Important Covid deep cleaning steps to follow by JBN Cleaning

Covid Deep Cleaning Steps To Follow By Cleaners

A quick guide to Covid cleaning that you can seamlessly follow…

We have had a rough couple of years on the book owing to the pandemic that shook us all inside out. Cleaning is no more the same. The virtues like surface-level cleanliness are no more a standard to look up like how they used to be. We are now more driven to achieve comprehensive solutions by focusing on every last corner. Hygiene and safety are now the predominant goals to achieve and each cleaning program is being designed. And this is how covid cleaning services have taken their place in almost every business premises there is.

At JBN Cleaning, we have been in this industry for far too long. Our decade’s worth of experience in sanitization, disinfection, and deep cleaning has given us an edge to spring into action almost immediately soon after the pandemic took place. As the demand for professional services is on the steady rise, not many companies have the right inventory or the subject-matter expertise to offer on-point solutions that can save the premises from any impending doom. This right here is why we have curated this guidebook that talks about what we usually do and that you can replicate in your space to see the best results.

Where should you start with your cleaning routine?

1. Thorough assessment

Jumping head-first into your cleaning routine without any sense of direction is good as doing nothing. Only when you have a detailed understanding of the nature of the premises, the intensity of cleaning required, the number of hours you need to be spending, the kind of supplies and equipment that you should have, you’d be able to give your premises the transformation that it more likely needs at the moment.

An end-to-end assessment of your premises will give you a basic understanding of what you should ideally be doing.

2. Plan of action

When you dissect the understanding you’ve acquired in the previous step, you’d be able to understand the exact amount of work and the kind of procedures that you should ideally be doing. Curating a plan of action might seem like a huge task but on the ground reality, it is going to simply be an added hand that you could use.

Your commercial cleaning plan of action should ideally comprise all the elements you are going to be cleaning, the means through which you’re going to go about it and every equipment or supply you’d be needing.

3. Comprehensive checklist

While your plan of action talks in detail about the procedures that you’re going to go after, your checklist is the one where everything from your doorknob to flush handles gets mentioned in your covid cleaning regimen. This can be given out as a handbook to the cleaner who is doing your job and ask them to check things off the list as and when they finish cleaning them.

This will help you go back and see if all your corners have been covered in a properly organized way.

4. Stocking up your inventory

Now, this can be a huge deal-breaker. Most businesses fall short in their cleaning procedure because of not being equipped with the advanced cleaning technologies which are now available in the market. Ideally, you need to spend a huge amount of capital to get your hands on the most sophisticated and reliable cleaning technology.

The supplies that you go for should also be human-friendly with absolutely zero toxic constituents. At JBN, we only go for hand-picked organic supplies that either carries a DfE label or if they are EPA-approved just to be added sure about their effectiveness and also reduce our carbon footprints along the way since all of these are bio-degradable as we collect them in the runoffs.

5. Getting the right resources on board

Experience shortage has been a real bummer when it comes to Covid cleaning in Sydney. Not all janitors are going to be well aware of the industry-specific cleaning solutions that can deem effective upon usage. You need to allocate a dedicated period of time and resources to keep educating your janitors’. So, in addition to the background screening, hiring, and processing payrolls of your janitors, you should take care of their training part which could be as hectic as it can get.

The capital cost that you spend on cleaning inventory is also going to shoot up through the roof. And maybe this is why professional cleaning is increasingly in demand.

Covid Deep Cleaning

So, how do you do it?

  • Set a standard pattern of cleaning in place that you are willing to follow
  • Divide the entire premises into distinct smaller portions that the janitors can cover
  • Organize your cleaning supplies and get your inventory stocked up
  • Always start with surface-level cleaning, do disinfection next, and then go for a sanitization routine
  • Cleaning will remove surface-level dust particles, disinfection will terminate all the contagious germs and diseases that are lurking under the surface, and sanitization on the other hand will add a protective outer layer on top of freshly cleaned premises.
  • Hiring someone efficient for your office cleaning can simply make you relax at ease while everything else is taken care of by them.
  • Ask for a dedicated client servicing person who will keep you in the communication loop and update you on every progress along the way.

Better yet, hire JBN Cleaning to take care of your Covid deep cleaning for you and look at the transformation that we bring your way. Ask for a free quote today!

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