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Looking for covid cleaning tips?

The pandemic has surely been life-altering and nothing less than that. It has completely revamped the way we look at cleaning forever. Hygiene has been given the topmost priority over all else now. Every client, customer, or employee of yours is going to be extremely cautious about the environment they are surrounded by. And they are not wrong either. This right here is why you are probably surfing around for some handy covid cleaning tips. Don’t worry, we got you covered!

But on a side note, it is always advisable that you don’t try your hand at something you’re not perfectly sure of. Since the disease here is of an extremely contagious nature, you’d have to prep your premises in the most impeccable way possible. You can get this done without having to spend too many resources, time, energy, or money if you go for office cleaning services.

Here are effective covid cleaning tips for your premises

1 Preparing your premises before covid cleaning

The efficiency of your output depends on what you do before and after you clean. This basically refers to the pre-cleaning strategies and the way you gear yourself up for what’s coming your way. Doing a thorough inspection to curate a proper covid cleaning checklist and a plan of action will take covid cleaning a long way ahead in terms of the efficiency of the job done.

This will help you eliminate your chances of missing out on any corner or leaving any sensitive area unattended. Your checklist should ideally have every last element listed in it like your flush handles or vending machine buttons. This breakdown will further help in standardizing your procedure in a better aspect. Also, if you going for professional help, they’ll take care of all of these while leaving you out of the groundwork picture while also maintaining perfect transparency by keeping you in the progress update loop. This would be your best bet if you are someone who is running a start-up with too many things to do already.

2 Procedures, processes, and patterns of cleaning

Always make sure that you stick to standard authoritative guidelines devised by regulatory bodies like OSHA and CDC. This would help you to be absolutely sure about retaining the complete hygiene and safety of your premises and help break the chain of infection in your space. In addition, do not follow a one size fits all approach by simply spraying disinfection or sanitization solutions randomly. Set a cleaning pattern in place and wipe every last corner of every element with appropriate paper towels or microfiber cloth after dipping them in the respective solutions.

3 Preventing cross-contamination in your office cleaning

The effectiveness of sensitive requirements like medical cleaning services depends on how well you stock up your supplies and equipment and also the procedures that you are going to employ in place. Since `this space is of utmost vulnerability, it is important that you do covid cleaning services in such a way that it doesn’t leave out any room for half-baked work or imperfections.

The most prominent issue that you might probably face while going about your cleaning routine is the prospect of cross-contamination. You can prevent this by going to complete the disinfection of any supply or cleaning equipment that you use after each covid cleaning routine. In addition, make sure that your cleaner is equipped with appropriate PPE wears, gloves, masks, goggles, gumboots, show caps, and head caps. Make sure you use one-use items here wherever possible to completely eliminate the chances of becoming a carrier of the viruses.

4 Relying on experts

Since the work to be done here is of an extremely cautious nature, you should hire someone who has seen everything there is to clean in the industry. Sourcing such janitors and processing them on your payroll might not be a viable option since it is not the regular cleaning routine that we are discussing here.

An expert like JBN Cleaning who is backed by years of experience will be the best option that you can go for. In addition, you can also avail of any add-on niche cleaning services during your covid cleaning services from them at just a little bit of an added cost.

If you are focussing on cost-cutting and bringing your cleaning under a budget, then go for a professional covid cleaner without a blink. This would prevent you from spending huge capital costs on the supplies and equipment required for performing covid cleaning just once in a while.

5 Taking care of high-touch points

There are no better covid cleaning tips out there than this. It all comes down to how effectively you prevent germ accumulation and contamination on the high-touch sensitive points like flush handles, switchboards, elevator buttons, tap heads, vending machine buttons, staircase railings, kitchen utilities, electronic gadgets, furniture, etc.

All these are prone to multiple usages in a day depending on your foot traffic and they are vulnerable to becoming contaminated quite easily. In order to prevent them from becoming a breeding ground for disease-causing viruses, you’d have to terminate them with your covid cleaning effectively.

If we have to finish with one major covid cleaning tip, it’d be this – Don’t shy away from hiring professionals! It is definitely not going to drain your revenue or end up incurring huge costs. It is rather convenient and also affordable while also reducing any impacts from happening.

Talk to JBN Cleaning today and get all your questions answered. We are now also providing a free quote after a thorough on-site inspection of your premises.

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