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Are You Doing Your Gym Mat Cleaning Regularly?

This should be one of your core focus if you’re running a gym. Gym mats are prone to cause a lot of contamination since they are used multiple times during the day. They’re prone to accumulate a lot of sweat and germs if you don’t disinfect them at constant intervals. Gym mat cleaning should be properly done and the purpose of the efforts should not be just about clearing up the surface. But to go beyond and clear up any accumulated germs from beneath.

As a business owner in the health and wellness sector, you should be added cautious in meeting the overall demands of your clientele simply by going for procedures that are effective. Professionals share some ways to clean gym mats in an effective way.

Steps To Following While Doing Gym Mat Cleaning Services

Following a standard pattern of cleaning can sort out a lot of hassles for you.

1. Vacuuming

Firstly, sweep away the end-to-end of your rubber flooring to get rid of any dirt or debris accumulated on top of the mat. You can do this with a regular broom but if you want to level up and use a vacuum. Consider the following.

Choose a vacuum that comes without a beater brush. This can potentially scratch the rubber surfaces and tarnish the look and feel of it. A soft beater brush can be the perfect alternative that you’re looking for. Also, only go with a vacuum cleaner that comes with industry-grade high-performance suction to not miss out on even the smallest dust particles. Professionals who offer commercial cleaning in Sydney stock up on different kinds of vacuum cleaners to offer effective solutions for even niche cleaning requirements.

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2. Spot Cleaning

There are always going to be one or the other accumulated stains that are on top of the surfaces. You need to remove these by gentle yet pressure-applied scrubbing with a brush that comes with soft bristles.

Using soap solutions on top of rubber surfaces can also tarnish the look and feel of the mats. There are also free mats that you should be cleaning and disinfecting on a regular basis without exceptions. They are also prone to close contact with multiple people who utilize them to work out.

3. Mopping

This can be a crucial part to perform. Unlike regular commercial cleaning, rubber surfaces should be properly taken care of. You should ideally be using a nylon, sponge, or microfiber mop to fit this purpose. Use the best mop to clean rubber gym floors.

Do the entire mopping procedure as quickly as you can in order to prevent overexposure to water which can result in moisture seeping through the mat surfaces.

There is advanced heavy-duty cleaning equipment like automated floor scrubbing machines, soft nylon brushes, buffing machines with a contact pad, etc. All these can be effectively employed as a part of your gym cleaning procedure.

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4. The Drying Process

To ensure a streak-free and uniform finish of the surfaces, you can let the rubber mat finish of the flooring air dry for a while before mopping. This ensures that the left-over moisture does not accumulate further stains because of the client’s footfalls while also presenting a streak-free finish of absolute perfection.

There are also commercial-grade wet vacuums that are available in the market that are used by companies like JBN Cleaning which will help you remove any excess water left from cleaning immediately. They should also be left for air drying after for a whole day.

Should You Consider Sealing Your Rubber Flooring?

This might be a viable option if you find gaps between your rubber flooring after a while of usage and dust or grime accumulated on the baseboards through these gaps. Hire gym floor cleaning services to keep the floor clean.

If you’re going with virgin or recycled rubber floors, then sealing them can give the best outlook for your flooring. The rubber sealers generally present a wet gloss look by creating a protective wax layer.

Remember These

  • Always go only with a non-diluted solution of rubber floor sealer and finish. Avoid using DIY solutions here since we are talking about handling a commercial space here. Ask a bit of advice from gym mat cleaning services in Sydney before you dive head first.
  • Go for only up to four coats till the desired level of shine is achieved.
  • Allow the costs to dry or you’ll result giving way to the development of haze. Wait for at least a day before you open up the gym for public utility. This will give the floors a breathing space to dry first.
  • Clean your floors at least once a week and perform a commercial deep cleaning procedure at least once every three weeks. This will prevent germ build-ups and start an infection chain at your premises.
  • Avoid cotton mops. Mopping is even more effective when you go with other alternatives like nylon.
  • Do not go for scouring pads or steel wool during the scrubbing process, they’ll scratch the rubber surfaces
  • Avoid acids, bleach, or vinegar at all costs. They can simply ruin the appearance of your mats.
  • While DIY might sound like a cheaper alternative, you’d end up in a huge dilemma if you accidentally ruin your mats beyond repair. We’d always suggest that you instead hire professional gym mat cleaning in Sydney to take care of sensitive niche requirements like these.

At JBN Cleaning, we have been taking care of gyms for years now and we understand what it takes to make more conversions and attract new clients. We’ll make your business level up simply by making your premises look crisp and clean at all times. Talk to us today to get a free quote for all your requirements.

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