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Commercial Property Cleaning Might Be A Lot Harder Than You Think!

When it comes to any cleaning routine, the experience, efficiency and niche cleaning expertise of your cleaners are going to decide the overall effectiveness of your procedure. The Covid19 crisis that shook the world over taught us that cleaning is not just a surface-level affair that you can simply do by mopping or sweeping. The scope of any commercial property cleaning should be ensuring the overall hygiene and safety of the premises while also taking care of the wellness of your employees.

There are different types of commercial properties and their cleaning needs widely differ from one another. No two premises can be cleaned the same way or can be cleaned with a one-size-fits-all supply or solution.

The Different Scope Of Work Pertaining To Commercial Property Cleaning In Sydney

  • Cleaning the exterior glass doors/ partitions
  • Disinfecting all the high touchpoints
  • Organizing all your things in order and keeping them free from dust
  • Deep cleaning at least once every month
  • Floor, walls, and windows should all be cleaned to be free from any streaks, dust or cobwebs
  • In case of areas like the gym, leaning of steam rooms, changing areas, shoe racks and entryways
  • Disinfecting all equipment, mats, free weights and cross-fit installations
  • Deep cleaning at least once every two weeks to prevent any germ-build ups of contagious nature
  • Car parking cleaning as required
  • Cleaning, disinfecting and sanitization of the floor areas, dining rooms, conference areas, work cabins, entryways or doorways
  • High touch point disinfection
  • Sensitive cleaning protocols for clearing up the industry-grade equipment
  • Deep cleaning of the interiors of the equipment every two to three months
  • Complete adherence to green cleaning protocols and end-to-end cleaning assistance
  • Disinfection of play areas, floors, toilet seats and diaper changing stations at frequent intervals for a minimum of two times a day
  • Post working hours cleaning so as to not disturb the toddlers or make them prone to any harm which happens as a side effect of chemical cleaning
  • Carefully pick up supplies that are organic and are in adherence to standard green protocols devised by bodies like EPA or DfE for any niche of commercial property cleaning services
  • Covering air ducts every once a month to maintain overall air quality
  • Exteriors and high-rise ceiling maintenance to prevent the accumulation of dirt, germs or cobwebs.

Hire the most diligent cleaning company in Sydney!

In addition to these routines, there are also niche procedures like commercial carpet cleaning, commercial window cleaning, deep cleaning or disinfection that are going to be required by almost all kinds of premises and environments.

Hire us for your commercial property cleaning and you never have to take a second look to see what we are up to! We’ll help you take this one off your plate and focus more on your core business prospects.

Here’s How JBN Cleaning Can Be Your Perfect Fit:

1. Comprehensive Expertise

We have been offering commercial cleaning services in Sydney for years now and we understand what matters to effect a perfect finish. Our ten years of field experience might be everything you need to make your cleaning vision a reality. Be it any tough stains or sensitive regions that need additional care, we are here to offer you thorough support and precise cleaning solutions as per your requirements.

2. Niche Cleaning Assistance

The scope of cleaning especially when it comes to commercial property cleaning services in Sydney goes beyond just the maintenance of orders or bringing a surface-level cleaning. When it comes to niche procedures, the choice of your supplies, the pattern of your cleaning and the procedures you adhere to matter. The effectiveness of your overall cleaning relies on crucial elements like these and professional cleaners are well-versed in this area.

commercial property cleaning services

3. Well-Developed Procedures

It is important that your cleaners stick to globally recognized procedures and protocols that are standard. There are authoritative regulations from global bodies like OSHA and CDC that you need to stick to for ensuring an effective clean. You should also pick up supplies that are regulated and safe without any chemically intensive ingredients. All these will take your cleaning to the next level.

4. Eco-Friendly Cleaning

As a business owner, you should be employing everything in your power to reduce your carbon footprint and drive all your business efforts towards sustainability. Only this will ensure that we have a future left and these efforts start from all the minuscule things like your commercial property cleaning in Sydney.

Global warming is at alarming levels and it is important that you take action now. This is what commercial cleaners can do for you.

commercial property cleaning services in Sydney

5. Insurance Coverage

Cleaning damages are no news. They are always prone to happen and are the safest way you can prepare yourself to face the repairs and repercussions. What better way to do it than hold someone else accountable? This is exactly what commercial property cleaning professionals like us can do for you.

At JBN Cleaning, we offer comprehensive insurance along with third-party liability and workers’ compensation schemes as a part of any package you avail of us.

6. Custom Commercial Cleaning Packages

Always pick cleaning partners who are open to offering commercial cleaning packages that are devised to suit your exact requirements. This way you’d be well informed that you only pay for what you exactly avail of us.

7. Economically Affordable

Forget spending a fortune on capital investments or running a team of janitors under your payroll and stick to hiring a professional who can save the day for you when you need it.

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Hire the most diligent cleaning company in Sydney!

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