How Much Does Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Cost In Sydney?

commercial upholstery cleaning cost

Examining Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Cost In Sydney

When was the last time you deep-cleaned the upholstered furniture in your office? If the answer is somewhere around “never” and “cannot remember,” it is time to get professional upholstery cleaning! Upholstery tends to get dirty and lose its luster over time, especially in commercial settings like offices. That is why periodic commercial deep cleaning is essential to keep them looking like new. Thankfully, commercial upholstery cleaning cost in cities such as Sydney tends to be significantly lower than the cost of buying brand-new furniture. That is why it is why you should invest in professional upholstery cleaning from time to time.

Average Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Cost

Upholstery cleaning refers to the deep cleaning of all kinds of upholstered furniture such as sofas, lounges, armchairs, office chairs, ottomans, and more. Dirt and dust buildup, spillages, and inadequate maintenance can make the fabric on such furniture look dull and stained. Since the level of grime and overall condition of the furniture can vary widely, it is difficult to predict precisely how much it will cost to clean. However, the average commercial upholstery cleaning price can be anywhere from $50 to $200 in Sydney. Here’s a chart of the estimated cost of various upholstery cleaning services to give you an idea.

Remember, these are only the estimated cost of upholstery cleaning. Different commercial cleaners across Sydney may have varying rates based on several factors.

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Factors That Determine Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Cost

The cost of commercial upholstery cleaning can vary based on a wide range of factors. If you are in the process of selecting a commercial upholstery cleaning in Sydney, you should find out how they typically measure cost. That would help you prepare a realistic budget, and you would know what to expect when comparing quotations. Here are the most notable determinants of cost when it comes to cleaning upholstered furniture.

Number of Pieces of Furniture

How many pieces of furniture are you planning on getting cleaned? As we have presented in the chart above, cleaners will charge you per item. So each chair and each seat of a sofa will determine the cost. If you have several pieces of furniture, the cleaning company may agree to give you a discounted offer or “bundle deal.” So, make sure to ask about that.

Type And Size of Furniture

Another critical determining factor is the type and size of the furniture. For instance, single office chairs cost less than a three-seater sofa. On the other hand, two-seater sofas cost less than three-seaters or larger sofas.

Upholstery Material

Some commercial cleaners have varying rates for different upholstery materials. They may decide the pricing based on how delicate the fabric is. That is because some upholstery materials require specialized eco-friendly cleaning products and equipment. For instance, steam cleaning upholstery costs less than dry cleaning. Similarly, a leather chair or couch will require special products and tools to clean. All of these special considerations increase the cost.

The Overall Condition

Needless to say, the overall condition of the upholstery is a significant factor that cleaners will take into account. It costs more to clean furniture that is visibly dirty with patches and stains all over than relatively well-maintained furniture. The age of the upholstery can also determine the cleaning charges. For instance, old, heirloom furniture requires great care and caution when cleaning. So, they cost more to clean.


Upholstery cleaning rates tend to vary in different cities across Australia. Even commercial cleaners in Sydney have varying rates based on which part of the city they operate in. So, make sure to look for commercial cleaners in your area and carry out an intensive price and package comparison before hiring.

Other factors may influence the pricing, but these are the most common ones.

commercial upholstery cleaning prices

What To Expect From Commercial Upholstery Cleaners In Sydney?

Knowing what services upholstery cleaners typically provide can help you narrow down your search. In Sydney, commercial upholstery cleaning packages tend to include the following services:


Commercial cleaners use various methods and techniques to clean upholstery. Some of the popular methods are dry cleaning, steam cleaning, spot cleaning, stain removal, and shampooing. They will first inspect the furniture and identify things like fiber type, color fastness, level of grime, and physical defects before determining the most suitable cleaning method.


Cleaning companies that provide furniture cleaning in Sydney may also help with maintenance and protection. In such cases, they will apply a protective coating that will defend the upholstery against everyday wear and tear, dust buildup, and staining.


In special circumstances, the company may offer repair services to patch up holes and tears in the upholstery. This is a unique service, and not every commercial cleaner offers it. If your chosen company provides this service, they are likely to charge you extra for it. So, make sure to ask about repair work beforehand.

Stain Removal And Deodorization

Stain removal is a crucial part of upholstery cleaning. If there are old, embedded stains in the fabric, the cleaners will use specialized techniques to get rid of it. They may apply spot-cleaning methods for smaller patches or stains. However, large stains will require a thorough cleanup. Furthermore, if the furniture is emitting a foul odor, the cleaners will deodorize the upholstery to remove the smell.

These are the most sought-after upholstery cleaning services. If you are looking to get upholstery cleaning for all the furniture in your office, check out JBN Cleaning.

As one of the top commercial cleaning in Sydney, JBN Cleaning offers a plethora of services including furniture cleaning. With us, you will get experienced cleaners, high-quality cleaning products, eco-friendly cleaning practices, and affordable packages. What more could you ask for? Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements today!

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