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Fitness center cleaning procedures,

Gym Cleaning Procedures To Maintain Proper Clean In Gym

Gym, fitness studios, CrossFit center, or sports club, it doesn’t matter. It needs to stay clean at all times. Especially in the wake of Covid-19 which has been shattering the routine of the world, you’ll have to level up your fitness center cleaning if want to retain the trust of your clients in this near post-pandemic situation. People come to your studio to sweat their bodies out and make the most out of your equipment. It is thus inevitable that every last corner of your fitness space is going to highly touch prone. If your fitness center cleaning procedures lack proper disinfection protocols in place, then you might be at risk of becoming a breeding ground for various harmful bacteria and viruses. Very unpleasant and alarming to even hear, right?

A Comprehensive Procedures For Gym Cleaning 

1. Draft a checklist

There might be too much space and equipment to cover and if you don’t take proper note of what has been disinfected and what has not, you might lose track of it and will end up compromising on your gym cleaning routine. Here’s an overall checklist that you can follow for your fitness center cleaning:

Locker rooms

Here you cover both the exterior, interior, and handles comprehensively.

Barbells, dumbbells, and other fitness machines

Make sure you wipe them all with a disinfectant. You’ll have to ideally ensure that you have properly cleaned the handles, seats, and other structures that are prone to touch surfaces.

Pools and steam rooms

These might be more vulnerable than the others since they are in direct contact with the whole body of your clients for longer time periods. Ensure that you disinfect and wipe the handles, the seating areas, and everything inside out.

Receptions, changing rooms, and other floor areas –

Receptions, changing rooms, and other floor areas – All these areas can leave behind a sweaty smell and a dirty look if you don’t look after them properly. This might not resonate pleasantly with the next person that walks into space and you might potentially lose a customer’s interest in continuing their membership with you. If you are to hire gym cleaning services ensure that the professionals cover all of these.

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2. Stick to standard equipment, supplies, and procedures

If you want your cleaning to accounting for something, then you’d have to put everything into practice to make them meet the standards you have in mind. A professional like JBN Cleaning adheres to authoritative protocols from regulatory bodies like OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and CDC (Center For Disease Control).

We also strictly stick to the usage of eco-friendly supplies that pose no harm to the environment around us. These carefully hand-picked organic supplies also act friendly when it comes to human health, thus saving you and your clients from catching up side effects, rashes, or allergies that usually happen after disinfection. Also, ensure that your janitors are properly buckled up with gloves, PPEs, and other equipment to avoid any prospective cross-contamination.

gym cleaning procedures,

3. Clean first, disinfect then, sanitise later, and repeat.

Fitness center cleaning procedures can’t compromise on the lack of proper knowledge about the different routines that are involved. It is thus inevitable that you should understand the differences between cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection. You should then regulate your processes to ensure that you stay on point with each of these.

Cleaning refers to the basic process of mopping, vacuuming, and sweeping your premises from corner to corner. This also includes dusting dirt from the equipment and clearing the cobwebs off the walls.

After this comes the disinfection where you majorly focus on eliminating the germs from every last corner of your premise. You can utilize foam sprayers or microfiber cloths that are dipped in these solutions for carrying these out.

Sanitization happens more often during the day when you ensure the equipment stays safe before every other person uses it.

4. Educate your clients too!

Keeping a premise clean, safe, and hygienic does not depend on just your janitors or the money you spend on fancy supplies or cutting-edge equipment. Gym cleaning might be one thing, but make sure every person in the gym understands the system to keep themselves hygienic.

Ask your clients to wear proper masks wherever and whenever necessary. Make it mandatory that they bring their own water bottles and personal sanitizers. Ensure that your fitness aspirants sanitize their hands frequently before and after they come in contact with equipment at your space. Have them bring towels that they can spread over the seats of equipment to prevent contaminating them with their sweat as they work out.

5. Simply hire a professional

It might all sound easy on paper. The process, procedure, and hiring the right resource who can stick by these. But it is going to cost you as a business leader a lot of money and time. Hiring an in-house janitor may not always work your way. They can be potential damages or even unattended spots that might stay infectious for a period of time.

Cleaning company in Sydney like JBN Cleaning is backed by over 10+ years of hands-on experience. We have seen a lot of diverse requirements and have the expertise to serve what you are exactly looking for. In addition, we bring our own carefully chosen supplies so you don’t have to spend a fortune on the products you utilize just once in a blue moon.

We understand no two places can be cleaned the same way. We thus don’t believe in giving you a list of packages with their respective quotes that you can choose from. We offer customized packages and a free quote for them upon request.

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