Recommended Environmental Cleaning And Disinfection Principles For Covid-19

Environmental cleaning and disinfection principles for covid-19

Are You Doing Your Covid19 Cleaning Up To The Mark?

The pandemic has taken the world by surprise and left a huge impact on a global scale. The entire business world came to a standstill during various waves of the crisis. In order to prevent further escalation or making way for another wave of the virus, you need to keep your environment clean as much as possible. An effective covid19 cleaning services will give you a better chance of handling this contagious disease and bringing the situation under control at least at your business premises.

Now, there’s one other crucial element that should be among your top considerations. Disinfection when done with proper regulatory measures can help you achieve the results you’re looking at. But the procedure itself is complex and there are a lot of chemical-intensive supplies in the market which pose serious risks to human health. You should stay away from these as much as possible. This is why green cleaning is a better alternative to these.

Things to keep in mind while doing your disinfection procedures

1. Follow proper order

Disinfection will only be effective if you go about it in the right order of things. Dust, dirt, and grime removal come first. You need to sweep, vacuum, and mop your premises first to cast away any visible surface accumulations. Disinfection comes next which involves the application of proper solutions and supplies to get rid of any germs accumulation underneath the surfaces.

And your cleaning procedure does not end there. You need to comprehensively go about a sanitization routine which involves the application of a protective layer on top of freshly cleaned surfaces to make it safe for the next person to use.

There are also specific procedures and patterns of cleaning like the S-pattern which is a standard followed by cleaning companies. All of these are predominantly to improve the cleaning procedure in ways you can to be absolutely sure about the safety and hygiene prospects.

2. Equip yourself with proper supplies

There are a lot of knock-off products that have penetrated the market which has a lot of impurities that can potentially tarnish your health. Not to forget the pungent smell of cleaning that lingers on the surfaces after you do it which can spoil the vibe of the environment.

All these are a result of chemically intensive supplies. These can affect the environment on a huge scale and as a business owner, you should be making sustainable decisions that will reduce your carbon footprints. They can also affect the health of your employees by causing respiratory ailments, allergies, rashes, or even triggering asthmatic conditions.

Eco-friendly cleaning procedures are not a talk of the future but rather what you have to be adapting to in the present to ensure that we have a future left for us. There are a lot of knock products in prevalence that you should be aware of. Commercial cleaning professionals like us will only pick globally authorized products that carry necessary approvals like authorization by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) or come with a DfE label (Design for the Environment).

Take your safety, sanitation and hygiene to the next level.

3. Adhere to regulatory protocols

There are a lot of international mandates from standard bodies like OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Assessment), CDC ( Centre for Disease Control and Prevention), and SWA (Safe Work Australia) that have been giving out standard cleaning guidelines at constant intervals. All of these are to enhance the effectiveness of Covid19 deep cleaning in ways you can.

These protocols in place will maximize the efficiency of your cleaning procedure and give you the standard results that you’re on the lookout for. Even one last corner that is left untouched will become a breeding ground for germs and diseases. Since the coronavirus is highly contagious in nature, you should do everything in place to prevent further escalation.

Environmental cleaning and disinfection principles for covid

4. Green cleaning all the way

Green procedures are not just about the utilization of supplies that are eco-friendly but rather involve the adaptation to equipment that also reduces your net impact on the environment. When you hire professionals like JBN Cleaning we offer eco-friendly procedures in everything we do and we understand what matters in bringing about a better cleaning output.

Cleaning with Janitors vs Hiring Commercial Cleaners

1. Overall output

Janitors might not be exactly compatible to handle the scale of your requirements. Hiring them under your payroll, training them with proper resources, and making them well-equipped are all your responsibilities as a business owner.

When you hire Covid cleaning services in Sydney, you’re paying them to meet your exact demands and requirements. They’d give you a better chance at giving you the results that you’re looking for. While everyday regular cleaning may be an easy-to-do task for the janitors, there are always going to be unexpected niche requirements like disinfection, commercial window cleaning, or carpet stain removal that might be out of their usual scope of work.

2. Experience and subject-matter expertise

When you hire commercial cleaners like JBN Cleaning, they will be well-versed in their overall cleaning expertise. The experienced portfolio that they carry is diverse in nature and they’ll be fully equipped to handle any requirement that you might want them to take care of. Janitors on the other hand might have been freelancing with small-scale requirements like basic cleaning maneuvers.

No two surfaces can be cleaned the same way and the supplies that you go for should also be specifically adapted to suit the particular nature of the area in question. All of these might sound simple in theory but everything from the amount of solution used to the type of application matters in bringing the results that you’re looking at. And this would only be possible with a professional cleaning expert who has been doing routines of a widely contrasting nature for years.

3. Net operational costs

While on a surface level, janitors might seem like an economic option while the ground reality happens to be different. When you hire janitors, you don’t just spend on the operational expenses of processing their payrolls but you should also have to spend huge capital costs on equipping them with the right products, solutions, supplies, and equipment that can improve the efficiency of your cleaning procedure. There are industry-grade vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters that can potentially help in managing the air quality of your premises and all of these costs a huge sum. Not to forget the cost of up-gradation and maintenance that you’d have to spend on these.

When you hire professionals for your Covid19 deep cleaning, they’ll take care of the end-to-end of your requirements without expecting your direct involvement. They’d also furnish you with a dedicated account manager who will keep you in the communication loop and help you stay updated about the cleaning progress. They’ll also be available as your one-point contact 24/7 to help clear any queries that you might have.

Environmental cleaning and disinfection principles

4. Insurance benefits

It is always a better idea to hire professionals when it comes to dealing with crucial environments like industries, factories, warehouses, schools, gyms, or hospitals. There can be accidental damage that happens while cleaning when you least expect it. And damages during cleaning are not uncommon either. They are prone to happen one way or the other and all you can do is stay better prepared.

While you hire professional cleaning companies for your Covid19 cleaning in Sydney, they’ll help you with everything you’re looking for and take complete accountability in everything that they make happen for you. Companies like ours who have been in this sector for over a decade now offer comprehensive add-on insurance benefits as a part of our covid cleaning package at no added cost. This way even when there are any accidental damages, we’ll spring right into action to repair or replace things as necessary all by ourselves and we’ll take complete accountability for the same.

5. Better overall reliability

When you hire cleaning companies, their business relies on your overall satisfaction and they’ll do everything in place to give you the best of outcomes. They’ll provide you with an in-depth scope of work right before you get started along with a specific details checklist that you both mutually agree on. There will also be set expectations in terms of the turn-around times or hours permitted for cleaning during which the world will happen smoothly.

Because of all these, it is evident that commercial cleaners can do a better job when it comes to sensitive procedures like Covid19 Cleaning. And if you’re looking for a company, JBN Cleaning is your #1 option in Sydney. We have been doing this for ten years now and you could be our next success story!

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