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Commercial floor cleaning

How to Avail the Best Commercial Floor Cleaning Services for your Business Space?

Not every floor space is built the same and neither can they be cleaned the same way! This right here is why you should understand the niche of commercial floor cleaning better before you dive head-first into the process.

If we had to break down the process for you, here’s what we’d start with. The types of floors – there might be concrete, wood, terrazzo, vinyl, ceramic tiles, marble, or linoleum. Each of them might require specialized treatment and a specific approach to do them perfectly without causing any damage to their surface appearance. Treating them all together with a generic cleaning supply might not be viable since the harsh chemicals might damage them forever.

To note,

    • Wooden floors on the other hand require soft mopping and polishing with minimal water or no water if you want to retain their look and feel.

    • In terrazzo floors, there will be a marble finish backed by a concrete base and they should be maintained intact without exceptions. But maintaining this requires the usual mopping, cleaning, and vacuuming routine without much of a hassle.

    • Concrete floors would be suited up with a sealer to prevent moisture or dust accumulation at greater levels. In addition, their commercial floor cleaning services should always end up with a wax touch routine to maintain their shiny appearance.

    • If you are handling vinyl floors, remember to keep them away from moisture all the time.

    • Ceramic tiles? Especially in bathrooms? Hard scrubbing now and then will help prevent them from accumulating a lot of stains.

    • Linoleum floors require damp moping and polishing after every clean to maintain their shiny texture and for achieving their best commercial cleaning.

    As an insider, we would always suggest that you find a trustworthy cleaning service provider like JBN Cleaning and hand over your requirements to them. This would help you achieve a seamless experience with absolutely mind-blowing results that are way better than what you would receive while doing it all by yourself. And an add-on point to note here would be to not keep trusting supplies that brand themselves as ‘multi-purpose floor cleaners’. Although they might be helpful to some extent, they’d not give your commercial floor cleaning routine the finish it deserves.

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    What Should Your Commercial Floor Cleaning Be Like?

    Diverse in nature

    You should have a steadfast approach that envisions your cleaning requirements beforehand. Be it any commercial cleaning, ensure that you don’t stick to a one size fits all approach.

    Instead, dissect your requirements as a whole, understand each of their individual needs, and prioritize a checklist and an action plan before you dive in.

    Perfectly strategize

    To achieve the best commercial cleaning, you should start by listing things down from corner to corner. After you note everything down, immediately devise a plan of action that contains all the details inch by inch – including the supplies, equipment, and procedure needed.

    Economical down

    Commercial floor cleaning can be a costly job if you don’t choose the right cleaners. The capital cost involved in buying this equipment could be shooting your budget so much. And not just that, you’d also have to spend a lot on their updates, upgrades, or repair costs.

    By hiring a professional, you’d rather opt for the complete package and they’d be ready to take care of any equipment that your requirements need.

    Commercial floor cleaning Sydney


    Green cleaning is not just another goodwill stunt or trend but rather something serious that commercial floor cleaning services are now adapting to. Eco-cleaning is not just beneficial for the environment but also has significant positive attributes on human health. They’d reduce the possibility of you or your employees catching any infections, allergies, or encountering respiratory problems that are very much a possibility when using toxic chemicals in place.

    At the same time doing this require a bit of subject matter expertise. That you should know about before utilizing it for your commercial floor cleaning. Always choose organic supplies that are EPA approved or that have a DfE label. This way you’d prevent yourself from going for knock-off products.

    Commercial Floor Cleaning typically involves the following steps

    1. Inspection: The cleaning technician inspects the floor to choose the type of flooring, the condition of the floor, and any spots that require special attention.
    2. Sweeping or vacuuming: The technician removes loose debris from the floor by sweeping or vacuuming.
    3. Mopping or scrubbing: The method cleans the floor using a mop or a scrubbing machine. This type of cleaning solution used depends on the type of flooring and the location of the floor.
    4. Drying: This method ensures that the floor is completely dry before allowing foot traffic.
    5. Buffing or polishing: If necessary, the technician may buff or polish the floor to restore its shine.

    A Professional Commercial Floor Cleaning Hand Would be of Much Better Help to You!

    If you are looking to achieve office cleaners, then hiring a professional backed by vast experience, years of expertise and a well-built portfolio would be better for you. Since their business depends on your satisfaction, they’d do everything at their disposal. And even go out of their way to make sure that your premises are left in the best shape possible.

    In addition, they’d take care of all the decluttering and organization work that your premises might need. This will help you save so much time and energy that you can rather utilize it to focus better on your core business activities.

    Be it the transparency, diligence, or out-of-the-box ways of handling different stains or niche requirements. They’d be well prepared to tackle all the challenges that you present them with.

    And as an added plus point, they’d be equipped with proper third-party insurance coverages and workers’. Compensation schemes are in place to take care of any escalations or damages that are prone to happen while cleaning. Thus taking more accountability for the recuperations and compensations. While this might not sound like an imminent possibility when it comes to cleaning floors, it is always a better idea to be well-prepared. Prevention than cure, ey?

    Our Commercial Floor Cleaning Portfolio

    Just refer the work video we have done in the past regarding commercial floor cleaning.

    If you want to hire a professional for your commercial floor cleaning, there’s no one better in Sydney than JBN Cleaning. Trust us, we have been doing this for 10 whole years now. Talk to us today to get a free quote for your requirements now!

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