Aged Care Cleaning Schedule or Checklist

A well-rounded checklist is a handy tool that enables caregivers and cleaning staff to uphold rigorous standards for hygiene and cleanliness. It helps to address the unique challenges of the specific environment. With it, cleaners can identify the core cleaning tasks, create a schedule, and stay on top of maintenance. Some aged care deep cleaning includes:

  • Surface disinfecting and sanitising
  • Sweeping floors and hard surface
  • Dusting cobwebs
  • Mirror and window cleaning
  • Restroom and toilet cleaning
  • Emptying waste bins
  • Mat and carpet cleaning


When hiring aged care cleaners, you should always look for competent professionals who create aged care cleaning checklists but also adhere to them. It is the key to creating a safe and hygienic living environment in aged care centres.

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