Best Disinfectant For Covid Cleaning In Sydney

Best disinfectant for covid cleaning in Sydney

So, How Do You Choose The Best Disinfectant For Covid Cleaning? 

The pandemic has inevitably altered our lives and the way we perceive cleaning and overall hygiene. Cleaning is no more a surface-level affair where you simply sweep and mop every day but we’re now rather focusing on comprehensive procedures to retain the overall sanity of the premises and make the area safe inside out. Disinfection is the procedure that is being employed in this regard which involves the termination of contagious germs that are lurking beneath the surface. But to maintain quality standards, it is important that you choose only the best disinfectant for covid cleaning.

By adhering to internationally regulated guidelines and protocols, you can effectively make this happen. And the quality of cleaning is not just dependent on the overall efficiency of the supplies you pick but rather involves the experience of the cleaners, the procedures that you follow, the pattern of cleaning, and your overall scheme of action.

What to look for in a disinfectant that you pick for COVID cleaning?

Covid-19 has made a huge impact and brought the world to a complete standstill for about two years now and it owes to the highly communicable nature of the disease. The disinfectants you pick should adhere to the following:

1. Green in nature

This is the first and foremost consideration that you should definitely work around. Disinfection is a sensitive procedure and when you go with chemically-intensive cleaning products, they’ll spoil the entire air quality of your premises by leaving behind a pungent lingering smell. Green supplies on the other hand are made from eco-friendly alternatives that have been proven to be a lot more effective than chemical alternatives.

Global warming is at an alarming level and as a business owner, you should be making sustainable decisions that can reduce your carbon footprints down the lane. Green supplies are not just beneficial to the environment but they rather also negate the side effects of chemical cleaning like allergies, rashes, skin/eye irritation, or even asthmatic triggers.

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2. Easy handling

The disinfectant that you pick should universally be in sync with all kinds of flooring and should not be complicated in the usage directions either. All these nitty-gritty hindrances will delay the overall process and also not give you the proper results that you have been looking out for while going about your COVID cleaning services.

There are different kinds of application methods like aerosol disposition or even regular application through complete mopping. There are chances that your cleaners might come in direct contact with these solutions and they should not be exposed to anything harmful.

3. The standard 10-minute rule

Disinfectants are proven to be effective only when they are left on the surface for a minimum period of ten minutes. This period will ensure that the disinfectant works beneath the surface to aid the complete termination of contagious germs. But there are a lot of knock-off products that are available in the market which require a lot more period of time for incubation than the rest. This will result in increasing the overall time taken for the procedure and also decrease the effective productivity of your entire cleaning routine.

4. Global regulations and recognitions

Companies like JBN Cleaning only go with standard supplies that carry proper authentication. For example, all the disinfectants that we go for are carefully picked after ensuring that they either carry a DfE label (Design For the Environment) or an EPA approval (Environment Protection Agency) to ensure their green cleaning competency while going about your disinfection procedure.

It’s not just the disinfectants. You should be paying attention to the cleaners as well!

Any supply, solution, or even advanced industry-grade equipment would not deem useful if the cleaners you hire in place are not competent in handling the intensity of the procedure that comes along with disinfection cleaning. You need to hire cleaners who are…

1. Experienced

Procedures like covid cleaning services in Sydney are sensitive in nature and you need to pay careful attention to everything you do while cleaning. When you hire expert cleaners, they’d have sufficient experience performing disinfection procedures and can give you the exact outcomes you’re looking for.

Commercial cleaning companies prove to be a better choice here. And any company like ours with a well-established portfolio would have enough subject-matter knowledge in handling any procedure of any industrial vertical at ease.

disinfectant for covid cleaning

2. Niche cleaning expertise

Only a resourceful cleaner would be sufficiently experienced in handling niche procedures like disinfection, sanitization, commercial window cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, terminal cleaning, or deep cleaning. This expertise will help you drastically reduce the redundancy in the procedure otherwise, improve the quality of cleaning and reduce the overall time taken in handling the overall procedure.

No two spaces in a commercial area can be cleaned the same way with the same range of supplies. Even the picking up of products, the choice of the equipment chosen to handle your requirements, or going with the best disinfectant for covid cleaning requires detailed and insightful knowledge about the whole cleaning segment.

3. Economical

It all boils down to COVID cleaning cost in spite of all the other variables that can affect your decision of hiring a COVID cleaner. Always remember that anything that comes cheap is going to cost you a lot more with reworks, damages, and repairs.

Janitors might seem cheap on the surface, but you’ll have to take a lot of accountability as a business owner in equipping them with proper cleaning tools and supplies which can drastically escalate your capital expenditure. Not to forget the background checks, police verifications, allocation of resources, operational costs, and even the costs that you should bear for other compensations that come with hiring an in-house team of janitors.

There are a lot of commercial cleaning companies that offer Covid-19 cleaning which you can simply make use of for arriving at the best outputs.

4. Resourceful in handling cleaning procedures of any volume or intensity

You never know the number of resources you’ll need to take care of the end-to-end of your cleaning procedures. You need janitors, supervisors, and specialty cleaners on board to handle all the diverse requirements that your premises entail.

When you hire a cleaning company, they’ll assess your complete requirements and assign you just the right number of resources that can bring about swift cleaning results and quick turn-around times.

Why go for a COVID cleaning company in Sydney?

To ensure an overall ease of the process and complete peace of mind along with reduced operational costs, COVID cleaning companies might prove to be extremely useful. Always hire a company after ensuring its credibility. A simple couple of clicks online and surfing through common forums like the yellow pages would give you an overall outlook and public perception of the brand.

A look at their portfolio of previous works would let you in on how they fit the requirements of your industrial vertical and their corresponding experience in the segment.

At JBN Cleaning, we are focused on ensuring that all our customers have a seamless cleaning journey with us and hence we offer the following:

Disinfectant for covid cleaning in Sydney

Dedicated account managers

As soon as you hire us onboard, we’ll assign you a single contact point and this manager will be available 24/7 to resolve any query that you might have as we proceed with your cleaning.

Insured cleaning packages

All the cleaning packages that we offer come with comprehensive insurance policies that cover third-party liability and workers’ compensation benefits. This will ensure that we immediately spring into action even in the case of any damages or disasters and pay for any repairs all by ourselves. Cleaning disasters are always prone to happen but we’ll ensure that you’re completely at peace throughout your journey with us.

Cleaners who are best at what they do

All our cleaners are resourceful and carry decades’ worth of experience in offering disinfection cleaning in Sydney. We also train them with all the latest upgrades to help them stay up-to-date. The cleaners that we assign you are all native speakers of the English language and are all police-verified & background checked in prior before we send them your way.

At JBN Cleaning, we want to grow alongside you and we’re ready to take up long-term recurring cleaning commitments and customize your packages as per your requirements. Contact us now to get a free quote for what you’re looking for and we’ll resolve any queries you might have during the onboarding process. Contact us now to see the difference that we’re sure to bring your way!

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