CDC Covid Cleaning Guidelines

CDC covid cleaning guidelines

Covid19 Cleaning Guidelines(CDC) For Workplaces

CDC refers to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It is an internationally recognized health agency that helps people from any disease threats, their awareness, pathological understanding, and possible preventive measures. Now with the pandemic in place, they’ve been all the more active in their campaigns about professional covid cleaning.

Unlike the common fact that the Covid-19 disease can spread with a single touch on a contaminated place, they say it’s not the case if you keep sanitizing your hands at regular intervals and stay away from touching your face. There are a lot of guidelines like this that they have drafted and keep updating as new revelations happen each day.

Regulatory Measures For Office COVID Cleaning Drafted By The CDC

1. Cleaning, Sanitizing, And Disinfection Can Reduce Your Infection Risk

CDC says that no two facilities can be disinfected or sanitized the same way. Disinfection procedures should be drafted in such a pattern that it satisfies the complete requirements of your premises. More concentration should be placed on sanitizing the high touch-sensitive points that are dispersed even in the corners.

The procedures and their nature would be completely different if you are going about vulnerable premises like medical centre cleaning. Proper protocols for different industrial verticals should be monitored and continuously quality-checked to be improved over a period of time. This will help in maintaining consistent standards continuously.

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2. Your Frequency Of Cleaning Matters

Always go with disinfectants that are soap or detergent-based solutions for your premises. Do hand-pick your disinfectant carefully while going about your covid cleaning services. You can do this by cautiously going with products that are internationally authorized by standard bodies like OSHA and CDC.

Even your everyday office cleaning routine should be moderated in such a manner that it suits your premises in the right way. Generally disinfecting just once a day is enough if you’re having relatively lesser foot traffic that enters your premises. But if your community and the local situation has an increasing number of covid patients, or if your community is low in immunity, it is important that you disinfect your premises at much more frequent intervals even in a single day.

3. Routine Cleaning Protocols To Remember

CDC asks the global community to always devise an action plan before jumping into the routine. Crafting down a checklist with added to-do’s and sourcing the right equipment and supplies prior will help in reducing your overall redundancy in the procedure. Always use PPE wear while you do your office cleaning services and also utilize equipment that is full-on effective.

This will help you prevent a lot of cross-contamination prospects that are most likely to happen while you clean without proper equipment in place. The cleaners should also be prepared enough and trained at regular intervals to accustom them to the latest procedures and processes.

You should also take the post-cleaning procedures into account before you dive into the routine. This includes your waste disposal plan, and PPE disposal procedures and also takes into consideration your employee health and reactions to your cleaning aftermath. You should ensure that they don’t face any allergic reaction or come to face any asthmatic triggers as a result of chemical-intensive ingredients.

Covid cleaning CDC guidelines

4. Disinfection Procedures That Differ In Different Places

List down all the high-risk areas and touch-sensitive places first. These are the ones that need disinfection and sanitizing at frequent intervals. Even the slightest negligence or missing out here can drastically affect your overall hygiene.

Do not rely on one single solution for your covid cleaning services. Do refer to the solutions that are listed under the EPA-approved list before you choose your disinfectant. Also, make sure you follow the directions of use mentioned on the product label. There are also a few guidelines for cleaning from other bodies including OSHA that you can follow for your routine.

There are a whole lot of methods including UV radiation for sanitizing but their full effectiveness has not been formally established yet and CDC does not recommend these new methods in a situation where we don’t have the space for trials and errors.

Other methods like fogging, covid spray cleaning, or fumigation are also not recommended by the CDC since we don’t have proven stats of their efficiency yet. Consider everything from your carpet, windows, electronic gadgets, elevator buttons, escalator handles, etc. that is high-touch prone during your commercial cleaning services.

5. What To Do After A Person Tests Positive?

If you find that a person has been sick or has tested positive for COVID-19, you should disinfect the spaces that they were predominantly occupying along with the whole premises if possible. Ask all your employees who have been in close contact with the affected person to take a test just to be sure. Have a drafted plan for a situation that escalates and keep the protocols handy with your HR.

CDC also recommends that you wait it out at least for 24 hours before you go for your cleaning routine. This will help you decontaminate the premises as a whole.

All these procedures and a lot more of them are recommended by global regulatory bodies that you can check first before you go about your covid cleaning. This would ensure that you land up with the right amount of cleanliness and quality. When it comes to medical centre cleaning, the case is a whole lot different and requires even more of an eye for detail.

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