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What is green cleaning and its importance for cleaning services?

Green cleaning is the process of utilizing a combination of methods, products, and procedures that are neutral to the surroundings and the environment by leaving behind absolutely no carbon footprint or pollutants.

This is not just about the environment though. The usage of green procedures will also ensure that human health is not at risk. Green cleaning services typically revolves around the elimination of phosphates, artificial add-ons like fragrance elements or colors, chlorines, non-biodegradable ingredients, inorganic supplies, chemical-intensive procedures, etc.,

Also, commercial cleaning services are now keen on using supplies that are certified of fair trade. Which means that they don’t just comply with the environmental regulations. But also with that are labor standards of the ones that were involved in their production.

How to find out if your cleaning supply is eco-friendly?

  • Don’t fall for labels that have terms printed like ‘eco-friendly’, ‘organic’, or ‘non-toxic’. They might be misleading and are not really regulated. These off-the-shelf products might carry these labels only for marketing purposes. But might have potentially harmful ingredients in them.
  • If you are looking for a green product for your cleaning services, read the label carefully. Look if the products are EPA registered (Environmental Protection Agency) and you can find this out by the mandated label called DfE on the label (Design for the Environment). You can also skim through the label and see the concentration of volatile compounds they might encompass. It is good if they list something as no VOC or low VOC.
  • You can also find out if the cleaning supply you have in hand is medically approved for commercial purposes.

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Why is it important that you go for green cleaning services?

A lot less toxic for humans

Any product that is not made in accordance with the green cleaning norms might have a lot of synthetic detergents in them. These are used for fragrances and to aid in effective cleaning. Being mostly derived from petroleum, these can cause allergies, rashes, skin or eye irritation, and even lead to cancer over continuous usage.

Healthcare facilities

Medical centers are the most vulnerable to contamination and the breeding of infections. Since we are talking about patients who are using the premises, you should be extra careful when hiring your office cleaning services in Sydney. Be it even something as small as the window cleaning of medical centers, make sure you only stick to green supplies.

In the environmental regard

It will help improve the air quality of your premises and even the outside if you use just the right supplies for your strata cleaning as well. It would improve the water quality in the neighborhood since there would be no chance of dissolved minerals. Minimal exposure to pollutants might cause neurological disorders, cancer, or other harmful effects.

Why it is necessary for your business?

  • It’ll help you alleviate your brand morale and ethics from an ecological standpoint. This will also ensure that you are stringent about quality which will help you take your values forward in every last thing you do at your premises.
  • This will improve your employee morale since you’d indirectly put out a message that you care about their well-being above all else through your green cleaning venture.
  • You’d save the environment somewhere along the way, which is probably what every company should be doing.

green cleaning services

Going for a professional green cleaning would be your best choice and here’s why!

Comprehensive coverage

No two places on your premises are the same and neither can be cleaned the same way. For example, the supplies you use for your commercial window cleaning cannot be used for your strata cleaning services. And storing all these supplies might not be viable for you since there are literally unlimited supplies out there for you to choose from.

A professional like JBN Cleaning will plan out your entire cleaning procedure. Present you with a pre-defined checklist, and set out clear expectations before they go about with their green cleaning routine for your commercial space.

Reduced operational cost

The cleaning supplies are getting better and better each day and you’d have to keep updating yourself to know that you have got the best in the lot. Keeping an eye out on the market standings, the prices, and the composition of each upgrade. Is the last thing you might have the time for commercial cleaning in Sydney.

A professional in place would take over this entire procedure from you. And if you choose right, you might avail of green cleaning for the entirety of your premise without any added charges. And this depends on the values that a cleaning company follows themselves.

A lot more accountability

You don’t have to worry about anything since a professional will take care of it themselves. Green cleaning supplies in some areas might not be as effective as chemical-intensive ones. Since they are pH neutral. And are spun out with organic elements to mimic the chemical effects but not become the same.

But to handle this, a commercial cleaning would have heavily upgraded equipment. That can easily remove all the toughest stains with minimum effect.

How to choose the right company for green cleaning?

  • Just ensure that you go through the following process before deciding the one for you.
  • Look for the popular names out there that are the most trusted names out there and weigh them against one another.
  • Ask for their portfolio and their previous works
  • The procedures they use
  • The nature of supplies that they use for cleaning

 Ask for a quote for your cleaning requirements to help you with a final push At JBN Cleaning, we can provide all these details along with a free quote after a thorough inspection at your time of convenience. Get in touch with us and let us know your requirements today!

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