Handy commercial window cleaning tips

commercial window cleaning tips

Are you looking for commercial window cleaning tips?

Have you ever wondered why that only professional are able to result in windows that are streak-free? This attributes to the right choice of products, supplies, and solutions along with procedures that are internationally recognized. But with just a bit of commercial window cleaning tips, you’ll be able to drive your efforts a long way forward.

Windows require special attention since there are a lot of elements that you need to take proper care of. This includes the window sills, frame, glass, and every other associated element that are alongside. No two windows can be cleaned the same way and you need to actually do a preliminary assessment of the job in front of you before you actually go about it. This way all of your efforts will be specifically suited.

Remember these the next time you go about your commercial window cleaning:

  • Always remove any associated cobwebs, dirt, dust, rust, or grimes from the surface of the window before actually applying any wet products.
  • Remove any accumulations like wet dirt, sand accumulations, bubble gums, or any other deposit from the surfaces.
  • Do not use a sharpie, knife, or any objects with pointy ends to remove these. It’ll only result in severally scratching your windows.
  • Use only specific solutions that can ensure the sanity of your windows and prevent any further scratching.
  • Get yourself equipped with the latest technologies which can help improve the efficiency and productivity of your cleaning procedure.
  • Go for professional cleaners when you’re going for sensitive niche procedures like these.
  • It is a wise option to go with eco-friendly procedures in everything you do. As a business owner, making sustainable decisions will make you thrive in this space.
  • Remove all surrounding elements associated near the windows and make sure you free the space before you make a move. This will prevent any unwanted clutter and ensure that your overall cleaning does not affect the other things around the windows.
  • Always go for a circulatory pattern while cleaning which will prevent your windows from streaking further.
  • Use a paper towel to apply the solutions and then a microfiber cloth to clear up any leftover solutions.
  • Avoid using water sprays without knowing the compatibility of the solutions. Always read the instruction label of the products before doing the procedure.
  • Clean your window blinds while you go about the windows to make the space completely neat. You should go about it after ensuring the nature of the blinds and the compatibility of the cleaning products that you can use on them.

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Why professional cleaning companies might be a better option for you?

1. Better accountability

When your hire professional companies that offer cleaning services, their business depends on your overall satisfaction. You’ll be paying for what you avail and it is the cleaning company’s responsibility to help you with overall job satisfaction. This will ensure better overall results and also makes your premises look neat and clean at all times.

Even if there are any left our spots as your cleaners go about your premises, you can always report it back. Some companies like JBN Cleaning offer a thorough re-clean for free of cost which you can make use of for comprehensive results.

2. Improves process flow and efficiency

With janitors in place, you’re in the position to take the responsibility of developing a process that they’ll benefit from. This will result in a lot of redundancy since there are chances that you’ll miss out on crucial elements that need your constant attention. For example, simple sweeping and mopping are not where cleaning ends. If the pandemic has taught us anything, you can never be too sure about the safety and hygiene of your premises.

You need to constantly disinfect and deep clean your premises at regular intervals to make your efforts worthwhile. When you hire a cleaning company they’ll do a better job at this to meet your exact expectations.

In addition, when you go with established cleaners, they’ll also have a well-developed communication pathway in place. They’ll keep you updated every step along the way and will also assist you with a dedicated account manager who will always be available to resolve any queries that you might have along the way.

handy commercial window cleaning tips

3. Green cleaning

Eco-friendly cleaning procedures are important for you as a business owner. It is not just a sustainable decision that will reduce your overall carbon footprints but also ensures that your employees are safe from being impacted by chemically-intensive supplies that are harmful to their health. They can potentially result in allergies, skin or eye irritation, rashes, or even result in asthmatic triggers. Not to forget the pungent aftermath smell that chemical supplies leave behind that can potentially spoil the entire vibe of the space.

You can even go for green cleaning protocols during your commercial cleaning with the help of your janitors provided you pick the supplies right and also know how to choose them. At JBN Cleaning, we stick to hand-picked organic supplies that are approved by EPA or carry a DfE label. All of these are international regulatory bodies that authorize products that are genuinely green.

4. Insurance benefits

Cleaning disasters are prone to happen when you least expect it and the repairs are going to be expensive more than you think. When you hire commercial window cleaning services, they’ll offer you comprehensive insurance benefits that will give you a better go at doing this right and also prevent any escalations where you’ll have to pay more. Even in the case of any accidental damages, they’ll spring into action immediately to take care of any repairs or repercussions all by themselves through their third-party liability and workers’ compensation schemes.

You need someone you can fall back on with your procedures to make it worthwhile and only with add-on insurance schemes you can be absolutely sure of that.

handy window cleaning tips

5. Tech assistance for better results

The experience of the cleaners matters when it comes to niche procedures like commercial window cleaning. But it doesn’t end there. The better the technology they employ for cleaning, the better will be the overall quality of the end results. There are a lot of innovations that are happening around and you need to keep upgrading yourself with the latest technology to be absolutely sure about meeting your desired expectations.

But the capital cost involved in upgrading to these can affect your overall budget. You can rather hire professionals to do the job for you at a way cheaper budget. There is even AI-integrated technology that is efficient in taking your overall process flow to the next subsequent levels.

6. Overall cleaning experience

The overall experience of the cleaner will drastically improve the quality of the cleaning. This is because procedures like window cleaning are very niche in nature and they require maximum caution and subject-matter compatibility in dealing with it the right way. Everything from the number of supplies to the application or the overall procedure is important. At JBN, we have been cleaning for over a decade now and we have handled almost all kinds of business verticals and diverse requirements of them all.

Take a thorough look at the portfolio of the cleaning company you’re about to hire. This will give you an overall outlook of their experience profile. Surf through the internet to find common review forums and read through the comments to get a fair picture of their overall working style.

7. Economically affordable

The final deciding factor comes down to the overall window cleaning cost and the quotation that they offer you. It is important that you don’t give all prominent importance to this one deciding factor.

Always ask for a free quotation before you choose your company of choice. Also, ask for a complete scope of work and everything that is offered along with the package to be well informed before going with the procedure.

Hire JBN Cleaning and let go of all these worries. We’ll offer you with the best solutions possible!

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