Top Carpet Cleaning Methods And Techniques

Best carpet cleaning methods

Best Carpet Cleaning Methods Used By Professional Cleaners

Cleaning a commercial carpet is not an easy task. The dust particles can go all the way between the intricate fibers and might be hard to clean without specific cleaning methods or equipment. Only professional cleaners in Sydney know the proper methods of carpet cleaning. 

You cannot set a standard protocol and follow it for any carpet you see on the floor. This is because the carpet can trace a source from a wide range of natural or synthetic fibers including nylon, acrylic, olefin, or wool. And the basic style of any of these types as they are cut and piled can be classified into velvet, frieze, shag, cable, or Saxony. Each of these results in a different kind of unique finish and would require due precision when they are cleaned if you want to retain their life-like essence after.

Different Carpet Cleaning Methods

1. Hot Water Extraction/ Steam Cleaning

This method is also called wet cleaning and it is commonly used everywhere. Here vaporized water that is heated to extreme temperatures is used at high pressures. The cleaning agent is first applied to the surface of the carpet. The carpet is subjected to agitation with steam that is blown through a piece of equipment that typically looks like a vacuum cleaner. 

The area is then gently rinsed. Any accumulated dust at any depth in the inner fibers will typically be extracted through this. As the hot vapors hit the inner fibers, the extremity of the temperature will weaken the bond between the staining particles and the rug fibers. After this weakening, they easily fall off during the rinsing process. The carpet area is then left to dry at room temperatures.

At JBN Cleaning, for the entire process in a 2000 sq. ft. area, take about an hour to complete. The carpet might then take up to 4 hours to dry after the whole procedure.

Advantages Of Steam Carpet Cleaning

  • No pollutants involved
  • No harmful chemicals are required
  • Also carries out disinfection on its own as the germs cannot sustain high temperatures
  • Gets out any soiling at any depths of the carpet.

2. Dry Cleaning Carpet

DRy carpet cleaning is now turning a lot of heads in the industry and is now being implemented by the top commercial cleaning companies in Sydney. It gives an effective performance that is comparatively equal to the steam cleaning process and gives a solid advantage that it doesn’t take any additional time for drying.

The procedure surprisingly involves the application of cleaning compounds on the bottom side of the carpet. Through a rotary brush of counter-rotation that is brushed on the upper side, the compounds are whipped to foam and are spread to settle everywhere on the carpet. These are made of biodegradable materials that vaporize easily when exposed to air for too long. One major pro of dry cleaning is that it is suitable to be adapted for any type of carpet. All you need to do is slightly adjust the composition of the chemical compounds that are used to make the whole process feasible.

Advantages Of Carpet Dry Cleaning

  • Can be used for all types of carpets
  • Little moisture is involved so there’s no downtime required for drying
  • Relatively inexpensive

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3. Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

Here, heavy-duty motorized equipment is fitted with an absorbent pad that is pre-dipped in a cleansing solution. The rotary machine follows a counter direction and evenly spread the chemicals everywhere and later picks up the soil as the machine’s direction changes.

Due to the simplicity in application and lesser operational time involved, this method is used in areas that have high foot traffic. Through bonnet cleaning the carpet areas can be given the attention it deserves at frequent intervals. But this can only be used for surface level cleaning and the results are thus short-lived.

Advantages Of Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

  • Can be effortlessly used for carpets that require regular cleaning
  • Inexpensive and simple yet fast
  • Can be used for lightly soiled carpets on a surface level easily.

Carpet cleaning methods

4. Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning companies in Sydney are now adapting to encapsulation cleaning procedures for improving the results when they do carpet cleaning. Here synthetic detergents are used. The initial state of these detergents is foam-like and is even spread manually over the carpet.

Once they dry, they crystallize into a powder form. The dirt particles initially bond with the foam in their liquid state and are captured within them as they transform into a powdered format.

Advantages Of Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

  • Leave only little residues and thus can be used for retaining the texture of sensitive carpets
  • No time is required for drying
  • Can be used for the removal of tougher stains

5. Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is now being slowly yet gradually replaced by encapsulation procedures. This is major because the chemicals involved are much more simple and more eco-friendly than synthetic shampoos. The drying time is also lesser than the other processes like wet cleaning or shampooing. Most of the commercial carpet cleaning company provides carpet shampoo cleaning service to make the carpet shining.

Advantages Of Carpet Shampooing

  • Shampooing penetrates deep into the carpet fibers, removing dirt, stains, and odors.
  • Tough stains can often be lifted with the use of carpet shampoo cleaners.
  • Improve indoor air quality.

6. Carpet Foam Cleaning

Foam cleaning, also known as foam washing or foam spraying, is a method used efficiently for carpet cleaning. Foam works its way into the carpet to remove contaminants. Once the foam dries, typically after about 30 minutes, it forms into crystals, trapping the dirt within. These crystals can then be easily vacuumed away, leaving behind a clean and refreshed carpet. This method is efficient, environmentally friendly, and leaves carpets looking and feeling like new.

Advantages Of Carpet Foam Cleaning

  • It’s purely a eco-friendly method.
  • Faster drying times of the carpet.
  • Effectively removes allergens, dust mites, pollen, and pet dander from carpets.


Now as you see, this gets even more technical in implementation than how it looks on paper. In order to get your routine right without having to spare money on potential damages, it is advisable to go for a professional like JBN cleaning. We are here to identify the type of carpet cleaning method your carpet specifically requires and do all that at our disposal to get it right. Each one of the cleaners we have is trained rigorously and is finely saturated with thorough industrial knowledge.

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