Best cleaning products for childcare centres

cleaning products for childcare centres

Do you take all the necessary precautions while choosing your cleaning products for childcare centers?

Well, you definitely should. Children are susceptible to facing a lot of side effects even with the slightest exposure to harmful chemical substances. You should thus know the difference between diverse product ranges, how to choose them and what not to go for. We’ll dig deep into the generally available cleaning products for childcare centres in this blog.

Children especially toddlers are vulnerable to easily catching infections on the go, especially the seasonal flu. This is because of the multiple contact point and highly touch-prone surfaces all around that can act areas contaminated region altogether.

The supplies and cleaning products that you use should be safe enough to suit the tolerance levels of children. You should understand everything from the pH levels to the chemical ingredients and the induced side effects of these substances.

cleaning products for childcare centers

Firstly, what childcare cleaning product you should avoid?

1. Anything DIY

While Do It Yourself might seem like an option, you should strictly avoid putting the children at risk with your trial and error. These solutions are usually spread due to all the social sharing platforms and they’re not based on any theoretical supporting data. Remember that your janitors are not scientists and they are not supposed to make a chemistry lab out of your center.

Usually suggested solutions include elements like bleach, alcohol, and vinegar. All of these can be extremely toxic when mixed together at inappropriate proportions. And also, even if you consider mixing vinegar and lime juice, you’ll not be able to perfect disinfection as efficiently as the other market alternatives.

2. Multi-purpose surface cleaners

This is the usual case that we see happening in the commercial cleaning segment. The all-in-one cleaners are in no way going to help you in dealing with specific niche requirements. Using a floor cleaner for taking care of your windows or toilet seats is going to defeat the purpose of cleaning.

You need to have thorough subject-matter knowledge in handling the requirement in front of you at ease. This level of experience is hard to find in a regular janitor. And also, it rests on you as a business owner in supplying these crucial products to your cleaners.

3. Off-the-shelf products without proper background research

Looking at the labels of products and believing all their claims is not going to do any good when it comes to the ground reality. To regulate this, there are global bodies like OSHA and CDC that give away regulatory guidelines on various cleaning procedures along with inputs on the kind of supplies you need to use for performing these.

At JBN Cleaning we always go with supplies that are either EPA-approved or carry a DfE label. These are mandates that the cleaning product has satisfied and has proven to be organic and eco-friendly in nature.

4. Products that contain the following

Since children are easily prone to the side effects of cleaning including rashes, allergies, or even asthmatic triggers, the cleaning supplies that you pick should be free from all the potential elements that can cause these. Some of these elements are:


The phthalates present in these can potentially result in even cancer or serious asthmatic conditions.


The only purpose of this is to make the applied solution look appealing and presentable.


They can even be poisonous while inhaling. They are added to lengthen the shelf life of products and you need to avoid supplies of this nature at all costs.


The sulfates of sodium utilized for this purpose are found to cause skin irritation, endocrine problems, and even organ toxicity.

The best cleaning products for childcare cleaning centres should definitely be free from all the above.

best cleaning products for childcare centres

Supplies you should go with

1. Hand-picked organic supplies

There are eco-friendly non-toxic ammonia-free supplies that are available in the market and all you have to do is look a little closer. Shortlist and pick products only if they carry any recognizable seal of authenticity and quality approval.

When you hand-pick your supplies, you’d come to know better about all the latest solutions in the market and navigate through them to find products that would fit your purpose right.

2. Products recommended by professionals

You can always ask a professional or go for a commercial cleaning consultation with established players in the market. This was especially true while the world was running after covid19 cleaning where a lot of commercial cleaners went out of their way to educate the masses about the disinfection procedures and the kind of supplies to go with them.

Why is it a better idea to go with commercial childcare cleaning in Sydney?

Things can anytime get out of hand while childcare cleaning in Sydney. There might be accidental damage or disaster that can happen at any point in time. There might even be an unintended chemical reaction that can result in potential damages. While you hire someone reliable like JBN Cleaning, we’ll take care of the complete end-to-end coverage of your child care centers.

But remember to always go with someone who has a vast experience in handling requirements of your intensity and scale. Remember to ask for personalized packages and not fall for generic ones.

This way you’d prevent yourself from overpaying or paying a price that doesn’t justify the work done. Stop worrying about cleaning products for your childcare centres and outsource your requirement now. Call us now to get a free quote for what you are looking for after a thorough on-site inspection at your convenient appointment time!

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