COVID cleaning checklist

Covid cleaning checklist

COVID Cleaning Checklist – The Complete Guide

The coronavirus pandemic has definitely made us all rethink the health, hygiene, and overall cleanliness of our premises like never before. Covid cleaning checklist is a must-have before you go for your disinfection routine. This is because the requirement in hand is of sensitive nature and you’d have to do everything in your place to ensure that you comprehensively cover all nooks and corners.

Sanitisation, disinfection, and cleaning are all three widely different things that would require precision efforts to get every point in order. Sanitisation refers to the prevention of germ accumulation after cleaning the premises, thus making it safe for the next person to use without any fear of contamination. Disinfection on the other hand refers to a set of procedures that involves the termination of accumulated germs and viruses. Cleaning generally refers to the brooming, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming that is done on a day-to-day basis to cast off surface dust. A commercial cleaning company in place would know about all these to get your cleaning done to the perfect mark.

Here’s everything your covid cleaning checklist must have:

1. Pre-devised plan of action

This is the first step that you should kick start your efforts with. Having a clearly channeled direction for your disinfection cleaning routine could save you a lot of time and a lot of going back and forth. This would reduce the redundancy of the efforts taken, and the number of possible corners that are left unattended among others.

A plan of action will typically involve the top layer of preparatory works involved along with a gist of what your cleaners are set to do. If you are hiring a professional office cleaning service, this would be the first thing that you are presented with.

2. Areas to cover

Now, this is where the real covid cleaning checklist gets its shape. You’d start jotting down the list of elements, places, and things that need cleaning, disinfection, or sanitization along with the degree of effort that they need.

The areas generally include floors, walls, carpets, electronic gadgets, etc on a bigger scale, and on a smaller scale, it’d include all the round-about elements like your tabletops, countertops, baseboards, vending machines, carpet tufts, window blinds, etc.

Basically, anything and everything that needs cleaning is something that you’d list down here before you jump headfirst into your cleaning procedure.

3. Equipment and supplies required

There are almost thousands of equipment available in the market that can aid you with your covid cleaning. Navigating through them to find the right one for you is not as easy if you don’t have the right expertise or industrial experience. This equipment also comes at huge capital costs along with updates, upgrades, and even repair costs which might escalate your overall cleaning budget exponentially.

At the same time, cleaning supplies must be carefully chosen so that you don’t use the toxic chemically intensive one but rather choose organic supplies for your covid cleaning services. This way you’d avoid spreading any rashes, infections, allergies, or triggers for asthmatic conditions as an aftermath of cleaning.

4. Employee safety and preparatory works

It is a must that all your cleaners are actively trained both theoretically and practically before they go hands-on with your covid cleaning. This way you’d reduce the possibilities of inefficiency and ensure that you cover everything between the corners without any room for lack of subject matter expertise.

All your cleaners must wear proper shoe covers, head caps, rubber gloves, chemical replant goggles and PPE wears as and when necessary. This would prevent them from catching any infection while also reduce the chances of cross-contamination.

5. Procedures to follow

This should be given prominent importance in your covid cleaning checklist. Always ensure that you stick to authoritative guidelines that are drafted out by regulatory global bodies like OSHA and CDC. Choose supplies that are not directly picked off the shelf, but looked for DfE approval or EPA registration.

This way you’d reduce going for methods that are no longer standard. By sticking to internationally approved procedures, you’d also ensure that proper quality is achieved with your disinfection services.

6. Reassess the completed work

All your efforts for covid cleaning boils down to how well you inspect your premises by comparing the items on your checklist with the results that you see in front of you. This way you’d leave no room for compromises in the quality you deliver with your cleaning efforts.

Check that all your expectations are met and the cleaning is precisely done up to the mark. Focus on ensuring that your hygiene is restored after cleaning rather than going around just looking for imperfections on a surface level. Your first impression might mean everything to you but it is not enough if you want to deliver a vibe of freshness all around that is free from any contagious germs or infections.

Points to note:

Always sanitize and disinfect the high touch prone point in areas that are bound to have an increased amount of foot traffic all through the day especially when you do covid cleaning services. This includes even the little details like your doorknobs, elevator buttons, switchboards, faucets, flush handles, electronic gadgets, furniture, etc.

It is advisable that you go for professional help who will ensure that they bring a thorough covid cleaning checklist onto your table. At JBN Cleaning, we take the hygiene of your premises seriously. We’d love to extend all the help we can in crucial times like these. Hence, we are now offering a free quote for all that you are looking for. Get in touch with us to know more!


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  • Get access to supplies that are globally approved on their effectiveness against particular cleaning goals
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