Best cleaning tips for office mirrors

Best cleaning tips for office mirrors

Seven fool-proof cleaning tips for office mirrors

A well-strategized cleaning plan in place will help you get pristine results with your window cleaning procedure. Streak-free cleaning is something that almost every janitor is struggling with. This is because the nature of grime, dust and other accumulations might be vastly diverse. They might require specific solutions and chemical formulations to take care of them completely. We have curated a set of well-thought-out cleaning tips for office mirrors that can help you free your windows from any surface accumulations.

cleaning tips for office mirrors

1. Assessing the window conditions

Gunk grimes and dust can easily navigate their way towards the window and build up there in no time. This holds true, especially for bathroom mirrors where toothpaste, hairsprays, shampoo, soap, and other products will form a thin coating on top of the mirror surfaces. If your water quality is not appropriate and if it has contaminants like calcium or lime, there are chances that they take their fair share of space on these mirror surfaces.

The initial inspection of your mirrors will give you a picture of what kind of accumulations are present on top of the surface. For example,

Calcium deposits are rough-textured and are white in color

Remedy: User white vinegar in combination with water and wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth after gently dipping it in the mixture. Leave the surface for a while and rinse it gently later.

You can then come up with pre-treatment and treatment solutions that can get rid of them in a flash.

Limescale which will create a milky white layer on top of the mirrors

Remedy: One part lemon juice with two parts pickling vinegar and two parts water can be your DIY solution to remove this problem while going about your office cleaning procedure. Use paper towels for the application of these.

Other trouble spots will result in staining specific spots of your mirror

Remedy: Using rubbing alcohol will work with almost any complicated stain there is. Perform the routine smoothly with gentle patterns on the mirror.

2. Formulating an action plan and a checklist

A pre-planned approach can take the efficiency of your cleaning procedure a long way forward. This is how commercial cleaning professionals go about your routine and result in picture-perfect deliverables every time around.

Your checklist will also involve all the supplies and equipment that you’ll need to clean your requirements up to the mark. You’ll ideally need the following:

  • Bucket, cups, and spray bottle as need be
  • Cotton cleaning rag
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Paper towels and tissues
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Vinegar mixture
  • Lime juice extract

When you go for professional assistance, they’d have even more advanced off-the-shelf mirror cleaning solutions which have all the basic ingredients in the right portion readily made for direct application.

3. Pre-treatment of the stains

Here’s one of the best cleaning tips for office mirrors. Always pre-treat your stains!

Use a dry cloth to wipe away any unattached particles of dust on top of the mirror surface. Then clean the entire space with a clean cotton rag. Using a rubbing alcohol solution will help you isolate all the trouble spots in the initial cleaning phase.

Note: alcohol evaporates in a very quick manner, and you need to hurry up with your wiping procedure before you let it dry away.

best cleaning tips for office mirrors

4. Taking care of thick-build-ups and trouble spots

Follow the below order of things in order to get your cleaning on track again:

  • Wet the surface completely and use a microfiber cloth to evenly cover the corner to corner of your mirror.
  • Clean the mirror from top to bottom in an orderly fashion. This will prevent any water or solution from dripping which will further stain the surface. A circular motion of random patterns.
  • Be more careful about all the crevices, contours, and cracks on the mirror surface. This is because these are prone to potential grime build-ups and might also be hard to reach. Using a toothbrush might be helpful in tackling these deep corners and embellishments.

5. The final inspection

After doing the above procedures, take a second look at the surface and scan it from end to end. Different viewing angles will reflect any accumulated stain that you can potentially miss out on the first look. Gently rinse the surface with water and wipe the excess moisture.

Keep cleaning your mirrors as a part of your regular cleaning routine. When you hire someone like JBN Cleaning, you are going with the best professionals in town to take care of any requirement of any intensity for you.

6. Outsource when need be

If you are a small business owner, it goes without saying that cleaning might be the least of all priority that you have amidst everything else that you need to do. But it can make a huge difference in terms of leaving you with a great-looking space and a very productive environment.

Hiring, screening, and maintaining a team of janitors can be an added burden on your plate. The operational cost, along with the capital sum involved in the maintenance of an in-house team, might be so huge compared to simply hiring a commercial cleaning company for this purpose.

Your daily cleaning is not just going to revolve around taking care of dust and grimes. There might even be niche requirements like covid cleaning that you might encounter along the way. You should steer clear of all the complications by hiring a reliable company on the first go. JBN Cleaning can back you up here. Call us now to book an appointment right away. We’ll also give you a free quote upon request after a thorough on-site inspection!

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