Challenges Faced By Commercial Window Cleaners 

Challenges faced by commercial window cleaners

Think Commercial Window Cleaning In Sydney Is Easy?

Well, not really. There’s a far deeper complexity that lies underneath. There is a lot of expertise that your commercial window cleaner should ideally be trained to tackle before they get to the groundwork. This is because it’s not just the glass surfaces that will be covered under window cleaning. But rather all the associated components like the frames, grills, and blinds. And each of these requires its own methods of window cleaning that cannot be generalized on the whole.

Some Of The Common Problems Faced By Usual Cleaners

1. Short Of Knowledge

Janitors are highly demanded these days, especially with the pandemic around. The sensitivity of the situation around is calling for a professional takeover. Even a lot of small businesses are continuously searching for janitors to do it rather than taking it up themselves. But here’s where it goes a little haywire sometimes.

There are a whole lot of janitors out there that you can hire under your payroll or freelance with. But they might not be well-versed in the subject matters of niche topics. Let’s say you have a cleaning requirement and you hire a janitor for the purpose. They might be good at giving your glass finish a neat outlook but when it comes to complex routines like your blinds decoloring, streak-free window cleaning, or your frames’ stain removal, they might not have the equipment or the expertise to go about it.

2. Inadequate Training

Staying up-to-date with the market updates will make your cleaner much more relevant. But as we go about our busy lives, not every cleaner is going to have the leverage of time to train themselves for the better. This is the predominant reason why a commercial cleaning company can be of much use to you.

A company like ours dedicates resources and time exclusively to training our cleaners. We use this time and sessions to transfer knowledge and educate the whole unit on the latest guidelines or innovations in the cleaning segment.

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3. Lack Of Proper Systems And Procedures

Your ideal cleaning journey should trace the following route:

  • Do a thorough onsite inspection
  • Devise a checklist with all the elements in your space from corner to corner
  • Curate an action plan that will cover these items the right way
  • Follow a standard set procedure as your cleaners proceed the journey
  • Keep the business owner or an allocated person informed about the progress
  • Complete the procedure only after comprehensive disinfection and sanitization
  • Do a post-cleaning double-check to be added sure
  • Provide you with a final report on the complete routine

    This professionalism comes at a cost. Only a company of professional commercial cleaners can seamlessly do your process by following all of the processes above. Especially when you hire someone like us who has been working persistently towards satisfying our clients to the fullest, you can just get what you deserve.

    4. Gaps In Communication

    This can be a real deal-breaker. No matter how equipped or experienced a company might be, it’ll just go down to dust if they’re not complemented by proper updates and communication plans. You need a professional who will help you lay back and relax by taking care of everything all by yourself. While at the same time, they should keep you in the loop and keep you aware of the progress. This is a fine balance and not everyone does it. But only this will help you maintain a healthy relationship with your cleaning partners. This would also help you to continue business with them for a long time forward.

    Challenges of commercial window cleaners

    How To Find The Best Commercial Window Cleaners?

    The Internet Is Where!

    Anything you want to get a resource for is just an online search away. I mean you’re here now reading this blog trying to get some clarity, right? You can simply search with relevant queries about your requirement and find a few players of the lot. It’s always a better option to go with a company for cleaning your windows up to the mark. This is because they’d have a whole lot of innovative ways to arrive at the proper solutions for any challenge that you throw their way.

    Cheap But Top In Quality

    We are all running under a budget and there’s nothing wrong with it. While you have a whole lot of business expansion plans in place, spending a lot of operational costs on your cleaning might not be looking ideal. And hence, you can simply look into making your cleaning a little more under your budget with a few adaptations.

    • Reduce your overall cleaning time by doing all the decluttering around the windows yourself. Most of the cleaners charge on an hourly basis and this could save a lot of money.
    • Go for a recurring commercial window cleaning package. This way the company that you’re going to hire might consider you a long-term investment and give you special discounts on their packages.
    • Describing your exact requirements prior will simply help you get things done in a lot more efficient manner since they can devise a plan that is particular for you.

    Someone That Does It On The Greenway

    In addition to the noticeable environmental benefits of green cleaning, the scope of it goes a long way forward even more than this. Going with organic supplies can simply help improve the air quality of your interior ambience. They can help safeguard your premises and your employees from the harmful side effects of chemical-intensive supplies.

    Want your commercial window cleaning in Sydney to be taken care of by the experts? Hire JBN Cleaning today and see the difference that we can bring your way. If you’re wondering about our package rates, call us and fix an appointment for a free inspection today!

    Hire the most diligent cleaning company in Australia!

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