Guidance For Covid Cleaning To Protect Against Viruses And Infections

Guidance for covid cleaning against viruses and infections

Guidance For Covid Cleaning In The Right Way?

The COVID situation basically has revamped the entirety of our perspective associated with respect to health, safety, and hygiene completely. Naturally, cleaning procedures are continuously evolving to meet the demands that are right now peaking up. Going for commercial cleaning services that are done by professionals will be the best decision that you can make. This is because they would have a lot more experience in dealing with requirements of a sensitive nature.

But nevertheless, there are a lot of procedures, cleaning patterns, and protocols that you can get acknowledged with before jumping in headfirst. A bit of professional tips and a lot of DIY tricks can be helpful to get you the perfect clean that you are on the lookout for.

Guidelines And Best Practices For Effective COVID Cleaning

Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Always wear disposable gloves when cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Use a mask and eye protection.

Select The Right Cleaning Products

  • Choose disinfectants that are effective against viruses and pathogens.
  • Look for products with EPA-approved labels.
  • Ensure it is an organic green cleaning product and has not expired.

Focus On High-Touch Surfaces

  • Prioritize cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, countertops, remote controls, phones, and bathroom fixtures.
  • Give special attention to communal areas and shared items.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidance for cleaning and disinfecting electronic devices like phones, tablets, and keyboards.


  • Ensure good ventilation in indoor spaces to help disperse potentially contaminated air.
  • Open windows and use fans if possible.
  • Clean all the ventilations regularly.

Dispose Of Cleaning Materials

  • Dispose of gloves, masks, and cleaning materials in lined trash cans.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after handling these materials.

Establish a regular cleaning and disinfection schedule, especially in high-traffic areas or places where staff and customers gather.

Take your safety, sanitation and hygiene to the next level.

Things To Remember Before Going For COVID Cleaning

1. Devise A Plan Of Action

The plan of action that we refer to is not simply jotting down quick points on what needs coverage. This can save you a lot of time and effort while also reducing your overall jobs. We are rather talking about deep research where you go about covering every last inch of your premises to take note of all the things that you’d have to clean, sanitize and disinfect. If there are any stains in the areas, you should also put in a detailed step-by-step process of stain removal first and then the COVID cleaning routine.

Even the smallest of elements like your paperweights and switchboard should be accounted for in this. After noting down the areas, it’s also making a checklist with the right order of things according to priority and the intensity of cleaning requirements.

2. Follow A Strategy

The strategy that you envision prior basically comprises actionable elements that you can employ to get your cleaning done the way you want. So basically this is where you’d understand the diverse nature of everything that you have enlisted in your checklist. You’d then draft out a detailed cleaning plan for each of these along with the appropriate solutions, equipment, and pattern of cleaning.

Especially when it comes to requirements like COVID-19 cleaning in Sydney which requires an added eye for detail, it is important that you go about it in the right direction with no room for errors or compromises.

Covid cleaning guidance against infections

3. Get Your Inventory Stocked Up

Not as simple as you think. Since the demand for supplies is rapidly increasing, the off-the-shelf products on the market are running out faster. If you are looking for any supply, it is better to rather choose the organic ones that are quality-approved by standard regulations.

But on the downside, the capital cost involved in the purchase, updates, and upgrades of cleaning equipment can escalate a lot beyond your purchase. Restocking your supplies now and then before they completely run out can also be hectic.

It is hence advisable that you go for a COVID cleaning company for your routines. This is because they would come to your premises as a comprehensive unit with all that you’ll need at no additional cost apart from the service fee that they charge you.

4. Follow Standard Patterns And Procedures

It is crucial especially when you are looking to do your terminal routines like in the case of your medical centre cleaning. You should go with solutions that are 100% reliable. Doing just a surface-level routine by cleaning every place you see is not going to work your way.

Always go for procedures that are authorized by one or the other global bodies. At JBN Cleaning, we strictly adhere to all the protocols that are devised by OSHA and CDC. In addition, we only use hand-picked organic supplies that are either EPA-approved or carry a DfE label. Make sure that you don’t overlook technicalities like this one when it comes to our COVID-19 cleaning services.

If you ask any professional cleaners in Sydney, they’d tell you to go for green cleaning procedures. While the obvious is that they help reduce your overall impact on the environment. But as an added plus, they would minimize the usual side effects that are left behind when you go for chemically-intensive supplies. This might be everything between allergies, rashes, eye or throat irritation or even trigger asthmatic conditions. If you are going for hospital cleaning routines, it is necessary that you do it green so that you don’t put your patients through any more added trouble.

5. Cleaning First, Disinfection Next, And Sanitization For The End-Game

Drawing a line between these three will reduce a lot of redundancy in everything you do. Cleaning is the foundational level procedure but your covid cleaning services don’t end there. You’ll only be doing the surface-level mopping, vacuuming, and dusting here to cast off the surface dust elements.

Disinfection is what comes next where you will use appropriate solutions to remove any germs and other contaminants that are lurking beneath the surface. Sanitization is the next final step where you’d add a protective layer on the freshly cleaned and disinfected surfaces to make it safe for the next person to use.

All these might be complicated if you are relatively new to this. And this is why you need someone expert to do it for you. Talk to JBN Cleaning today to get started!

Take your safety, sanitation and hygiene to the next level.

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