Difference Between Domestic And Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning vs domestic cleaning

The Difference Between Domestic And Commercial Cleaning – Is Explained!

Domestic cleaning is something that deals with the cleaning of small residential spaces while commercial cleaning is the procedure that is done for keeping business spaces like offices, industrial premises, hospitals, retail stores, etc. Everything from the nature of supplies used, to the procedures opted for will all be different from each other.

In comparison, domestic cleaning is far less simple and less time-consuming. You can also do this by yourself or hire a house help to do this procedure for you and the cost of this would only be around $20 an hour. On the other hand, commercial cleaning is an intensive routine and it is always a better idea to go with a professional who can help you keep the order of your premises at all times. This procedure can cost you anywhere from $45 an hour for regular procedures and go up to even $75 an hour for niche procedures like commercial carpet cleaning, commercial window cleaning, or deep cleaning.

While going about your domestic cleaning procedure, you should be even more cautious about the supplies you pick. This is because you might be having toddlers, kids, or pets and the cleaning products that you go for should be easy on their health. The commercial cleaning procedure is also sensitive in nature since even the slightest unintended reaction can result in huge losses. It is not very important to think about insurance and other nitty-gritty while going about your domestic cleaning but these are mandatory to check with your cleaning company when it comes to commercial procedures on larger scales.

key Differences Between Domestic Cleaning And Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning to a professional standard generally means cleaning the property to a high standard. Here are the most common difference described in the below table.

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Things To Remember While Choosing Your Cleaner

Commercial cleaners are not hard to find. But you need to do proper background research before hiring so as to be on the safer end. You need to hire partners in growth who will take care of your premises like their own.

1. Justified pricing

The economic aspects of your cleaning procedure are something you should consider before you get started. Always ask for a quotation for your specific requirements and explain the company you’re about to hire on wanting a custom cleaning package. This way you can be sure of paying only for your exact requirements rather than falling for sales gimmicks and combos that are not actually designed specifically for your business. Focus on the results and returns than worrying too much about your operational costs.

If you think hiring a janitor might save you money, you’ve missed looking at some of the crucial deciding factors. For example, you’ll have to spend huge capital on stocking up on cleaning products and also equipping your cleaners with the right technology. The entire hiring, processing of payrolls, and taking care of compensations and liabilities can also raise your operational costs. This can be even more than what you ideally invest with a commercial cleaner.

Ensure that your cleaners provide all the supplies and equipment necessary without any additional costs.

2. Add-On Insurance And Other Benefits

Cleaning damages and disasters are prone to happen when you least expect them. But these damages might ask for huge repair and replacement costs. It is thus always a better idea to go with cleaners who offer you add-on insurance packages and workers’ compensation benefits along with third-party liability to be added sure. You can also sit back and relax throughout the entire process without having the need to overlook the safety of things every now and then.

A reliable company like JBN Cleaning offers insurance add-ons despite the scale of your requirement to take complete accountability for everything we make happen at your premises. Even in the cases of any unexpected damages, we’ll take complete responsibility to repair and replace things as necessary all by ourselves.

Choose green cleaning. Ask about the products and supplies that your cleaners go with. This can be game-changing and can retain the air quality of your premise post-cleaning. At JBN Cleaning, we handpick our organic supplies to be added sure of their effectiveness and we also ensure that they are approved by standard bodies like EPA or DfE to prevent us from picking products that are mere knock-offs.

What is the difference between domestic and commercial cleaning?

3. The Expertise Of The Cleaners

This is what we can call a game-changer. There are a lot of office cleaning services in Sydney that outsource their requirements to other cleaners around the block. Do a complete background check of the company that you’re interested in hiring and always ask if the cleaners they send your way are in-house. You need professionals on board who are well-versed in their subject-matter knowledge and can potentially offer you the best of solutions for any requirement of yours.

At JBN Cleaning, we have cleaners who all carry the same decade’s worth of experience as the brand itself. All the cleaners we send your way are diligent, English-speaking, background verified, and police checked in prior before we send them your way to ensure a hassle-free procedure. All the cleaners are also empathetic to your requirements and will explain things as necessary along the way to help you see what we are doing from time to time.

We have also established a seamless communication pathway where we keep you updated at every milestone that we reach. You’ll be provided with a dedicated account manager who will keep you in the loop of what’s happening from time to time. They’ll also be available 24/7 to take in any additional queries that you might have and clear it all up for you.

4. Turn-Around Times

One significant difference between domestic and commercial cleaning would be the time taken for the procedure. On average a 1000 sqft. the residential area might take up to an hour for a surface level cleaning procedure while the same space will need up to even two hours in a commercial setting since there are a lot of other elements that need moving around and reorganization while cleaning. The nature of the floors may also be very different from what you see in a residential setup.

The cleaning cost is also attributed to the time involved in cleaning which is why most cleaners charge you on an hourly basis for your requirements. The expectations of turn-around times should be well established in prior to which both parties can look forward. Go with cleaners who only offer realistic timelines while also sticking to it without excuses time and again.

There are a few experienced cleaners who also offer night office cleaning services so as to help you maintain a smooth operational flow during your work hours and organize the premises afresh soon after for your employees to enter into a crisply cleaning surroundings the following day.

5. Nature Of The Procedures Involved

The types of procedures and the pattern of cleaning might be widely in contrast with each other when you compare domestic and commercial cleaning. While you can go for a one-size-fit-all cleaning solution for domestic purposes where you can use the same universal cleaning product to cover all your floors and bathroom spaces, industries work a lot differently. No two places are going to have the same nature of floor finish and each of them comes with a specific configuration that needs special handling.

There are regulatory bodies like OSHA and CDC that continuously offers authoritative guidelines to be followed while cleaning to retain the health, hygiene, and safety of the commercial spaces. Especially during covid cleaning, there are a lot of considerations that you need to pay close attention to and these bodies have been providing information on just that.

As a business owner, you cannot be directly involved in making your in-house janitors resourceful by acknowledging them about all these. It’s thus the best bet to directly go with reputed cleaning services who can send the best of cleaners your way.

6. Refunds, Recleaning, And Other Compensations

Not every day is going to be a perfect one. There might be days where your cleaners miss an area or two if they’re unreachable or out of sight. While these imperfections are common, you don’t have to compromise on the quality of cleaning. Hire only cleaners who offer to reclean your premises for free if and when you find anything unclean. This level of accountability will help you strictly maintain order in your cleaning procedure.

Go with commercial cleaning services that offer to bring their own, products, supplies, and everything necessary. Contact JBN Cleaning now to get a free quote for all your requirements!

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