Top Commercial Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

Commercial cleaning mistakes to avoid

Avoid These Commercial Cleaning Mistakes to Make Cleaning Easy and Efficient

Cleaning and maintaining your office, factory, retail store, warehouse, restaurant, or apartment building may seem like a straightforward and simple task. However, commercial cleaning is a complex process that requires trained professionals and specialized equipment and supplies. Without the necessary knowledge or expertise, you may make the most common commercial cleaning mistakes that can cost your business hundreds of dollars in repairs and maintenance.

Commercial Cleaning Mistakes You Must Avoid

Some commercial cleaning mistakes can make the cleaning process sluggish and inefficient. But a few critical ones can cause accidents and injuries and even lead to expensive repairs and replacements. The best way to avoid such errors is to rely on trained and professional commercial cleaning in Sydney. That is why most businesses rely on commercial cleaning companies to keep their facilities spotless. Whether you hire commercial cleaners or maintain an in-house janitorial staff, make sure to avoid these mistakes:

Using The Wrong Tools And Equipment

Using the right tools and equipment is crucial to making every cleanup quick and effective. Different areas and surfaces within a commercial facility require varying cleaning tools. Using the wrong tools not only makes the cleaning process slow and inefficient, but it can also cause damage to the surface.

Professional cleaners use specialized commercial cleaning tools and equipment for different areas or cleaning tasks. They also inspect the area and take note of all the cleaning tasks before deciding which tools they will need. You should do the same to pick the right tools for the specific task you are undertaking.

Using A Dry Rug For Dusting

Dry dusting is a critical cleaning mistake that makes the whole act counterproductive. Using a dry rag to wipe off dust and dirt only causes the dust particles to spread out, hang in the air, and settle back on the surfaces. To make dusting more effective, you should use a damp microfiber cloth. A damp cloth is especially effective for removing thick layers of dust and oil.

Forgetting To Disinfect

People often confuse cleaning products with disinfectants. Cleaning products are useful in making surfaces shiny and spotless, but they do not get rid of germs. To remove bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms, you must use disinfectants. Surface-level cleaning is necessary to get rid of the dirt, dust, and grime. However, disinfecting the facility is equally crucial to prevent the spread of diseases.

Hire experts to avoid commercial cleaning mistakes

Avoiding Hard-To-Reach Places

When cleaning the office, you may be tempted to just clean the visible areas. But there are plenty of areas where dirt, dust, and grime may accumulate. We are talking about the spaces under the furniture, the underside of the desk, and the window blinds and tracks. Cleaning these hard-to-reach spots is essential during a thorough office cleaning. You may not have to clean them every day, but once every week is ideal. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, disinfecting commercial areas has become mandatory, especially if the facility has been exposed to the virus. But even in the absence of an outbreak, you should keep up with disinfection to protect your staff and visitors.

Ignoring Spills

In a busy commercial setting, spills can occur anytime, and they are relatively harmless if you clean them up right away. Letting spills linger on can have damaging consequences. For example, spills can make concrete or tile floors slippery and cause accidents. On carpeted floors, spills can lead to stains that become extremely difficult to remove the longer you let it sit. Over time, spills can cause long-term damage to upholstery, floors, and more. Hiring commercial floor cleaners will bring a good result for the floor of your premises. Avoid commercial cleaning mistakes

Scrubbing The Carpet

This one ties directly to the one about spills. After spilling something on the carpet, your first instinct might be to scrub it off. While the urge to clean it right away is excellent, the method is faulty. Scrubbing the carpet can untwist and damage the fibres and cause deep stains. The best thing you can do immediately after a spill is to grab some paper towels and blot the area to soak up as much moisture as you can. After that, you can apply a store-bought or homemade carpet cleaner, let the solution sit for a few minutes, and blot the area again. You may need to repeat this process a few times to remove the stain completely.

Not Emptying The Bin Regularly

Proper garbage disposal is a critical component of commercial cleaning. Since most commercial facilities generate a significant amount of waste, it is necessary to empty the trash cans daily. Overflowing trash cans are a nuisance. They attract pests, spread diseases and foul odor, and ruin the look and appeal of the entire space. For commercial facilities that produce chemical or hazardous waste, it is crucial to dispose of the waste safely and as per regulations. Most commercial cleaning services also provide garbage removal and hazardous waste disposal services.

Using Excessive Water

Many people have the misconception that using a ton of water during cleaning means they are doing a thorough job. In reality, excessive water usage is not only inefficient, but it is also harmful to the environment. That is why commercial cleaners use various pressure cleaning methods to get rid of stubborn grime and grease. Most pressure-washing methods require much less water than manual cleaning methods.

Using Toxic Products

You may think that using chemical-based cleaning products is the most effective way to clean commercial facilities. While these chemicals do offer a high level of cleaning, they also leave behind toxic residues that harm people, animals, and the entire ecosystem. Certain chemicals can cause skin and eye irritations, respiratory diseases, allergies, burns, and various other ailments. The commercial cleaning industry has long been associated with the usage of harsh cleaning chemicals. But the times are changing. Businesses and the cleaning industry are becoming more aware of the wide-ranging impact of these chemicals. Nowadays cleaners are using organic green cleaning products that are best for the environment. This has given rise to green cleaning methods and products that are safe for us and the planet. These are the most noteworthy commercial cleaning mistakes to avoid. Make sure to hire a reliable commercial cleaning company to get the highest standard of service.

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Hire experts to avoid commercial cleaning mistakes

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