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Different types of factory cleaning solutions used by commercial cleaners

Commercial cleaning companies use a wide range of factory cleaning solutions for cleaning and disinfecting factories and other industrial spaces. Unlike regular cleaning solutions, industrial-grade factory cleaning products have been scientifically formulated to deliver superior performance.

The high-quality factory cleaning solutions are ideal for large-scale and heavy-duty jobs. Compared to regular cleaning supplies, they offer significant performance benefits and improve the speed and efficiency of cleaning and maintenance-related activities.

Recommended factory cleaning solutions

The more you research the top factory cleaning solutions in Sydney, the more you will come across a few names. The most recommended factory cleaning supplies include detergents, disinfectants and sanitizers, ventilation and air hygiene biocides, descaler, solvent cleaners, oil dispersants, pre-commission cleaners, quick break self-emulsifying cleaners, and more.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the most common factory cleaning solutions. These are the cleaners that commercial cleaning companies all across Sydney typically use.

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Heavy-duty detergent

Industrial detergent or heavy-duty detergent is generally an alkaline powder, ideal for removing paint, carbon rust, grease, and oil. It is an advanced industrial cleaning solution that works like a detergent. That means it penetrates the surface film and draws out deposits from the underlying material. It then breaks up the deposits and disperses them into the solution. Heavy-duty detergent is used primarily for surface cleaning. It generally poses no risk to the base metal. Heavy-duty detergents are also suitable for factory floor cleaning.

Solvent cleaner

Solvent cleaners are typically made up of highly refined hydrocarbon solvents. Ideal for cleaning electronics, this type of cleaning solution must have the necessary approvals for safe use. Commercial cleaning companies ensure that the solvent cleaners they use are safe for the environment and do not contain ozone-depleting solvents.

Factory cleaning companies use solvent cleaners that offer excellent compatibility and do not dull or soften painted or plastic surfaces. Commercial cleaners may spray, brush, or wipe these solvent cleaners onto the surface and then wipe it down with a disposable wiper or lint-free cloth.

Factory cleaning solutions Sydney,

General-purpose detergent and cleaner

Commercial cleaners that offer factory cleaning in Sydney use general-purpose cleaning solutions for less intense dirt and grime. All-purpose detergents and cleaners have enough grease-killing compounds and oil dispersants to be suitable for a number of jobs. General-purpose cleaning solutions are ideal for most areas, and they are safe for use in fire-risk areas as well. It is best to choose industrial cleaning supplies that do not have caustic alkali and are biologically degradable.

Scale remover

Cleaning metal equipment and tools is a significant part of the factory cleaning checklist. And that is when scale removers come into the picture. These cleaning solutions can clean metals without causing excessive corrosion. Scale removers generally contain a combination of wetting agents and citric acid. Commercial cleaners use such chemicals or solutions to remove copper and iron oxides from boilers and heat exchangers. Most scale removers come in liquid form and should be used in recommended doses based on the type and amount of deposits in the system.

Closed system cleaners and dispersant

Closed-system cleaning solutions are made using a blend of polymeric dispersants and neutralized phosphonates. These are ideal for cleaning silt and corrosion products from closed systems without causing excessive damage or corrosion. This industrial cleaning solution is usually safe for use. But the dosage varies, and the pH level must be neutral when cleaning.

Acid descaler

Hydrochloric acid descalers have a unique film-forming inhibitor that protects copper, carbon steel, and brass against acid attacks. This type of descaler tends to be high-performance because they contain a dispersant or penetrant that makes them more effective. Acid descalers can also dissolve lime scales and other deposits easily. So, these cleaning supplies are ideal for heat exchangers, calorifiers, and boilers.

These are the most common factory cleaning solutions used by commercial cleaning companies in Sydney. If you are wondering about which cleaning products you should choose for your factory cleaning project, here are a few tips that should help you out.

Do ample research

It is crucial to conduct thorough research before buying any industrial-grade cleaning product. These cleaning supplies tend to be pricier than regular cleaning supplies. And they also contain harsh chemicals. So, you should know whether the product you intend to buy is safe for use.

Try to find cost-effective options

As you may know, commercial cleaning prices can vary a lot based on several factors, one of which is the choice of cleaning supplies that cleaners use. Different brands sell industrial cleaning chemicals. And while you should not aim to buy the cheapest products, you should certainly perform a price comparison to find budget-friendly options.

Go green when possible

Most industrial-grade cleaning solutions are not eco-friendly, but some are. More and more brands are starting to release environmentally friendly versions of popular cleaning supplies. Although they may be a bit costlier than regular cleaning supplies, they are worth it considering their low impact on the environment.

Make sure to consider these aspects when you go shopping for industrial cleaning supplies.

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