Keep your childcare centers safe and spotless childcare cleaning Sydney with JBN!

Keep your standards up and let your center be a trusted household name in all of Sydney. It all starts with how hygienic you remain and how safe you keep the environment for the children, especially for toddlers. Worry not, JBN Cleaning is here to make rise above the pack. We offer the perfect childcare cleaning Sydney that’ll add a whole new shine to your premises and keep the children safe from all the bacterias and viruses around.

Make a wise choice and choose someone who cares!

Your business depends on the first impression you give. We can certainly help you make it count and also make our children stay safe. To sum up, here's why we do it better than anyone else in the market.


We take complete responsibility to transform your premises to the cleanest they can be and give out a vibe of positivity from the freshness we leave it with.

Vast Experience

JBN has been in the industry for over 10 years. And thus, we have seen almost everything there is and all that there will be to clean different types of childcare cleaning services in Sydney.


See the maximum value for the money you invest in us for yourself. That is to say, we are sure to bring about a transformation at your daycare center.

Health First

Firstly, the mission to keep you clean and safe is our foremost priority at JBN Cleaning. We thus only use complete non-toxic supplies that are not in any way harmful to children.

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Why is it important to avail professional cleaning for your childcare center in Sydney?

  • Children in daycare centers are said to be more prone to catching infections than the rest. It is because of their higher exposure to germs. It must thus be your #1 priority over all else if you want to stand out.
  • An in-house janitor might miss out on some spots since they don’t follow standard protocols in place.
  • Your entire business depends on how well you protect the children. Also on how good you make out your first impression to be for anyone who walks in.
  • Only professional childcare cleaning Sydney like JBN Cleaning would make sure to use 100% non-toxic cleaning supplies that are easy on the children.

How do we do childcare cleaning Sydney just right for you?

World-class equipment: All that we use to clean your premises are quality checked time and again to ensure the best outcomes to benefit you better.
No corner left: We inspect every inch of your child care center and follow standard patterns of cleaning, therefore leaving no stain or dust unattended.
100% non-toxic eco-friendly supplies: JBN is not just conscious about our business with you but also about how our business impacts your health, the children’s health, and our environment.
Lesser involvement: Call us up, fix an appointment at your convenience, sit back, and relax. We’ll take care of everything for you.

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What do we cover in your childcare cleaning Sydney?

  • Complete surface dirt removal
  • Dirty toys, bedding, utensils cleaning
  • Disinfection of high-touch point areas
  • Sanitizing everything that’s present in the center
  • Green cleaning with safe non-toxic supplies
  • Windows, doors, and wall cleaning
  • Stain removal from hard surfaces
  • Complete toilet cleaning

Why is JBN your best option in Sydney?

  • Firstly, we are someone who has your back
  • For our affordable price ranges
  • Work satisfaction and our reliability
  • Dedicated resources and eco-friendly supplies
  • Quick turn-around times that we deliver
  • Always on time and always on point
  • Extremely pleasant cleaning service professionals
  • Finally, we follow complete hygiene protocols

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the cleaning supplies compatible for children to adapt to?

We are extremely conscious about the environment and health aspects. Every supply we bring in are completely quality checked to remain 100% non-toxic and goes easy with the children.

What are the places that you’ll cover my center in Sydney?

We cover the entire length and breadth of your establishment without any exceptions. These include diaper changing areas, play areas, dining rooms, bathroom areas, and other common spaces.

Do you offer recurring packages if there’s a need for continuous cleaning requirements?

Yes, we do. We offer daily, weekly, bi-weekly or fortnightly visits as per your requirement. Upon requests, we can also send you the same team if there’s an availability to serve you consistently.

How do I get an estimate for my requirement?

Get in touch with us by filling your details in the contact section of this website. Subsequently, our team will call you as soon as we can and will have your requirements understood. We’ll try our best to give an estimate over this conversation. In addition, we can also give you an accurate quote after a free inspection of your premises at your time of convenience.

Is the company insured? What if there is some damage to the property after cleaning?

Let strike this one off of your worries. Firstly, our child care center cleaning company in Sydney is completely insured. And secondly, every personnel of ours is professionally trained to master the art at its finest. If at all there happens to be any damage, we are here to replace it in the best way as soon as we can then.

How soon can I get an appointment after booking?

We are chosen by our customers mostly for our quick turn around times and the work satisfaction that we offer. Therefore, book an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. JBN will thus do our best to even do a same day cleaning service as per the availability.

Other Services By JBN

  • Parking lot cleaning
  • Common areas disinfection
  • Complete premises sanitation
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Preparatory and post-party cleaning
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Windows and ceiling cleaning

Looking for someone you can count on?

We understand that your business matters to you and so does the health of every single child. At JBN, we have been doing this for years now. Most importantly, we have been doing it to absolute perfection time and again. Get in touch with us and have a conversation. Ask us about all that you need to know. We’d be happy to provide you with all the answers you’ll ever need then.

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