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Cleaning Gym Mats Should Be One Of Your Biggest Priorities. Here’s Why!

Gyms are generally prone to a lot of contamination since there is a continuous influx of foot traffic all day long. And all your clients come here each day to sweat it all out, thus making the entire premises prone to easy contamination and accumulation of germs from corner to corner. And almost every one of your gym-goers is going to be in contact with these mats thus making cross-contamination the biggest vulnerability. But at the same time cleaning gym mats is not a herculean task if you gear yourself up with just the right procedures and protocols to follow.

Gym owners must understand the accountability they have to be holding themselves against especially as a business operating in the health and wellness sector. Your clients are going to look up to you for offering them an enriching experience and don’t ruin all of that by simply having mats that are unclean and are not up to the mark in their level of freshness.

Some Of The Fool-Proof And Best Ways To Clean Gym Mats Include

Here’s a look at some of the procedures that professionals constantly run after to maintain the standards of their gym cleaning procedure.

1. Standard Vacuuming

Even mats and carpet-specific commercial-grade vacuum cleaning equipment are now available in the market. But doing your vacuuming procedure in the right phases is the key to improving the overall hygiene of your premises.

Firstly, make sure that you get rid of all the accumulated dirt or debris by going for a gentle sweep across your mats and flooring. A regular broom might just be enough for this procedure. You can then use a vacuum for thorough coverage in the subsequent stages.

Remember to always choose a vacuum equipped that is available without a beater brush. This will prevent you from scratching your rubber surfaces in the event of cleaning. The look and feel along with the life of your mats will be tarnished if you go about it the other way around.

You also need an industry-grade vacuum with high-performance suction. This will prevent you from overlooking even the smallest particles and enable thorough end-to-end coverage. A commercial cleaning professional will be equipped with a vacuum cleaner of multiple grades and performance levels to deploy the right solutions for any requirement.

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2. Spot Cleaning

It goes without saying that you don’t get to decide the type or kind of contamination on top of your mat surfaces. Be it any spills including protein shakes or even water, take care of these immediately as they happen so as to prevent permanent spotting on top of your mat surfaces.

To remove any accumulated stain, go with pressure-applied brushed with soft bristles so as to have an effective cleaning output while also not damaging the look and feel of the exteriors of your mat.

This does not just apply to your mat flooring but also to the yoga mats that people use for floor workouts at your premises. They should also be taken proper care of at regular intervals to prevent them from becoming a breeding ground for germs and diseases.

best way to clean gym mats

3. Mopping procedure

When it comes to carpet cleaning or gym mat cleaning, it is important that you understand that mopping is not an easy task to do. Even the smallest of mistakes like untimely overexposure to water will make the mats no longer usable. Ideally, go withal nylon, microfiber, or sponge-based mops for this purpose.

There is a lot of heavy-duty cleaning equipment like soft buffing machines with a contact pad, nylon brushes, automated floor scrubbing machines, etc. While spending capital on these are one thing, maintaining the integrity of your mat surfaces during this entire cleaning process is a whole other process. When you hire experts like JBN Cleaning, you can simply sit back and relax since we’re sufficiently equipped and highly resourceful to meet any requirements you might have with proper solutions.

4. The drying process

As stated earlier, overexposure to water and untimely cleaning procedures can leave your mats with a streak-induced finish that will ruin the entire vibe of your gym. It might also result in a pungent smell as an aftermath of cleaning and improper drying of the mats.

Air drying your mats as and when you go about your routine will ensure that they will dry in no time.

Things to remember while cleaning gym mats 

  • Sealing your rubber flooring can help you better maintain the organization of your mats since the gaps in between them might accumulate dust and grime particles with time.
  • A non-diluted mixture of rubber floor sealer should be something that you opt for if you’re looking to sell your gym mats in place. This will prevent any moisture accumulation which will later result in foul-smelling moulds on the baseboards.
  • Allow your sealing coats to completely air dry for at least a day before you open your gym space for public utility. This will help the mats settle in before they’re utilized.
  • Maintaining strict cleaning schedules should be a priority. Vacuum and clean your mats at least twice a day and disinfect them at least once every day. Do not shy away from performing a deep cleaning at least once every week. It’s the year 2023 and if anything we now understand that even the minuscule of germs can alter the course of history if left unattended.
  • Always go with nylon mops and avoid cotton mops at all costs
  • Avoid any harsh scrubbing during your cleaning procedure. This will only scratch the exterior surfaces of the mats, No steel wool or scouring pads either!
  • Stay away from harmful chemicals like acids, bleach or vinegar. Remember that DIY solutions are not going to work for commercial establishments.
  • It is always a better option to hire a budget-friendly professional like JBN Cleaning to take over your requirements!

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