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Gym cleaning products

Essential Gym Cleaning Products You Need To Keep Your Facility Spotless

One of the most crucial yet least discussed aspects of running a gym successfully is maintaining cleanliness. Public gyms are the perfect breeding ground for germs. With people sweating profusely, breathing heavily, and touching surfaces constantly during their workouts, the chances of spreading diseases are high. That is why daily cleaning is essential to maintain a safe and healthy environment for both staff and members. But without the right gym cleaning products, achieving a high level of cleanliness becomes impossible!

If you are planning to give your facility a thorough cleanup and wondering what supplies you might need, this guide will be particularly useful to you.

Gym Cleaning Products To Stock Up On Before A Cleanup

When it comes to gym cleaning, a quick wipe-down and a hasty sweep of the exercise area won’t suffice. To achieve the highest standard of cleanliness, you need to clean and disinfect every inch of the facility including:

  • Entrance hall
  • Lobby and reception area
  • Changing rooms Showers and restrooms
  • Free weights area
  • Floors and floor mats
  • All the equipment

Without the right tools, supplies, and safety gear, cleaning each area and equipment can not only become a hassle but also be a little risky. That is why you need the following items for an effective cleanup.

Cleaning Tools

Proper cleaning tools can make gym cleaning infinitely easier and more effective. Here are a few items that you should get first when buying gym cleaning supplies:

Duster, brooms, and buckets

To effectively remove dust from every surface and equipment, you need a good duster. You can use a horsehair duster or a vacuum with a dusting attachment. You also need brooms, mops, and buckets to clean floors.

Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are essential for wiping down surfaces and cleaning equipment. Since they do not leave behind lint or fibre, microfiber cloths are perfect for picking up dust and debris. The fabric is also soft, which means it will not scratch the expensive equipment.

Mops For Rubber Gym Floor

Matted floors need extra care and attention. Depending on the traffic, rubber gym mats can get dirty fairly quickly. For proper gym mat cleaning, you need a nylon or microfiber mop and a soft-bristled brush. You can also use a sponge or a vacuum with a beater bar.

High Filtration Vacuums

Floor care is an essential part of gym cleaning. If you have tile or concrete floors in your facility, you can do it with a mop for gym cleaning. However, for carpeted floors, you need a high-filtration vacuum cleaner. Dirt, dust, sweat, skin oils, and dead skin cells can all accumulate in the carpet. Without proper cleaning, the carpet will look shabby and start to smell. A high filtration vacuum can reach deep into the carpet fibres and remove all the contaminants.

Spray Bottles

Spray bottles are necessary to spread cleaning chemicals evenly on the surface. You can also use it to spray disinfectant. These versatile tools are especially useful when cleaning and sanitizing high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, equipment grips, and handles.

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Cleaning Products

Choosing the right cleaning products is crucial to achieving a high standard of cleanliness. Here are a few essential items you must have:

General Cleaner

You will need an all-purpose cleaning solution to remove all the surface-level grime and residue. You can make your own solution with dish soap and water or get organic green cleaning products from the store. For daily cleaning, organic cleaners are always better than using harsh chemicals.

Disinfectant Wipes And Dispensers

Always go with an EPA-approved disinfectant to kill harmful pathogens. You can also use pre-saturated disinfectant wipes to clean equipment. Both can effectively remove bacteria and viruses. However, since spraying disinfectant can damage electronic equipment, using wipes is safer for gym equipment cleaning.

Glass Surface Cleaner

Windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces also require regular cleaning. You need a high-quality glass cleaner to remove dust, fingerprints, streaks, and smudges off glass surfaces.

Carpet Stain Removers

Spills can ruin your carpet floors. The longer spills stay on your carpet, the deeper they set into the fabric. Once that happens, you need chemical-based carpet stain removers to clean the carpet. You can also hire a commercial cleaner that offers gym cleaning in Sydney for commercial carpet cleaning.

Gym cleaning supplies

Protective Gear

Gym cleaning often involves the use of harsh chemicals and strong disinfectants. Such chemicals can be harmful if they come into contact with the eyes, skin, or mucous membranes. Wearing protective gear such as masks, gloves, goggles, and aprons can prevent exposure to both germs and chemicals.

Face Masks

Wearing a face mask is crucial during a gym cleanup. It keeps you from inhaling airborne particles including dust and potentially harmful microorganisms. It also prevents the spread of respiratory droplets, thereby reducing the risk of transmitting diseases.

Safety Glasses

Eye protection is necessary when working with cleaning chemicals that can splash or release fumes. Wearing safety goggles can protect your eyes from potential hazards.

Disposable Gloves

Disinfectants and cleaning chemicals can be harsh on the skin and cause chemical burns, skin irritation, and allergic reactions. Wearing disposable gloves can protect your hands from getting into direct contact with these chemicals. They also promote hand hygiene and prevent the spread of diseases.

Cleaners may also require entire PPE kits to clean a facility that has been exposed to pathogens such as the coronavirus.

Hire Professional Gym Cleaners For An Effective Cleanup

Gym cleaning can be a hassle even with all the right tools and equipment. It involves many steps, methods, and techniques that might prove strenuous and time-consuming. If the task feels too overwhelming, you can always hire a commercial cleaner such as JBN Cleaning. Being the leading commercial cleaning company in Sydney, JBN Cleaning offers comprehensive gym cleaning services. With their customized packages, you can get gym cleaning under budget. Get in touch to get a quote today!

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