How Much Does Commercial End of Lease Cleaning Cost?

Commercial end of lease cleaning cost

A Comprehensive Overview Of Commercial End Of Lease Cleaning Costs In Sydney

Leaving a rental or leased property and moving to a new place is a hassle for most businesses. There are many things to do and consider during relocation, and end-of-lease cleaning is one of them. It is the best way to ensure that you get back the security deposit or bond money, which tends to be quite hefty for commercial properties. That is why it is crucial to know about the average commercial end of lease cleaning cost in your city and the factors that can influence it.

Estimated Commercial End Of Lease Cleaning Cost

The cost of commercial end-of-lease cleaning tends to be higher than residential bond cleaning. Most commercial cleaning services in Sydney determine the cost based on a wide variety of factors, which we will discuss later on. But to give you an idea, the final bill can be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over $1000. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the estimated cost of various end-of-lease cleaning services that most cleaning companies provide:

To sum up, commercial end of lease cleaning price in Sydney starts from $200 on average and can go up to $1000 depending on the number of different tasks. Remember, this is only an estimate and not the actual rates.

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Factors That Can Affect Commercial End Of Lease Cleaning Cost

While having an idea of the average costs is necessary, it is even more important to know how the cost is calculated. Cleaning companies determine the pricing based on a wide variety of factors. Let us discuss a few of them:

The Size Of The Property

One of the most crucial determining factors is the size of the property. Commercial properties come in varying sizes. Offices, warehouses, retail stores, commercial kitchens, and factories tend to be larger than residential properties. Since most commercial cleaners charge per square footage, the larger the property, the higher the end-of-lease cost will be.

The Condition Of The Property

Most cleaning companies will thoroughly inspect the site before quoting the price. That is because the overall condition of the property will greatly influence how much time, effort, and manpower it will take to clean it.

Cleaning a dilapidated building that has not been cleaned in a long time is a massive undertaking. Dirt and dust build-up, stubborn stains, grease, and grime take much effort and specialized equipment to clean. That is why the charges for cleaning such a property will automatically be high.

On the other hand, a well-maintained commercial property will require less effort and manpower to clean. Therefore, the end-of-lease cleaning cost will also be minimal.

Additional Cleaning Services

In most cases, cleaners follow a standard commercial end of lease cleaning checklist. This includes all the necessary cleaning tasks, all of which are generally included in the basic cleaning package. But if you need some specialized cleaning services or deep cleaning services, you would have to pay extra. A few examples of these additional cleaning services are:

  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Pest control
  • HVAC or air duct cleaning

To get an accurate quote, make sure to discuss your cleaning requirements thoroughly with the cleaning company before hiring them. Remember to ask about their standard package as well as the additional services.

Location And Cleaning Company’s Charges

The location has a huge impact on the charges. Commercial end-of-lease cleaning costs can vary widely based on where you are located in Australia. Cleaners in major cities such as Sydney tend to charge more than cleaners in rural parts of the country. The commercial cleaning company’s charges are another crucial factor that will ultimately determine the pricing.

To calculate the cost, the cleaning company will take into account the size of the property, the number of cleaners they require, the products and equipment they will need, and the time it will take to clean the property. If the company uses organic cleaning products, the charges might be higher than using regular cleaning products.

Besides, each commercial cleaner has a standard rate that they will charge you for any service.

What Does A Standard Commercial Bond Cleaning Package Include?

To determine whether you are getting your money’s worth in end-of-lease cleaning, you first have to know what commercial end of lease cleaning packages include. Here are a few different services that such a package will typically include:

General Cleaning

  • Removing dust, dirt, cobwebs, and insect marks from ceilings and walls.
  • Cleaning air vents, fans, light switches, and other fixtures.
  • Spot cleaning power points and walls.
  • Cleaning doors, skirting, and architraves.
  • Cleaning windows, window blinds, and curtains.
  • Mopping and commercial floor cleaning.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

  • Cleaning range hoods, exhaust fans, and filters.
  • Removing grease from floors, walls, and shelves.
  • Clearing ovens, trays, griller, racks, and knobs.
  • Cleaning sink, drainers, and garbage disposal.
  • Cleaning and polishing splash back area.

Restroom Cleaning

  • Cleaning toilets and urinals.
  • Removing mineral deposits from glass doors, shower walls, and shower heads.
  • Removing limescale from surfaces.
  • Cleaning faucets and sinks.
  • Polishing mirrors and window tracks.

These are some of the essential end-of-lease cleaning services you can expect from the cleaning company. If you need more specialized cleaning, you will have to discuss that beforehand.

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