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How are you doing your factory floor cleaning?

Maintaining a factory set up on point is in no way easy. There are just too many things that you need to be ideally covered. Especially when it comes to factory floor cleaning, each space might be different from one another. The nature of cleaning that you employ should be specifically fine-tuned for each specific place in question to ensure that you get the best of results.

The cleaning and maintenance of the factory floor require the complete subject-matter expertise of the cleaners involved. Only by following these, you’d be able to meet your occupational safety standards time and again. In addition, the textures of the flooring can only be maintained with time through these efforts.

Factory floors are subjected to a lot of harsh treatment both physically and chemically each day out. It can greatly impact the finish of your surfaces and can completely tarnish their overall outlook over a period of time. This can also take a toll on the overall safety, health, and hygiene of your premises and your air quality will never be the same again. Your overall work productivity might be affected since your employee health with also be indirectly affected by a drastic mile.

What should you remember while going about your factory floor cleaning?

1. Choosing the right methods and procedures

Even the slightest of mishaps when it comes to commercial floor cleaning can result in subsequent damages of escalated nature. For example, if the solutions you use are not in incoherence with the nature of the elements that you give shape to in your factory setting, there might be a lot of unwanted reactions with toxic oils or acids which can further result in a lot of unexpected damages. There might even be a trigger for fire or lead to a complete crack in the walls and floors.

When you hire a professional in the picture, you will give yourself a chance to completely be free from all these worries. They’d carry comprehensive expertise on what to do and what not to through their years of experience.

There are one-step and two-step processes of cleaning when it comes to factories.


Here advanced equipment is used for factory cleaning services where the floor is first treated with a cleaning agent for scrubbing off the surface dirt and then these dirt particles are collected off the floor all by a single machine.

Two-step method

Here the entire area is treated with a mix of cleaning agents in water first and then this solution is removed off by a special vacuum.

factory floor cleaning in Sydney

2. Consider the nature and properties of the flooring

The floors of factories, manufacturing units, or commercial industries are usually made of a smooth continuous screed which is made of compact materials in place to make it long withstanding, and durable.

The common types of these flooring are

Cement screed

Should be strictly prevented from the exposure to acids

Calcium sulfate screed

Very sensitive to moisture and should be cleaned without any prolonged exposure to water

Magnesium screed

Sensitive to moisture and should only be cleaned by a one-step method

Mastic asphalt screed

It is comparatively dust-resistant. But should be prevented from prolonged exposure to solvents

All these might be technically intensive. This right here is why you need a professional for factory floor cleaning services.

3. Surface treatment implications

Impregnation, chemical compaction, sealing, and coatings should all be considered along with the nature of the surfaces when it comes to surface treatment procedures for dust, dirt, or grimes removal.

Only with a company of professionals that offer factory cleaning in Sydney, you’d be able to level up in your routine.

4. Deep cleaning procedures of factory floor cleaning

Deep cleaning involves the wet scrubbing procedure for the purpose of removing any accumulated stains, oil, or grease marks from the floors. An in-house janitor might not know this, but to remove protective films from these flooring along with the oil and grease, you need to use RM 754 which refers to an alkaline solution that can act as an all-around deep cleaner. On the other hand, to remove skid marks left by forklift trucks or tire abrasions, you can use something such as RM 776 which is NTA free.

When you go with someone as experienced as JBN cleaning in the picture, we’ll take care of all these technicalities ourselves and give you the perfect finish that you are on the lookout for.

5. Scrubbing the right way

Scrubbing is not an unusual sight when it comes to factories. There is always going to be a lot of stubborn dirt that needs constant treatment. Ensuring that your scrubbing routine is efficient depends upon the cleaning equipment that you employ for the job.

Roller pads and roller brushes are mostly preferred for the purpose of scrubbing. Improving your factory floor cleaning routine can be done just by the following adaptations:

  • Running your pads or brushes in the opposite direction for added scrubbing
  • Utilizing a uniform contact pressure across the entire working area
  • Using high-speed motors up to 1100rpm
  • Maintaining complete floor contact throughout the procedure

All these can drastically improve the efficiency of your floor cleaning routine. But there comes a huge responsibility in doing the procedure just right. Even a single mistake can result in huge losses.

This right here is why you need to hire someone like us who carries a vast portfolio of over a decade in the cleaning sector. We are here to give you everything you are looking for while also keeping you covered with our third-party insurance schemes in place.

Talk to JBN Cleaning and hire us for your factory floor cleaning today. You can also get a free quote prior before you onboard us. Book your inspection appointment at your time of convenience right away!

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