Difficult Places To Clean And How To Clean It Easier

Difficult places to clean and how to make it easier

Most Difficult Places To Clean And How To Make It Easier

Have you also been there having a difficult time cleaning some hard-to-reach areas? Being out of eyesight, all these corners keep accumulating dust over time and it only gets all the harder once you decide to clean them.

While a deep-cleaning service from a cleaning company in Sydney can do it spotlessly for you, it’s not always the option that you’re looking for commercial cleaning. Here are some of the tips from JBN Cleaning about the areas that are generally overlooked because of their difficult reach and how to clean them easily.

Six Spots You Might Forget or Hard To Clean

1. Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can be as high as 12 to 20 feet off the ground depending on your ceiling structure. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t clean them or that you don’t have to. Cleaning it will ensure that your bulbs spread the right amount of original luminescence. The built-up dust can reduce up to 30% of its original light. You can easily dust the light bulbs by climbing a ladder.

You can then vacuum the surface below to wipe away the dirt that has fallen. Getting a ladder or renting one can be a process by itself if you have a high ceiling. This right here is why commercial cleaning in Sydney needs a professional in a place who can easily take care of your daily routine for you.

2. Behind The Toilet

Scrubbing a toilet in its entirety is a must if you don’t want your restroom to become a breeding ground for all kinds of infectious germs. Scrubbing the toilet seat is not enough. Going all the way to cleaning behind your toilet structure which is squeezed against a wall is a must-do. While a cleaning company can do it with advanced equipment and intensive deep cleaning protocol, you can do it on a regular basis on a surface level too.

Grab a broom, typically one with more sweeping structures, and sweep all around the toilet to first remove any bigger accumulated debris. Then use a cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth to remove all the smaller dust particles. At JBN Cleaning, we can offer you impeccable results end to end even in places where you can’t monitor our work, because that’s what we do best in covid cleaning services in Sydney.

Contact Experts To Clean The Difficult Places

3. Window Blinds

It’s a must to clean your blinds, window sills, and the space between the sliders if you don’t want your guests sprayed with dust all over as they try to open it. Remember to close your blinds and clean them, then clean them in the reverse direction. There’s nothing like a normal chemical-free DIY vinegar-based cleaner that you can quickly make and a microfiber cloth that can just help you do it. Or even better cleaning would be in the best hands if you hire a professional office blind cleaners.

4. The Interiors Of Trash Cans

Are you only clearing your trash cans or the chute every day without actually cleaning it? This is an extremely unhygienic practice that you should immediately rethink. We don’t just refer to the giant master trashcan where you dispose of the entirety of your desk trash cans, but also every single one of the individual trash bins. Changing covers every day is not enough because it might still have a pungent smell or even traces of the disposed of garbage in all the corners. This might get accumulated over a period of time and become too disgusting to even touch.

Start wiping it on a surface level every day and you’ll add it up to your regular routine without any dedicated extra efforts in no time. Being a professional cleaning company we also offer everyday clean-up services where all of these are inclusive at an affordable budget.

Difficult spots to clean

5. Heating or Air Register Covers And Interior Vents

These are something very common, be it an office space or a commercial establishment. They require heavy-duty cleaning with a cleaning company if you leave them unattended over a period of time. You can however remove a couple of screws and take these covers off once every two weeks. Rinse it properly with some soapy mixture or use an upholstery brush attachment in your vacuum to clean these at regular intervals.

Also, clean the filters on a regular basis to ensure proper air circulation at all times. We can do it for you without any of your involvement at a way lesser cost even less than your in-house janitor.

6. Computer Keyboards

Now, this is extremely common. Haven’t we all seen our keyboard all dusty and blew it off before using it at least once? But this can only clear the surface dust to an extent while both germs and ultra-small particles can still linger around for a relatively long period. Disconnect your keyboard if it’s with a desktop or turn off your laptop before you reach out for cleaning it. Turn it upside down and use a brush to dust of the dust first. Use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to ensure complete disinfection.

Cleaning your keyboards once in two weeks is a good interval and if anyone who uses it happens to have a cold or flu, it is advisable to clean them once every two days or even after every use. Cleaning services can just be better with JBN Cleaning covering the entire proportion of your premises.

Why Hire A Cleaning Company For All Cleaning Requirements?

A professional cleaners takes it up as their personal responsibility to cover all these hidden areas that you might even forget to brief them about. At JBN Cleaning, we take every nook and corner seriously in office cleaning. We have been in the industry for far too long with a reputation that is looked upon as a standard milestone even for our competitors. Our cleaners care about leaving you spotless while also not draining your pockets. Doubtful?

Get in touch with us, see the quote that we offer, and be swept away!

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