Changing Commercial Cleaning Trends and Techniques

Changing cleaning trends and techniques

Do You Know The Cleaning Techniques?

Owing to the pandemic that has left an irreversible dent in the world, there are a lot of changes that are being adopted almost in every industrial segment. Cleaning services, being one of the major concerns that have turned heads because of all the paranoia owing to the massive spread of a disease that is communicable, is being given importance like no other now.

Here is all you need to know about what’s happening in the cleaning industry. If you’re a business owner who is looking to hire a commercial cleaning company for your cleaning needs. You might as well weigh your vendor against these to have a look at if they are up-to-date with what’s happening around you.

1. Advanced equipment

The charges for commercial cleaning services are mostly based on hourly wages. Owing to ease of work and to avoid redundancy or missed spots while cleaning. Automation has been given a priority now by professional companies. The machinery they use today is much more advanced and uses cutting-edge techniques.

Almost every company is having a constant side-eye on what’s new in the market to upgrade themselves before their competitors do. This makes the process all the more simple, easier and more efficient like never before for both the parties involved.

2. More consciousness about the environment

Gone are those days when we used anything and everything just to make a surface shine or to remove a tough stain. Cleaning services are now managed a lot better in a regulated manner these days. Eco-consciousness has become one of the prominent unique selling propositions for a lot of professional cleaning companies.

At JBN Cleaning, we are hell-bent on using high-quality organic supplies that come with 100% eco-friendly formulations. By using these, we also hereby ensure that they go hand-in-hand with human health in general. We leave no room for respiratory concerns or allergies through this conscious effort.

Adhering to standard protocols that are principally set by global entities like OSHA and CDC is also being taken as a hallmark that the cleaning companies follow today.

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3. Contactless Cleaning

Coronavirus has rewritten the standard cleaning protocols that have been in practice so far. The cleaners are now increasingly conscious of cross-contamination, which can happen by the germs that they shed during the cleaning process. Utilities like personal protective equipment, gloves, head caps, etc., are all worn at appropriate times. To ensure that the cleaning they make happen is completely contactless.

4. Added focus on disinfection routines

Cleaning is not just about removing stains or cleaning cobwebs. It is more about the elimination of microbes for comprehensive protection against communicable diseases or infections. Since personal hygiene has become a prominent necessity now, added efforts like sanitization of high-touch prone surfaces. In a commercial space like switchboards, door handles, flush handles, faucet heads, and electronic office gadgets are all cleaned up to the mark.

cleaning trends and techniques

5. Niche services

No two surfaces are the same and they can’t be cleaned the same way either. The cleaning services offered by professionals are now diversely packaged into different niches. There are separate segments like window cleaning, industrial cleaning, commercial cleaning, worship center cleaning, strata cleaning, residential cleaning, etc. Every professional is specifically trained to achieve the right expertise that is required for each of these services separately. Even the supplies and the equipment differ for different niche services offered.

Owing to the current situation, COVID disinfection cleaning, a new niche has been garnering a lot of attention and it is offered by professional companies.

6. Freebies

A lasting business relationship is important for the professionals who offer office cleaning services in Sydney. To keep the clients on the toe about the company, a lot of professionals are now offering complimentary services. Along with the original packages that they signed up for.

At JBN Cleaning, we believe that clients should always be informed of what they are getting into before we get to work our magic on their premises. And hence, we offer a free quote upon request after an in-person analysis of their requirements by dropping by their premises.

7. Training first

The requirements for different industries keep changing by the minute and hence professional companies are bound to ensure that their employees stay up-to-date about all that they’re hired to do. A lot of focus is thus given to the incubation and training of the employees. Even the ones who have been in the field for quite a period.

8. Using digital means for marketing

Be it any industry vertical, marketing is a must. And this marketing happens in places where the target audience is present. Digital marketing thus has become something prominent for the cleaning services as well for getting their name out.

Establishing a brand authority on digital means is something that people who have long been in the industry are now venturing towards. This helps not only get people to see them through increased visibility. But also gives them a stage where they can establish their brand story. It also shows how much a cleaning company is adapting itself to the changing marketplace.

So, next time before you hire someone for commercial cleaning in Sydney, stalk around their website. And their social profiles a little to understand more about where they come from and how able they can be for you.

Now that you know the trends and techniques, you’ll know to better judge a company before you hire them. At JBN Cleaning, we would be happy to clarify any further questions that you might have. Get in touch with us and let’s have a conversation today!

Hire the most diligent cleaning company in Australia!

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