Best Covid-19 Cleaning Checklist For Schools

Covid-19 cleaning checklist for schools

Why Need A Covid Cleaning Checklist For School?

School cleaning is a crucial thing in the covid pandemic. This is because you’re basically cleaning the entire space to make the whole premises safe and hygienic for the children. And since they’re extremely vulnerable you should be added cautious while devising your plan of action. The cleaning procedure and the covid cleaning procedure that you go with should be curated in such a way that it comprehensively covers the end to end of your space.

And since the coronavirus is of an extremely contagious nature, you need to be absolutely sure about the order of cleaning that you opt for. It is always a good idea to devise a thorough plan of action and an actionable checklist before diving head first into your procedure.

The Action Plan You Can Follow For Your School Cleaning in Sydney

  • Sweep, vacuum, and a dusting of the complete floor area, entrances, carpets, play areas, bathroom, etc.
  • Mop all the hard floors, tiles, and other surfaces. Removing all the trash, and replacing the liners as necessary.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting water fountains, locker areas, classrooms, corridors, and doorways
  • Disinfecting multiple times during the day and taking care of all the touch-sensitive points like doorknobs, staircases, tables and chairs, toilet floors, toilet seats, flush handles, tap heads, furniture, etc
  • Periodically deep cleaning all the areas that come with hard stains
  • Replace toilet papers and other solutions as necessary
  • Power wash the exteriors and remove any graffiti installations periodically as necessary
  • Use a blower or vacuum to remove any accumulated dust from intricate areas like the carpets
  • Periodically clean light fixtures
  • Remove any cobwebs as and when you spot them, especially from high rise ceilings
  • Clean the common areas including playgrounds, auditoriums, art rooms, music rooms, computer labs, chemistry labs, garden area if any, etc.

Take your safety, sanitation and hygiene to the next level.

Things To Keep In Mind While Going About Your Covid Cleaning For Schools

Since the procedure is sensitive in nature, you need to be cautious and careful in cleaning your requirements to the absolute best possible.

Even the remotest corner that is left untouched could ruin the sanitary requirements of your space and result in becoming a breeding ground for covid.

The products that you pick should be on par and you should ensure their effectiveness in prior before utilizing them. School cleaning doesn’t give you much of a space for trials and errors. It is thus a good idea to hire someone with enough subject-matter knowledge to handle your requirements.

Remember these before you plan your school cleaning services:

1. Use only supplies that are less chemically intensive:

Children are vulnerable and extremely sensitive. The procedure that you go with should thus not be harmful to their health.

Commercial cleaning professionals generally go with organic supplies that are hand-picked after completely understanding their configuration to prevent using any knock-off products that are no good.

At JBN Cleaning, we pick supplies after confirming their authenticity by checking if they carry either a DfE label or an EPA approval. The air quality of the premises after cleaning them the green way is also much better than going what you can achieve with chemically intensive products.

Best covid-19 cleaning checklist for schools

2. Cleaning first, disinfection next, and sanitization later

The order of school cleaning should ideally involve all of the following to ensure that your surfaces are crisply clean and safely hygienic inside out.

Sweeping, dusting and vacuuming are no longer the only procedures involved in cleaning. Ever since the pandemic, all the expectations are set on making your cleaning procedure comprehensive to deal with germs of any nature as well.

So ideally you first hit it off by removing the surface level dust, dirt, and grimes. You then go with a disinfection procedure that will ensure the thorough termination of germs from the corner to the corner of your premises. Sanitization is the final procedure where your cleaning comes to a full circle. This involves the addition of a protective layer on top of the freshly cleaned surfaces and this will act as a barrier in fighting germ accumulation on these surfaces for a period of time.

3. Forget one-size-fits-all

Not two surfaces can be cleaned the same way. So stop getting products that claim to be universal cleaners. They’re only going to tarnish the surfaces with time.

You thus need to spend enough capital on supplies and solutions that are specific for different areas. Consulting a professional before you pick these supplies is a good idea to prevent yourself from spending on products that are no good.

4. Cleaning multiple times during the same day

Schools are going to host a large number of children on a day-to-day basis. There are going to be a lot of high touch points that you’ll have to keep disinfecting every now and then to prevent any contamination. This holds true, especially for the restrooms where the influx of students is going to be high. Disinfecting them at least once in between school hours should be made mandatory.

Other touch-sensitive areas include door knobs, corridors, locker rooms, switchboards, elevator buttons, staircase railings, furniture, etc.

5. Leave it to professionals who offer covid cleaning in Sydney

There are always going to be one or two niche requirements that might be out of your scope. It is important that you hand these over to professionals that carry sufficient experience in making these happen for you at ease.

When you hire someone like JBN Cleaning for covid cleaning in Sydney, we’ll deploy our ten whole years of experience in action to give your premises the best makeover possible like never before. We’ll prevent you from spending too much capital on cleaning supplies and products by taking care of it all ourselves.

All the cleaners that we send your way are all background checked and police verified prior to keep you completely relaxed throughout the journey with us. They all carry profound expertise to offer you the exact solutions you’re looking for and exceed all the set expectations.

Hiring school cleaning services will give you a better chance at handling all your requirements in the perfect way possible.

Take your safety, sanitation and hygiene to the next level.

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