Challenges Faced By Cleaning Companies Due To Covid-19

Challenges Faced By Cleaning Companies Due To Covid

Challengers In COVID For Cleaning Company  

Covid19 has been a tough barrier for almost all of us across the entire world. Almost every sector there has been affected in one way or the other. And cleaning companies have been facing a lot of challenges themselves throughout this entire situation. Be it the surging demand or the limited resources to handle the unexpected influx of vast requirements all around, they’ve been doing a pretty good job at handling all the steam.

Covid cleaning has become the buzzword in almost every corner. Not to mention the sudden increase in the number of the janitorial workforce or even cleaning companies everywhere. A commercial cleaning company in Sydney might have just passed the toughest of tests that they’d ever have to face.

Some of the Milestones that COVID Cleaning Companies had to Navigate Through

1. Shortage of supplies

As we all know already, supply chains around the globe came to an immediate halt soon as the pandemic started spreading out. The increase in demand for disinfection procedures to get rid of the virus was disrupted by the shortage of cleaning supplies that the professionals were dealing with.

In addition, there were a lot of knock-off products that came into market trade while the world was busy keeping their livelihoods intact. These products are not only ineffective but might also be extremely corrosive, chemically intensive, or toxic. This is why you need an experienced person in the play who can simply help you navigate through these and find the ones that best suit your space.

2. Limited manpower and increased scale of operations

There were government restrictions that were imposed worldwide towards restricting the operational manpower to prevent people from gathering too much publicly. The demand for Covid cleaning services has been on a steady rise and businesses have taken the smart decision of handling requirements of such scale to professional companies instead of hiring a janitor or two.

This is because of the sensitivity of the entire situation and since we’re predominantly taking the course of actions for safeguarding human health. We cannot take chance here. Companies like ours have been having a pretty hard time giving all our clients their desired appointment times. But great thanks to our hugely intact team members and their combined passion for offering relentless service, we have been managing the entire process pretty well.

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3. PPEs and other protocols adherence

Coronavirus is extremely contagious in nature and its rapid spread of it is what caused such a huge outrage worldwide. Cleaning an infected area or even taking care of possible contamination requires careful cleaning followed by disinfection cleaning and sanitization procedures. For these, the cleaners should also be thoroughly equipped. Personal Protective Equipment has been recommended by global bodies like OSHA and CDC.

Any cleaner who is taking care of your premises should be instructed to mandatorily wear rubber boots, PPE wears, goggles, gloves, masks, and all else necessary.

In addition to helping office cleaning to be done easier, global regulatory bodies including even SWA (Safe Work Australia). Cleaners should all be made aware of all these educational materials before they begin the work at your premises. Training all your cleaners with appropriate subject matter knowledge during these busy times has been massively challenging for almost all the commercial cleaning companies out there.

Challengers In COVID For Cleaning Company 

4. The entire disinfection procedure

Disinfection procedures have usually been overlooked for years now. And suddenly everyone around the block is at a crossroads where they have to definitely go for it. There is no proper knowledge surrounding the entire procedure. For example, do you know that any disinfectant is only useful if they’re left on top of the surface undisturbed for at least 5 to 10mins before rinsing them away?

There are a whole lot of myths that need proper debunking. They are a lot of knowledge gap that needs proper addressing before your cleaners get on with the job.

How Do We Do It?

At JBN Cleaning, we offer a wide range of sector-specific services. For example, our school cleaning procedures are not the same as our other procedures. This kind of niche cleaning reliability is ideally what you need to sign up for.

In addition, we offer these:

1. Insurance benefits

We comprehensively offer you third-party liability compensation and workers’ compensation policies to keep you covered. Even in case of any possible damages while we go about vulnerable requirements like gym cleaning, we’ll take care of all the repairs or replacements ourselves. This kind of accountability is what we offer you once you onboard us.

2. Green cleaning

Eco-friendly cleaning routines are the kind of sustainable decisions that you should be making as a business owner. At JBN Cleaning, we only go with cleaning supplies that are 100% organic and carry certification for the same.

3. Experienced cleaners

All the cleaners that we send your way for any requirements like church cleaning or any other service are all well-trained in all areas. As a company, we are 10+ years old now and we’ll apply all the knowledge we’ve gathered over the years to benefit you best.

Talk to us today to understand more details about our covid cleaning services. JBN Cleaning is also now offering a free quote!

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