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Find The Best Commercial Cleaning Cost In Sydney

Getting the right commercial cleaning cost in Sydney for your cleaning services is not easy. And yet the major deciding factor when it comes to you outsourcing your requirement to a professional. No two cleaners might present you with the same quote for similar requirements. You’re going to have to endlessly run around until you’re presented with a quotation that finally fits.

Some places might present you with premium pricing under the premise of delivering quality work while others might offer you shiny discounts and cheap labor but not meet your expectations. It’s really a thin line of decision-making if you’re setting out to choose the right commercial cleaning company for your space.

Average Commercial Cleaning Services Costs In Sydney

On average, commercial cleaning costs somewhere around $30 to $35 per hour for comprehensive coverage of the whole premises in Sydney. The commercial cleaning price ranges can vary for commercial places as different companies and individuals all price their packages according to requirements. You will see changes in prices when acquiring commercial cleaning quotes from companies. It’s best to make you find out the best company and what exactly is included in the cleaning quote to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

General Idea

On the other hand, if you want to go for a surface-level service like sweeping, mopping, garbage clearance, vacuuming, etc, might cost you somewhere around $20. But if in case you want to go a level deeper and avail of disinfection or sanitization services, you might have to ideally pay a cost that ranges between $40 to $50.

All these hourly charges might greatly differ depending on the nature of the premises. For example, your gym cleaning costs might differ from your factory cleaning or office cleaning.

Ideally, a single cleaner might be able to cover a portion of 3000 sq. ft. in about an hour when it comes to delivering quality results. For all your basic mopping and brooming services, a cleaner can potentially cover up to 7000 – 9000 sq. ft. in just under one hour.

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Recurring Packages

Any company that offers commercial cleaning services would be looking to develop a lasting relationship with you and hence offer substantial discounts from their usual pricing for all your long-term requirements.

You might be charged anywhere between $50 to $100 for your weekly cleaning or $75 to $130 for a monthly cleaning service. But the prices can go as high as $150 to $200 for just a one-off cleaning if the requirements fall under a huge bracket.

Charges Depend On The Area Of Your Commercial Cleaning Space

For larger spaces, the hourly charges model might not be viable and hence the cleaning companies might charge you on the basis of fixed rates per square foot. Since there’s a lot of ground to cover, going with such a pricing model might not be working.

In Sydney, you might be charged anywhere between 50 cents per square foot to 80 cents per square foot depending on the nature of the cleaning services that you avail of. There’s another noticeable aspect of this model. Some cleaners might include all of your windows, carpets, and floor surfaces in this model while the others might have separate costs per square foot model for different niches of requirements.

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How The Different Players Might Commercial Cleaning Prices You?

It might depend upon one of the following factors:

  • Hourly basis model
  • Type of cleaning modules to be implemented
  • Depending on the size of the premises
  • Standard rates for individual requirements
  • Charge per square foot
  • Discounted rates for recurring routine cleaning

Some Factors Which The Cost Of Your Commercial Cleaning Services Depends Upon

1. The Dirtier Space, The More Will Be The Pricing.

This refers to the last time that you cleaned your premises properly. Frequent availing of commercial cleaning services at appropriate intervals is necessary to retain your fresh vibe and it also reduces your subsequent cleaning costs.

2. Number Of Cleaners Required

A cleaning company might have to send an appropriate number of cleaners if you want to get your job done faster. Companies like JBN Cleaning, therefore, offer a free on-site commercial cleaning quote after a thorough assessment of your premises. This will thus give you a clear-cut idea beforehand of what you are signing up for while also reducing the number of back-and-forth iterations before we start working.

3. If Your Cleaning Service Is Just A Once-Off or Recurring

Any vendor that you outsource your requirements to would want to retain you for longer periods of time and they might hence offer you huge deals if you go for a month-on-month retainer model.

4. Experience And Expertise In Handling Different Niche Requirements

No, it’s not just the brand credibility that we are talking about here. A cleaning company like JBN Cleaning which has been in the industry for 10 years would exactly know what needs to be done. They’d be properly equipped with cutting-edge equipment that is up-to-date and also utilizes only the best of supplies which come at huge capital costs. As the quality increases, the price that you might have to pay might also level a notch above. At the same time, they’d make your investment totally worth it through their diligent efforts giving you precisely the results you want.

5. Difficulty Reaching Different Areas

There are some exceptional cases of cleaning services where you might have to pay extra since the requirement might be crucial. For example, your carpets, exterior surfaces of your high-rise windows, roofs, strata, etc might demand a whole lot of strategizing, planning and execution since they’re sensitive in nature. And thus, you might be charged a little more than the usual pricing.

For commercial window cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning services are usually priced at around $45 per hour on average.

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Picking The Right Commercial Cleaning Packages In Sydney

1. Portfolio

This is one of the first things that you should take note of before going for commercial cleaning. A brand’s experience in the industry might tell you a lot about them. Their client retention rates, turn-around times, and other satisfactory add-ons like providing you with a dedicated account manager are all important. Because, at end of the day, you want only the best returns for your cleaning investments

2. Add-On Services

This will give you an idea about the flexibility that a company is willing to offer. You don’t necessarily have to take freebies or discounts into consideration because sometimes they might be nothing but sales gimmicks. At the same time, when a company gives you confidence by saying they got your back and they’d go the extra mile for you, be sure to hold on to them. They might be all that you’ve been looking for.

3. Cleaner Profiles

A business or a brand will be nothing if not for the cleaners that they send your way. There are some players in Sydney who outsource their requirements as and when they source projects. This might not exactly go your way.

At JBN Cleaning, we have an expert group of cleaners who we train at regular intervals to keep themselves updated with even minor advancements in the industry. This way we can ensure that they only put their best work onto the table for you. We also vet them carefully with rigorous screening processes, background checks, and police verification before we onboard them just to be extra sure.

4. Tools, Supplies, And Procedures

The more updated the tools, the lesser time will it take for your work to be done and the more efficient will be the results the cleaners will deliver. Even the vacuum cleaners are not even remotely close to the ones you happen to use for your apartments. There are industrial-grade ones with multiple modules that can cater to different segments altogether

Always remember to go for someone who offers green cleaning. This refers to the complete cut down of inorganic supplies and utilizing only the most eco-friendly products of the lot. This not just minimizes environmental impacts but also ensures that your work ambiance stays fresh and free from allergies or respiratory concerns at any point in time that might happen in the cases of chemical supply usage

Make a conversation with your vendor of choice to understand the procedures and protocols they follow. At JBN Cleaning, our commercial cleaning services always follow authoritative guidelines from standard bodies like OSHA and CDC to regulate our workflow.

Choose the Best Commercial Cleaning Cost In Sydney

Getting a commercial cleaning quote is not hard since you can almost find a cleaner on every other street. But choosing the right one for you might not be an easy task since there are a lot of options in front of you with a whole lot of pros and cons.

Always ensure that you don’t just factor money into the equation to make your decision. It might be an absolute waste if your expectations are not met. Take all the above-mentioned pointers into consideration.

At JBN Cleaning, we are now offering a free quote after a thorough inspection of your premises. After you book an appointment at your convenience with us. We also don’t charge you with any upfront advances since we believe in collecting the payment only after we work our magic at your premises.

So why wait? Call us today and tell us more about what you’re looking for!

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