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Take Your Food Factory Cleaning To The Next Level!

While it is one thing to keep up a consistent taste with your products, it is a whole other thing to maintain a clean and crisp work area. Only by constant sanitisation of all the areas, you’ll be able to maintain your space afresh. This would then again lift the quality of your product, improve your shelf life and make your processes a lot more reliable. But remember, food factory cleaning is no easy task. Brace yourself up for some heavy work before you dive in. There are a whole lot of things that you should be paying attention to. Since food products are sensitive in nature, all your equipment, kitchens, packaging areas, processing sections, etc. should all be maintained on par.

No Matter The Scale Of Your Factory, These Tips Could Help You Alleviate Your Cleanliness!

You should fragment your overall checklist into different sections and also curate a checklist based on time frequencies for monthly, daily and weekly factory cleaning checklists. Always remember it is more than just mopping floors or picking up trash. You’re under immense scrutiny since the food industry in general is regarded sensitively. As a business owner, your prime goal should be to maintain an absolutely safe space for your manufacturing efforts to happen in the most sanitised manner.

You Should Be Cleaning These

On a daily basis, you should be taking care of the prep areas without causing any downtimes. Always make time between shifts to clear up the space before starting over afresh. Your food factory cleaning services should focus on draining the grease from boilers from time to time as per the prescribed guidelines of usage. Prevent prolonged grease build-ups from the preparation areas. Scrape off excess food from conveyor belts, processing and even packaging areas and maintain them in an orderly fashion throughout. Use mild detergents to wash steam tables or other industry-grade equipment. Fryers, griddles, rangers, steam tables, grease traps and vent hoods are some common equipment that you have to maintain on a daily basis. Wipe away any visible stains from walls or floor areas from time to time. Polish vents as necessary to maintain the air quality of the interiors. Pre-soak, rinse, wash and disinfect all your smaller kitchen tools like utensils, glassware, flatware or small wares as necessary.

Wash These

Your carpets, floor mats, floors, aprons used by your factory workers, etc. should all be washed, scrubbed and hosed down with water on a daily basis.

Spot Clean

Everything from your walls, floors and even your ceiling is prone to accumulate food stains with time through your continuous operations. Wipe away any grease buildups using a cloth, sponge or wet sweepers. Your pipelines, food handling equipment and machinery should all be damp wiped to remove excess food accumulations along the inner lining of the containers. This will prevent your equipment from processing food waste from previous batches along with the current production.


This technique proves handy while you go about the commercial cleaning of areas that are soiled with grease stains. All your dishwashers, sinks, faucets, drain lines, boilers, etc should all be treated with a de-limiting solution at least once every week. This will help in removing any hard water deposits and long-term stains that are extremely hardened.

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Your walls, floors and transfer areas should all be degreased at least once every two weeks to help keep them a safe and hygienic outlook of your food factory cleaning in Sydney.

Sweep And Mop

Your floor spaces should remain spot-free at all times. This will prevent any unintended stains from building up. Take care of every corner including the underneath of your processing equipment, walk-in refrigerators and other raw material storage areas.


As a business owner, sustainability should be etched in the roots of your foundational principles. But this is not just restricted to picking up supplies that claim to be organic. Instead, you should keep green cleaning in mind with respect to everything you do pertaining to your factory cleaning.

Waste management is one other concern where you’ll have to develop sustainable measures to make your efforts easy on the environment. It is advisable to have a water treatment plant along with a waste pre-treatment plant inside your factory set up. And even if you don’t, you can still achieve your sustainability goals by putting in the work.

Disinfect And Sanitise

All the high touch-prone points like power supply areas, buttons, valves, switchboards, employee cabins, and food processing tables should all be periodically disinfected and sanitised to offer a better overall result. Complete germ termination and preventing the build-up of contagious infections can only happen if you clean up all the crucial areas.

Even your factory floor cleaning should follow multiple steps of cleaning. Picking up surface-level dust through sweeping or vacuuming should be where you start. Mopping the areas with appropriate disinfection solutions should be next. Sanitisation is the last step where you add a protective layer on top of the freshly cleaned surfaces to make them withstand germ accumulation for a prolonged period of time.

Train Your Employees

Your workers need to understand the weight of the responsibilities that they’d have to bear on their shoulders. Advise them about all the risks involved while handling your food factory cleaning in Sydney. Always ensure that all your workers who are directly in contact with the production units wear gloves, head caps, gumboots and other PPE as necessary. This will prevent any prospect of cross-contamination.

Encourage them to clean up after them and also clean any spills or grease build-ups as and when they encounter them.

food factory cleaning services in Sydney, food factory cleaning in Sydney

Considerations You Should Have In Mind While Food Factory Cleaning

It is well-known by now that food factory cleaning services in Sydney are crucial to handle. It is thus necessary that you play by the book and do it consistently to make sure that your cleaning routine stays on point.

Only Use Supplies That Are Safe

The main purpose of your cleaning routine is to enhance the safety and hygiene of your premises. But with one wrong move, while choosing your supplies, you can potentially topple them all.

Always go with hand-picked organic supplies. Even prominent cleaning companies like JBN Cleaning only go with supplies that carry a DfE label or EPA approval. This is to ensure that we pick supplies that do not just claim to be organic but are authorised widely.

Green supplies also negate the side effects of chemical-intensive cleaning including the pungent smells or potentially affecting your employees with allergies, rashes or triggers to asthmatic conditions.

Adhere To Guidelines

Adhering to cleaning guidelines that are globally regulated will reduce your chances of being prone to errors. There are bodies like OSHA, CDC and SWA that provide authoritative protocols for cleaning procedures like food factory cleaning services.

Encourage your cleaners to stick to sustainable procedures and processes while cleaning. Provide them with enough resources and equipment if they’re in-house. Always have a pre-planned checklist in place before you jump into any procedure.

Hire Cleaners Who Are Well-Experienced

The overall experience of your cleaners will play a massive role in the outcomes that you can ideally expect. An expert in place will be well-versed in all the niche procedures there are and will not treat your procedure with a one-size-fits-all approach.

An expert will also know which supply to pick and what to offer while going about your food factory cleaning.

Hand Your Requirements To A Professional When You Need Them

You’re definitely going to encounter a lot of procedures that are complicated while also focusing on minimizing your cleaning downtimes. Maintaining crystal-clear premises is just as necessary compared to your overall productivity.

When you hire professionals like JBN Cleaning, you’re hiring people with decades of experience. In addition, reputed companies like us also offer other add-on benefits along with your cleaning packages. This included third-party insurance schemes, workers’ compensation and complete liability benefits. All of these will help you stay at complete ease throughout the procedure.

Not to mention the escalated operational and capital costs that come with hiring and maintaining a team of in-house janitors. Commercial cleaning companies are not actually costly to hire. Call us now and get a free quote after a thorough on-site inspection. You’ll be surprised!

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