How Frequently Should A Hospital Be Cleaned?

Frequency of hospital cleaning

How Frequently Hospital Should Be Cleaned?

The frequency of hospital cleaning is crucial if you want to retain the safety of your premises in terms of its overall hygiene without any compromises. Careful calculations of various factors are of absolute necessity, which will decide the time interval between different routines you must follow. Every hospital should be cleaned at least twice a day from end to end. Mainly in reception areas, patient treatment areas, and high foot traffic places.

The overall ambiance and vibe that your hospital reflects are now under close scrutiny unlike never before. Especially since the pandemic, everyone who enters your premises wants to feel comfortable and this is only possible with proper disinfection cleaning that you keep doing at regular intervals all through the day.

Detailed Frequency of Cleaning in Hospital

The below table shows how frequently does the given activities been cleaned.

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Here Are Some Hospital Cleaning Practices

The frequency of hospital cleaning can vary depending on several factors, including the specific area or equipment. Generally, hospitals follow strict cleaning and disinfection protocols to maintain a clean and safe environment for patients, hospital workers, and visitors.

Regular daily cleaning

Areas like patient rooms, common areas, hallways, and restrooms, undergo daily cleaning. These routine cleanings involve dusting, vacuuming, mopping floors, wiping surfaces, and emptying trash bins.

Terminal cleaning

Terminal cleaning refers to a more comprehensive cleaning performed in patient rooms or areas after a patient is discharged, particularly in cases of infectious diseases or patients in isolation. It involves deep cleaning all surfaces, including floors, walls, furniture, and medical equipment.

High-touch surfaces

High-touch surfaces, such as doorknobs, handrails, elevator buttons, and light switches, are frequently cleaned every day.

Operating rooms and procedure rooms

Operating rooms and procedure rooms require meticulous cleaning after each surgery. It including surgical instruments and equipment, to ensure a sterile environment.

Specialized equipment

Certain medical equipment and devices, such as patient beds, wheelchairs, and diagnostic tools, may undergo regular cleaning and disinfection between uses to prevent cross-contamination.

How frequently hospital should be cleaned

Different Areas In The Hospital

General areas

It is the high-traffic area in the hospital. These areas should be cleaned thrice a day and when required cleaning. Open areas like parking spaces, registration areas, etc also need regular cleaning. 

Patient care areas

Patient’s admitting and procedures areas should have extra care. These areas include wards, Operation Theatres (OTs), laboratories, stretchers, chairs, doctor’s rooms, etc.

Why Hiring Professional Might Be Your Best Choice?

1. They understand the sensitivity of cleaning

A professional in a place like JBN Cleaning would better empathize with your exact requirements and give you the premises that it deserves at the right time intervals without you having to look over your shoulders every now and then. Be it the utilization of the right supplies or execution of the right procedures after a thorough understanding of the nature of your needs, they’d take care of it all for you.

2. Better accountability

Since their business depends on your satisfaction, they’d do everything in place to make sure to exceed your expectations. In addition, they’d come with proper liability schemes in place like third-party insurance and workers’ compensation just to relieve any worries even in the event of any unexpected damages.

3. Standard procedures

Any reputable professional who offers hospital cleaning would make sure that they stick to green cleaning procedures in everything they do without any exceptions. This procedure is not profitable for the environment, but rather good for human health as well. The patients who enter your premises might already be vulnerable to their own ailments. Exposing them to rashes, allergies, skin irritation, or asthmatic conditions as an aftermath of cleaning should be the last thing that your cleaning does.

Green cleaning is done by proper organic supplies that are handpicked after looking at proper DfE labels and EPA registrations.

At JBN Cleaning, we are here to give your premises the best shape it deserves while also not draining your pocket too much. Get in touch with us today to get a free quote for your exact hospital cleaning requirements after a thorough inspection at your time of convenience.

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