Gym Cleaning Checklist For Fitness Centres

Gym cleaning checklist

Proper Gym Cleaning Checklist For Fitness Centres

It’s not an easy task cleaning a gym where people simply sweat inside out each day. But with just the right direction and a proper gym cleaning checklist to fall back on, you can get your premises in order in no time.

It is important that you give out the right vibrancy and love at the first-sight experience to all the fitness enthusiasts out there to enhance your sign-up rates and this does not happen overnight. You’ll have to make your premises look presentable each day. It is thus mandatory that you have an experienced cleaner in the picture who will not just do the surface-level dusting or dirt removal but ensure comprehensive protection through complete disinfection, deep cleaning, and sanitization routines as necessary. This right here is why a checklist can help you a long way.

Gym Cleaning Checklist And The Frequency Of Cleaning

1. Daily Gym Cleaning Checklist

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s to never equate the surface-level shine to the health and safety of the premises. Viruses and other contagious germs of a highly communicable nature are prone to accumulate in moist areasist. And as a gym owner, you probably know that your premises are also going to be moisture-prone with all the sweat that people leave behind. Even if they are going to be decent enough to wipe off each piece of equipment after they are done, they’ll still be leaving behind a whole lot of germs out there in the open. This right here is why when you go for commercial cleaning of gyms, you should be focusing on disinfecting and sanitizing your entire premise each day.

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Entrance Areas

Any potential client that walks in through your door will roughly take a maximum of ten seconds before they make a perception of you and they are probably going to be influencing their purchase decision as well. It is thus necessary that you maintain a well-organized entrance area with shoe racks as necessary if you don’t want your clients using outside shoes in the floor areas.

The doorknobs should be sanitized every day as it is one of the high touch-prone points in this segment.


Encourage your sales executive here to maintain an organized table and clear things up as necessary. Disinfect and sanitize all your stationery here which is prone to be used by multiple people.

Locker Rooms

It is not so unusual that the locker rooms are usually cramped in nature. The air quality of this space can be hugely spoiled the narrower it gets. It is thus necessary that you clean each shelf or row here every now and then even within the same day to avoid any prospective contamination or bad smells.


No surprises here. There are going to be a lot of germs waiting to make every corner their breeding space unless you take comprehensive care of it. You should ideally be disinfecting everything from your doorknob, flush handles, soap dispenser buttons, toilet bowls, etc every now and then after a set number of hours of usage. A cleaning company in the picture will just develop the right frequencies to execute this for you.

Workout Space

There are just way too many things to cover here. Ideally, cleaning your gym before or after peak hours is just a great way to ensure that you stay on point at all times. For example, doing a disinfection routine followed by a sanitization routine each night and mid-morning can improve your chances of keeping the germs away at all times.

You need to wipe each piece of equipment, free weights, barbells, or other CrossFit elements thoroughly to make it safe for the next person to use. Since these are complicated in nature, we recommend that you go with someone like JBN Cleaning in the picture to do it for you in the best possible way.

Gym cleaning schedule

2. Weekly Gym Cleaning Checklist


All your mats that people use for floor workouts should be washed with water and disinfectants each passing week as a part of your gym cleaning. Gym mat cleaning should be proper because they also come in direct contact with the skin, you need to ensure that they are cleaned only with organic supplies.

You need to ensure that these supplies are either EPA-approved or carry a DfE label just as an added measure to avoid falling for knock-off products that are just shelved everywhere.

Floor Areas

If you’ve any artificial grass setting, wooden floorboards, or even interlocking mats, you need to do a thorough deep cleaning of them every other week where you focus more on stain removals and sanitization. Use the best mop to clean the rubber gym floor in the workout areas.

Restrooms Deep Cleaning

Goes without saying that one week is just the right time interval when it comes to cleaning your restrooms.

Walls, Cobwebs

All your ceilings should be properly dusted to look out for any cobwebs and to cast them away.

3. Monthly Gym Cleaning Checklist

If you have a removable floor structure with interlocking mats, it is highly recommended that you take them all, put them out for a wash, and re-organize them each week. While taking these off, you can also do the baseboard cleaning so as to ensure that they are no grime, dirt, or dust underneath as well.

  • Remove cobwebs on each corner.
  • Deep clean the equipment
  • Clean the rubber mat
  • Restroom and toilets deep clean.
  • Clean the hard wooden floors.
  • Replace the air filters.
  • Hire gym cleaning experts to clean and disinfect the entire gym.

You need to also keep a tab on your gym cleaning checklist each month to see how effective they were and to add or remove actionable items from this as necessary.

A company like JBN Cleaning in the picture can simply take care of all these for you while you take complete care of your customers’ fitness journey with you. Talk to us now to avail of a free quote for your requirements today!

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