Childcare Cleaning Regulations In Sydney


Do you know all the childcare cleaning regulations that you should be following?

Let’s get real here. Children are messy and the space they’re in is going to remain extremely unorganized and you can do nothing about it. This especially holds true for playschools or daycare centers. But at the same time, they’re also vulnerable to catching diseases and infections more often than not. Adhering strictly to childcare cleaning regulations can actually help you better this whole situation by maintaining a space that’s crisp and clean at all times. And by clean, we don’t just refer to the surface-level shine but something that goes beyond to make your entire space free from contamination or the influx of harmful germ colonies.

The cleaning routine that we are looking at here is extremely sensitive in nature and all the cleaners that you have onboard should be well-versed in offering the best of solutions that can meet set expectations. They should also be equipped with the latest cleaning equipment and technologically advanced tools which can affect a complete cleaning procedure.

Regulations to adhere to when you go for your childcare cleaning services in Sydney

1. Clean, disinfect and then sanitize

Cleaning is not just something where you pick your broom and sweep your trash away. But the scope of actual cleaning goes way beyond this. You need to first thoroughly vacuum the end-to-end of your premises to remove all dirt, dust and surface accumulations. The subsequent step would be to disinfect the whole area to terminate any germs that are lurking beneath the surface.

Aerosol dispensers are now standardly used for disinfection since it involves the application of the solution in a sprayed formulation that will evenly distribute and clean even the hard-to-reach areas. Sanitization comes last which involves the formation of a protective layer on top of the freshly cleaned surfaces. This involves all the toys, shelves, tables and furniture which will all be sufficiently clean for the next kid to use.

In addition to this general procedure, you should also be focusing on disinfecting the high touch-prone points on your premises. This includes your doorways, door knobs, toilet seats, spoons, toys, towels, diaper changing stations, stationery items, taps, staircase railings, etc that are prone to be utilized by multiple children all through the day.

2. Use standard quality supplies

Only by adhering to supplies that are quality-ensured, you’ll be able to meet the exact demands of your cleaning procedure. There are a lot of knock-off supplies that you should steer clear of which will tarnish the result of your cleaning and also leave behind pungent aftermath cleaning smell that will linger on your premises for a long time.

Commercial cleaning companies are now picking up the pace to go with green cleaning procedures and are thereby picking up supplies that are eco-friendly in nature. As a business owner, it is your major responsibility to make sustainable business adaptations that go hand-in-hand with the environment without affecting it. Only this way, we can together reduce our carbon footprints and create a way for the future of our world to prevail without any environmental hassles.

At JBN Cleaning, we consciously hand-pick green supplies that are completely organic. We ensure their standards by checking if they carry a DfE label (Design for the Environment) or an EPA approval (Environmental Protection Agency). These supplies also negate the side effects of chemical cleaning like allergies, rashes, skin ailments, throat or eye irritation and even negate asthmatic triggers.

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3. Adhere to standard cleaning patterns

A standard pattern of cleaning that you can repeat over and over again will help you take complete action on all the corners of your childcare center instead of leaving out an area or two on a regular basis. These standard patterns are also authenticated by global bodies like OSHA, CDC and SWA that you need to pay close attention to while going about your childcare center cleaning in Sydney.

Always dive into your procedure with a detailed plan of action and an actionable checklist. This will reduce the redundancy in your cleaning procedure by helping you level up your overall sanity of the premises. It will also organize your cleaning efforts to follow patterns that are effective and result-oriented.

4. After hours cleaning

It is not going to be easy cleaning your space with toddlers endlessly wandering and playing around. The best childcare cleaning regulations that you can follow is to simply hire a resource that will take over your cleaning after your closing hours of the day. This will ensure better overall coverage and effectiveness while also making the premises extremely fresh for the children when they come back the next day.

At JBN Cleaning, we customize your cleaning package in the way that will best serve you. We offer huge discounts on our recurring cleaning packages and their frequency can be anywhere from daily, weekly or monthly routine to bi-monthly deep cleaning procedures as you require.

5. Hiring cleaners who are worth it

Now, this is where it all gets crucial. Finding the right resource who also fits your budget can be tiresome but it can just get easy if you use a little bit of digital help. Shortlist the cleaners who interest you and have a quick look at their social reputation. Any public forums like the Yellow Pages should give you a fair gist of what you can expect from a childcare center cleaning company.

We’d suggest that you go with an entity as such than hiring someone incompetent only because they are cheap.

Best childcare cleaning regulations in Sydney

Here’s why cleaning companies are better than your regular in-house janitors

1. They’re more experienced and resourceful

When you hire someone to take over your childcare cleaning services in Sydney, the first thing you should look for is the overall experience that they bring to the table for you. Your procedures are not always going to revolve just around the basic floor cleaning routine. You’ll encounter a lot of niche requirements like deep cleaning, commercial carpet steam cleaning, commercial window cleaning and blinds cleaning, etc. The resource that you hire should be competent to handle any volume or intensity of requirements that may come their way and should be well equipped to handle them at ease.

If else, you’ll only end up hiring a cleaning company anyway and on top of paying the janitors, this would only be an added burden to your operational costs.

2. Complete accountability and safety

When you hire someone like us, we adhere to all childcare cleaning regulations that are authorized by standards and you cannot expect this accountability from a regular janitor that you hire under your payroll. You should spend enough time and resources to train them for making this happen which is an added stress for you as a business owner.

In addition, cleaning damages are always prone to happen and you cannot ignore it. Cleaning companies like ours offer comprehensive insurance with third-party liability and workers’ compensation benefits. So, even in the case of any unexpected damages, we’ll spring into action to repair or replace things as necessary without requiring your constant intervention.

We’ll also assign you with a dedicated account manager who will ensure that the whole process happening in front of you takes a transparent course of action where you remain completely updated about every last happening.

3. Background verifications

When you hire cleaning companies, they’ll send you vetted professionals who carry diverse niche cleaning experience and are thoroughly resourceful in handling any intensity of cleaning. We only send native English-speaking cleaners who are also background checked and police verified prior to ensure that you’re completely at ease throughout your journey with us.

4. Economically justified packages

While on the outside, commercial cleaning might seem costly but the ground reality is far from it. This is because the capital cost involved in equipping your janitors can simply shoot up through the roof. Not to mention the constant repairs and upgrades they need to offer you the best cleaning solutions.

When you hire JBN Cleaning for long-term recurring packages, you’ll be benefitting from a lot of discounts. We only offer custom cleaning packages where you only pay for what you exactly avail of us.

We are now offering a free quote after a thorough on-site inspection of your requirements. Contact us today to see what we can do for you and the changes we can bring your way.

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