How Much Does Aged Care Cleaning Cost In Sydney?

Aged care cleaning cost

A Detailed Overview Of Aged Care Cleaning Costs In Sydney

Want to know about aged care cleaning costs in Sydney? Administrators, providers, and families must have a clear understanding of the financial aspects of aged care cleaning. This knowledge proves beneficial when choosing the right commercial cleaners for the job and when examining how aged care cleaning services are priced.

It is important to peel back the layers of aged care cleaning to gain the necessary insights into the financial considerations that determine the quality of care that elderly individuals receive in Sydney’s care homes. So, let us take a look at the average cost of aged care cleaning and the services that are included in a standard package.

Average Aged Care Cleaning Cost In Sydney

When discussing aged care cleaning prices, it is necessary to discuss how elderly care facilities handle cleaning tasks. While many facilities have their in-house cleaning crew, the majority of care homes in Sydney hire commercial cleaners to provide scheduled cleaning. The latter is often more cost-effective than maintaining an in-house janitorial staff.

Different commercial cleaning companies have varying charges. Furthermore, the specific cleaning requirements might vary widely from one elderly care facility to another. A large number of such factors can affect aged care cleaning costs. However, you can have a general idea about the standard aged care rate per cleaner. The average cost of a 2-hour cleaning session can be around $110.

Here’s a more detailed list of aged care cleaning tasks and pricelist.

Remember that these are only the estimated average cost of aged care cleaning in Sydney. The exact cost might vary depending on a wide range of factors. So, make sure you identify your requirements and compare prices before hiring an aged care cleaning service.

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Factors That Can Affect Aged Care Cleaning Cost

Commercial cleaning charges for elderly care facilities can vary widely based on a long list of factors. Knowing and understanding how the rate is determined is crucial for anyone looking to hire aged care cleaning services. Here are a few of those factors that can affect and influence aged care cleaning costs:

Size Of The Facility

Since most commercial cleaners charge per square footage, the size of the facility is one of the most critical determinants of cost. The larger the facility, the more expensive the cleaning packages will be. To figure out the cost, you must consider how big the cleaning area is and how many rooms there are.

Level Of Cleaning

Different sections of an aged care facility may require varying levels of cleaning. For instance, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and cafeterias may require more intensive cleaning than general spaces. These areas also take the longest to clean. Charges will also vary based on the intensity of cleaning. General cleaning tasks tend to be cheaper than deep cleaning activities.

Frequency Of Cleaning

When it comes to booking cleaning services, there are a few options. You can go for a one-time cleaning or get daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning services. Typically, one-off commercial cleaning services cost the highest, while daily cleaning packages cost the lowest. Most commercial cleaners offer discounted pricing for regular clients.


The location can seriously impact the cost of cleaning. Commercial cleaning charges can vary widely depending on where you are based in Sydney. Cleaning costs in the prime areas may be higher than in the rest of the city. These are the most crucial factors that can determine how much elderly care cleaning will cost you in Sydney.

What Is Included In Aged Care Cleaning?

When talking about cleaning charges, it is important to talk about what the standard aged care cleaning packages include. When determining pricing, you must have an idea of the different services you can expect from the commercial cleaner. Here are a few of the essential cleaning tasks that an aged care cleaning service will handle:

Aged care cleaning prices

General Cleaning And Disinfection

Daily cleaning at aged care facilities includes dusting, sweeping, mopping, and cleaning all surfaces. The idea behind general cleaning is to provide the best surface-level cleaning on a regular basis. It is also crucial to disinfect different areas, especially the high touch points, to prevent the spread of germs and diseases.

Floor Cleaning

Dirty, wet, and slippery floors can be a hazard in elderly care facilities. A simple slip-and-fall accident can cause fatal injuries and lead to hefty lawsuits. That is why floor cleaning and maintenance is a necessary component of elderly care cleaning. Carpeted floors should also receive professional care. Daily vacuuming and periodic deep cleaning are necessary to keep carpets clean and fresh.

Bathroom Cleaning And Disinfection

Dirty bathrooms are hotspots where germs breed and thrive. Since elderly individuals already have weakened immune systems, it is necessary to protect them from harmful pathogens. It is thus necessary to clean and disinfect the restrooms every day.

Kitchen And Cafeteria Cleaning

Food preparation areas need special attention and cleaning. The kitchen and cafeteria need daily cleaning. And that includes cleaning all the surfaces and equipment. Some commercial cleaners may also help you clean and organize the pantry.

Periodic Deep Cleaning

Most commercial cleaners charge separately for general or daily cleaning and periodic deep cleaning. But some customised cleaning packages may include both. Deep cleaning services such as window cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and HVAC cleaning are all necessary in aged care facilities.

These are the most common activities that you can expect from a commercial cleaning company.

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