How To Clean Floor Tile Grout Easily?

cleaning floor tile grout

Cleaning Floor Tile Grout Is Easier Than You Think!

Do you know how to clean floor tile grout? Cleaning floor tile grout can be a bit challenging, but with the right approach, it can be done easily. While tiles can be cleaned easily with the help of floor cleaners or disinfectant solutions, grouts are an entirely different affair. 

They require precise solutions or else they’d tarnish the overall look and feel of your tiles. At the same time, cleaning floor tile grout can simply be accomplished by handy household items.

These grouts are typically porous in nature and are light-coloured. They’re also rough in texture so any accumulated stains might be a little problematic to remove.

Since the porous finishing of the grouts makes them easily prone to staining, you need to give more priority in cleaning tile grout. Especially since bathroom floor grout is more prone to mould and mildew, you need to pay proper attention to their cleaning procedures, frequency and timelines. 

Firstly, Understand The Nature of The Floor Tile Grout

A one solution fits all policy cannot be applied here since the grout comes with a widely varying nature, compositions and liabilities. Understanding the type and nature of the grout along with their hue compositions will help you with a better overall result and arrive at the best way to clean floor tile grout.

Traditional cement grout and epoxy grout are the most common ones in usage today and they are further classified into:

Sanded Grout

They are used for filling tile structures of larger surface areas typically when the grout spacing is about 1/8 inches or up to 1 inch wide. They are also not used for surfaces with smoother finishes since these sand particles might result in scratching them during application.

Unsanded Grout

They are much finer textured and are suitable for even smooth surfaces. They’re durable and stickier than the other forms of grout. They’re thus even suitable for vertical shower walls. They are applied even for tiny spaces that are 1/16 inches wide.

Epoxy Grout

Unlike the other structures, epoxy grout that is free from cement compositions absorbs ten times lesser water compared to the other forms and is stronger than the rest. They thus prove useful for tiles under harsh conditions like kitchens or bathroom flooring. They’re more resistant to staining and even the cracking of the surfaces. But they’re more expensive than the other version which is a potential dropback.

They’re some grouts that are applied in colour and they’re more prone to being resistant to frequent staining. You also need to keep a keen eye out to see if you actually need a grout cleaning or a total grout replacement which should be your first choice if the staining goes beyond repairs or if you see visible cracks on the surfaces.

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Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide to help you Clean Floor Tile Grout Effectively

1. Gather the necessary supplies

You’ll need a few basic items for the cleaning process, including a stiff-bristle brush (an old toothbrush works well), a grout cleaner, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, water, a spray bottle, and a clean cloth or mop.

2. Prepare the cleaning solution

If you’re using a commercial grout cleaner, follow the instructions on the packaging to prepare the solution. You can also make a solution by diluting vinegar with an equal amount of water in a spray bottle. They can be utilised to take care of moderate stains that you encounter during an office cleaning purposes.

3. Pre-treat the grout

Before applying the cleaner, it’s helpful to pre-treat the grout. Spray the vinegar solution or plain water onto the grout lines and let it sit for a few minutes. This will help loosen any dirt or grime.

4. Apply the grout cleaner

If you’re using a commercial cleaner, apply it directly onto the grout lines according to the product instructions. If you’re using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide paste, spread it over the grout lines using the stiff-bristle brush or an old toothbrush.

5. Scrub the grout lines

Use the stiff-bristle brush or toothbrush to scrub the grout lines vigorously. Work in small sections at a time, focusing on the dirtiest areas. Apply some pressure to dislodge the dirt and grime. Continue scrubbing until you’ve covered all the grout lines.

6. Let the cleaner sit

After scrubbing, let the cleaner sit on the grout lines for a few minutes. This allows it to penetrate deeper and break down any remaining stains.

7. Rinse the floor

Use a clean cloth or mop to wipe away the cleaning solution from the tile surface. Rinse the mop frequently with water as needed.

8. Dry and inspect

Once you’ve rinsed the floor, use a clean cloth or towel to dry the tiles and grout. Ensure the grout lines are clean. If any stains or discoloration remain, repeat the cleaning process or try a different cleaning method.

Grout maintenance

Maintaining a crisp floor relies on how effectively you clean in between the line and how well you go about cleaning floor tile grout. Especially in the areas like entryways or doorways, you need to keep your grouts as pristine as possible. And the procedure or effort that you take here is not hard either if you have a clear-cut sense of cleaning direction.

By following these steps and maintaining regular cleaning habits, you can keep your floor tile grout looking clean and fresh.

Additional tips

  • For tough stains, you can also try using a mixture of baking soda and water, making it into a paste and applying it directly to the stain. Let it sit for a while, then scrub and rinse.
  • Avoid using abrasive brushes or harsh chemicals that can damage the tiles or grout.
  • Regularly sweeping or vacuuming your tile floor can help prevent dirt and debris from accumulating in the grout lines.

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Why Choose Professionals For Cleaning Floor Tile Grout?

For large commercial structures, hiring professionals might be your easy way out from these hassles. Everything from the product you pick to the procedures you follow is necessary for keeping your space crystal clear. Here’s what an expert commercial cleaning company can do for you:

Offer vast experience

Any company like JBN Cleaning offers complete support even with respect to niche routines like this since we carry decades’ worth of experience under our hat. We have worked with diverse industry verticals and are well-versed in even sensitive requirements like Covid19 cleaning. Having such expert help to fall back on is what you need as a business owner.

Complete accountability

Once you hire us, we’ll take care of the end-to-end of your requirements. We’ll also assign you a dedicated account manager who will always be available to clear your queries and also set transparent boundaries to keep you updated about every step of the progress.

Green procedure

JBN Cleaning strictly adheres to green cleaning protocols and we only pick supplies that are organic and eco-friendly. We also stick to global cleaning protocols from regulatory bodies like OSHA, CDC, EPA, SWA and DfE for added safety assurance in everything we make happen at your space. Reducing carbon footprints with your procedures should be your primary goal towards complete sustainability. And it starts with little elements like commercial floor cleaning services.

Timely delivery

Quick turnaround times are what we chase after with every procedure we do while also not compromising on the end quality of our deliverables.

Economic packages

Unlike the common myth, hiring a commercial cleaner is not actually cost intensive compared to the daily labour and exhaustive capital funds that you need to spend on in-house janitors and equipment 

Insurance coverage

As a cleaning company, we’re here to offer you seamless cleaning solutions. Cleaning disasters are always prone to happen and hence we offer thorough insurance policies along with your custom commercial cleaning packages so as to relieve any worries even in the case of accidental damages. We cover third-party liability and workers’ compensation benefits as a part of these insurance schemes.

Redefine your cleaning today. JBN Cleaning is here to take over your routines and furnish you with better overall results. Call us now for a free quote for your requirements.

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