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Which Graffiti Cleaning Service In Sydney Should You Choose?

Commercial graffiti is becoming increasingly popular in different sectors. You can find wall paintings, murals, and promotional messages drawn as graffiti in offices, retail stores, and shopping malls. This has also given rise to graffiti cleaning services that specialize in removing these works of art. Commercial settings typically hire such services when vacating a property, redecorating the facility, or changing artworks for promotional purposes.

What Are The Popular Graffiti Cleaning Methods?

As the name suggests, commercial graffiti cleaning is the process of removing graffiti from surfaces of commercial establishments such as offices, factories, parking lots, shopping malls, retail stores, and childcare centres. Professional graffiti cleaning services excel at removing tags, throw-ups, paste-ups, stickers, and more. They use various methods and techniques such as:

Pressure washing

Pressure washing is one of the most effective and widely used graffiti-cleaning methods. Here, commercial pressure cleaners use plain water or water mixed with some type of solvent and a high-quality pressure washer. It is especially effective in removing fresh graffiti from various surfaces. When pressure washing graffiti from surfaces, experts use the following steps:

  • They prepare the site by covering the surrounding area with plastic sheeting or tarps.
  • They apply the cleaning solution directly on the graffiti (when required) and let the solution sit for around 10 minutes. Doing this loosens the paint and makes it easy to remove.
  • After making sure that the washer is secure and stable, they run it on a low-pressure setting with a wide pattern.
  • They wash the area thoroughly by spraying at an angle while keeping the spray wand close to the surface. The water pressure effectively peels and chips away at the graffiti.

Chemical Cleaning

Graffiti cleaning services in Sydney choose chemical cleaning for old and stubborn graffiti that are impossible to remove with just water. Choosing the right solvent for the specific type of graffiti or surface is crucial. For instance, a strong paint remover or lacquer thinner may do the job if it is a spray paint graffiti on cement, brick, or concrete surface. For graffiti cleaning in childcare settings, cleaners use naphtha to remove designs made with crayons. When using chemicals for graffiti removal, cleaners follow these steps:

  • Choose the right solvent or chemical-based product for the job.
  • They put on the necessary protective gear such as gloves, glasses, and masks.
  • Then they spray the solvent or cleaning product onto the graffiti and wait for a few minutes.
  • Once the paint loosens, they use a rough brush or sponge to scrub the area thoroughly.
  • They finish by hosing or pressure washing the area with hot water.
  • This process may need to be repeated a few times for the complete removal of the graffiti.


The quickest and harshest graffiti-cleaning method is sandblasting. It involves using a pressure washer for spraying sand onto the graffiti surface similar to using water for pressure washing. It can effectively strip the paint away from the surface through the following steps:

  • Experts prefer medium-grain sand for graffiti removal, and they start by pouring around five gallons of it into a bucket.
  • Then they insert the pressure washer’s drafting probe into the bucket and turn on the machine.
  • They point the nozzle downward when washing to make sure that water does not enter the sand.
  • The force of the sandblaster helps to chip away the graffiti’s paint.

Though these are the most efficient graffiti removal methods, graffiti cleaning in Sydney also involves organic cleaning and painting over the surface as a means to remove these unsightly elements.

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Why Should You Hire Professional Graffiti Cleaners?

When it comes to graffiti cleaning, hiring trained professionals is the way to go. Graffiti removal is an intense and complex process that requires experience and knowledge. Hiring amateurs for this job comes with a ton of risks. Besides being ineffective, they are also a liability. If you are still doubtful about this, here are a few compelling reasons for hiring professionals for the job:

Expertise And Experience

The best part about hiring a reputed commercial cleaning company is that they provide the right set of expertise and experience. They have trained professionals onboard, which means you do not have to oversee the project or worry about the effectiveness of the cleaning.


As we have covered before, most of the popular methods of graffiti cleaning involve the use of high-tech equipment or harsh chemicals. It is crucial to handle such products or equipment with care and expertise.

To avoid accidents or damages to the property, cleaning companies always rely on people who have the right training and experience in handling hazardous materials. They also provide the necessary protective gear.

Time And Cost-Efficient

Removing graffiti on your own can seem like an arduous task. If you want to revamp your property quickly and flawlessly without worrying about investing time or effort into it, hire a professional cleaning service that specializes in this type of street art removal. You can also find one that fits your budget.

These are the top reasons for hiring an experienced cleaning crew for graffiti removal. Now, let’s find out what such a company can do for you.

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What Can JBN Cleaning Do For You In Graffiti Removals?

A quick search for “graffiti cleaning near me” should help you find a long list of companies in your area. But you should choose one that fulfils all your requirements and fits your budget. JBN Cleaning, one of the leading commercial cleaners in Sydney, has the right resources to provide you with what you need. Here’s what you can expect from us:

Trained Cleaners

One of the best parts about working with an established cleaning company is that you can be sure of their excellence. Our trained cleaners are highly efficient and qualified to tackle any type of street art or vandalism.

Customized Packages

Unlike most commercial cleaners that have prefixed packages, JBN Cleaning offers customized commercial cleaning packages. That means you can fulfil your unique requirements while also staying within your budget.

Flexible Schedules

We can work around your convenience and provide our services according to the schedule you prefer. Our services ensure an uninterrupted flow of work or operations so that your business does not suffer.

JBN Cleaning – Hire The Best Graffiti Cleaning Service In Sydney

If you are looking for a reliable commercial cleaning company with extensive experience in graffiti cleaning, JBN Cleaning is the ideal choice. Our trained staff, cost-effective packages, and tons of options make us perfect for a variety of jobs. Give us a call to know more about our services and packages.

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