7 Step Cleaning Process That Can Suit Any Commercial Premises

Commercial cleaning process

Commercial Cleaning Process That Can Suit Any Commercial Premises

Cleaning need not be a strenuous process after all. Especially when it comes to your commercial cleaning process. But this is possible only with proper planning and on-point execution. Taking care of every little detail is how you can make your commercial cleaning services count.

Worry not, we have the perfect solution that can get you started in the right direction. All it takes is just your dedicated efforts and 7 simple steps. No matter how complicated your internal structure is, this framework can help you at least get the basics right.

Follow these 7 steps commercial cleaning process for your premises

Step 1: Inspection

When it comes to cleaning services, jumping headfirst into the routine with your mop and broomstick is such a bad idea. You’d have no direction or channeling of your efforts this way. So first, take a while and walk around your premises with a pen and paper. Take note of things that need just a bit of touch-up and list out other things that need extra care.

Identify all the stains and corners that need a deep cleaning routine. This effort will actually reduce the overall time that is involved in cleaning. And most importantly, this is what cleaning companies also follow so as to maintain a standard.

Step 2: Sweeping, vacuuming, and dusting

Just the usual, right? But no, ditch your old methods and follow this from now. Always go from left to right motion while sweeping your entire premises. Don’t go from room to room, even one or two dust particles can go from one room to another. Following a standard pattern in commercial cleaning services can help you take your cleaning services a notch above.

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Step 3: Mopping with a disinfectant

Choosing the right supply and equipment can drastically improve the entire hygiene and vibe of your premises. There are various commercial-grade disinfectants that are available in the market. Choose the most organic ones of the lot which are 100% non-toxic.

This will help you to prevent your premises from being pungent-smelling as an aftermath of mopping. Also, some of your workers might be sensitive to these chemicals and have respiratory problems or allergies. Organic supplies will help you put a stop to these.

Step 4: Sanitisation of high-touch points

This is usually overlooked but it should be one of your top priorities when you go about your commercial cleaning process. Some of these high-touch points include your staircase rails, elevator buttons, switchboards, electronic gadgets, armrests of your furniture, door handles, flush buttons, toiletries, snack or coffee dispenser buttons, etc.

Step 5: Cleaning all the additional spaces like your walls, carpets, windows, and blinds

There is a common misconceived approach that your floor is the first and foremost thing when it comes to cleaning while the other places are significant in making your first impression count. This can be anything from your carpets to your window blinds. All of these might accumulate too much dust and dirt over a period of time. If you don’t mind to it at constant intervals, you might end up damaging it irrecoverably, and changing them is really a costly affair.

Step 6: Cross-verifying with the checklist on all the places covered

Remember the checklist that you devised during the first step? Now take it up and go for a final check-around. Tick off the places after making sure that they can’t be cleaned any further. See to it that there are no visible stains or marks. Observe all the corners and hard-to-reach areas because they are the ones that are usually spared while going about your cleaning services.

Cleaning process

Step 7: Knowing when to hire a professional

After going about step 6, if there are certain areas where you feel that there is room for a whole lot of improvement, you should know it’s time to stop taking matters into your own hands.

For example, your carpet might be having a single stain in a visible area that might spoil the whole look and feel of it. If you try to clean any further, you’d only end up spoiling the texture of the rug, or even worse, you’d spread the stain to the surrounding areas.

Professional cleaning services can come with specialized equipment like commercial carpet cleaners for you to get rid of this in no time. If you are worried about the budget, compare the spending with that of the cost involved in replacing the entire carpet, which might escalate up to 10x more than this.

Special Considerations for different types of premises that you should take note of:

1. Healthcare facilities

Disinfection and deep cleaning are important if you want to prevent the disease chain of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI). Stick to standard procedures from regulatory bodies like OSHA and CDC. Also, go for EPA-registered supplies which would be pH neutral and less chemically intensive. A company like JBN Cleaning is your best bet in such premises of the requirements.

2. Childcare centers

The play areas and dining areas here are more contagious than even a restroom. And children being very vulnerable can easily catch a cold or fever from here if you don’t take proper care of your childcare cleaning services.

3. Industrial premises

Greasing is a common phenomenon in factories and industries. This will directly affect the wear and tear of the machinery thus affecting its overall lifetime. In such cases, sweeping the floor is the last thing you should be focussing on but rather on everything else.

4. Other sensitive requirements

High-rise window cleaning, carpets, and even your strata cleaning services are all sensitive in nature and are prone to damage and disasters. A professional like JBN Cleaning should be your first choice when it comes to the commercial cleaning process since they are completely insured and takes care of workers’ compensation as well.

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