Eco-friendly carpet cleaning tips

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning tips

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning tips curated by the experts

The world is slowly becoming aware of everything that we do that wrongs the environment. The global warming rate is at an alarming all-time high and if we don’t take any action now, then there might not even be a future for our grandkids. Hence, all the brands out there are also becoming consciously aware of how they impact the environment. This right here is why you need to be aware of eco-friendly carpet cleaning tips which can take your routine to the next level!

This is necessary because the consumer mindset is drastically different these days. Everyone wants to indulge in brands that are sustainable and want to only own a product or service that has a story behind them. All your competitors are already adapting themselves to these changes around and if you don’t do it just yet, you’d only end up losing your valuable brand following.

Why go with green methods for your commercial carpet cleaning?

1. Better Results

Green procedures are actually proven to be more effective in terms of the results they offer you. Carpets especially are a very niche affair and their cleaning should be customized in such a way that it suits the texture and finish of the particular carpet in place. This is because even the slightest pH difference in chemically intensive supplies can deteriorate the internal fabric structure of the carpets that are intricate in nature.

2. Easy on the employee health

Be it any commercial carpet cleaning services or other cleaning requirements that you might have, you should always take your employee standing into consideration. Your cleaning should ideally be done in such a way that it doesn’t come with any drastic side effects like skin or eye irritation, rashes, or make them prone to any asthmatic triggers.

Especially green cleaning is way more effective in comprehensive germs removal and overall premises decontamination. This will increase your overall productivity and level up the vibe of your space to subsequent stages.

3. Customer retention

All your clients might be already looking to become sustainable in their every approach. They are now doing their complete research beforehand to choose a company that is best in every possible angle. This right here is why even the least of elements like your cleaning services matter the most since it can add a huge perspective to someone who is taking a look at you from the outside.

You can thus establish yourself as a thought leader in your space and make better sense to your customers as a sustainable business from all 360⁰.

How do your commercial carpet cleaning services the green way?

1. Steam cleaning

This is the most organic method of all. Steam cleaning involves hot water injection at high temperatures and pressure into the interior structure of the carpets. This excessive pressure will pull out all the dirt, dust, and grime particles from the deep internals of the carpets easily. In addition, the temperature involved will naturally act as a disinfectant helping you get rid of any contagious germs or viruses from these areas.

Perhaps this is one of the most sustainable eco-friendly carpet cleaning tips that you should definitely take note of.

2. Vacuuming

This is not like regular vacuuming. Carpets now come with separate vacuum configurations to take care of their own textures. But their upgrades and updates come at huge costs and stocking them up in your inventory might also escalate your cleaning budget by a huge mile.

This is why a commercial cleaning company might be something that you should go for since they’d take care of all these all by themselves.

3. Shampooing with the right supplies

There are a lot of knock-off products that can be commonly found shelved in the market that is no good but claims to be organic. This right here is why we at JBN Cleaning always hand-pick our organic supplies.

In addition, we only go with solutions that carry a DfE approval label (Design for the Environment) or if they are listed under EPA-approved organic supplies. This is another one of the reasons why a professional in the picture might be helpful in getting your premises to your dream level of cleanliness while also ensuring the following of proper procedures.

4. DIY solutions

If it comes down to this, you can simply create your very own office cleaning supplies that are sourced from organic substances that you can commonly find around you. You can simply mix baking soda with natural liquid soap and essential oils in appropriate quantities to get at this.

It’ll not only froth as you want it to but at the same time leave around a natural smell that will not be too much and will be completely opposite to that of the usual pungent smell that is left behind after chemical cleaning.

Going with a professional instead of surfing around for eco-friendly carpet cleaning tips might be your better option if you are a business owner. This is because looking over your cleaning routine every now and then must be the least of your priorities. But at the same time a crisp looking, fresh smelling, germs-free premises are also very important.

Always ask your commercial cleaning services about the routines they go for and the protocols they follow. A few trusted companies in the market like JBN Cleaning offers green cleaning at no added cost. These will be your ideal option in getting what you want to be done.

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  • Complete green cleaning procedures that are safe for the environment and your premises
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