Has COVID-19 Made Businesses Clean?

Has COVID-19 made businesses clean

Do You Know How Many Businesses Are Now Opting For Covid Cleaning Services?

The numbers could shock you. The pandemic has massively hit every Tom, Rick, and Harry and they don’t want to take a chance anymore since things are only now picking up from where they left off. Covid-19 cleaning restores the faith in your premises and prevents your business space from becoming a hotspot of germ contamination. But with such a vulnerability, the responsibility adds up to huge levels. This right here is why the demand for professional cleaners is at a steady rise these past months.

What Will A Covid Deep Cleaning Service Cover?

The entire procedure has been recently developed in response to the conditions around. The cleaners around the block especially in the Sydney area offer their office cleaning services in adherence to standard procedures and protocols drafted by global bodies like SWA (Safe Work Australia), OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention).

Their Scope Of Work Will Predominantly Revolve Around The Following

  • General dusting, brooming, and vacuuming for surface-level dust, dirt, and grime removal
  • Thorough end-to-end assessment of your hotspots prone to multiple usages and providing these high-touch points with the extra attention they need. These high-touch prone areas include switchboards, elevator buttons, staircase railings, furniture, flush handles, electronic gadgets, toilet seats, etc.
  • Disinfection of the entire premises with appropriate methods, solutions, and supplies. There are a lot of do-s and don’ts that are encouraged by global bodies since the entire process is sensitive and should give better overall results that are 100% reliable.
  • End the procedure with a sanitization routine where all the freshly disinfected areas are sanitized to act as a protective layer that can hold off germ accumulation for some time and make the premises entirely safe for the next person who enters.
  • Do a thorough check to ensure that no space is left compromised.
has covid19 made business clean

While on the surface level, they might sound like the simplest thing to do. But the ground reality is just the opposite because you can’t be too sure and you’d always have to keep a keen eye out as you go about the procedure. This right here is why going for a commercial cleaning company would be a better choice altogether for you.

Your employees’ well-being is at stake and also your scope of resuming your business operations in these tough times. The money you invest in your cleaning is going to definitely be worth it. But then again, it all comes down to how effectively you’re delivered with just the right solutions from the company you hire. So here’s a pro tip: Have a fairly good understanding of the market scenario and about the cleaning procedures so you can ask just the right questions to your next vendor that can help you choose them easier.

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Things To Remember Before Going For Covid Cleaning Services…

It all comes down to how effectively you do your cleaning routine. The entire process of hiring, training, processing payrolls of an in-house janitorial team, and spending on capital investments when it comes to cleaning equipment can simply drain your time, energy, and your money altogether.

It is thus a better option to go with a professional who will take care of everything you need all by themselves. Just ensure that they meet the following checkboxes prior:

1. You Need A Company That Takes Complete Accountability

The work here is something that’s pretty serious. The company you hire in the picture should understand just that and offer you solutions that are set out to meet your vision. And accountability here does not refer to their service promises, but rather the plan they create for you and the way they go about it.

Going with someone like JBN Cleaning who has a proven track record that is a decades’ worth is your best bet at making your cleaning investment matter. A company with streamlined processes and communication pathways is going to take efficiency a long way forward. You need someone who keeps you in the communication loop while also not nagging you too much or requiring your direct assistance.

covid19 made business clean

2. Go Green All The Way

While this might not sound like a game-changer and is often considered not to be mandatory, it actually matters a lot. Procedures like disinfection cleaning are very sensitive. The air quality of your interiors should be one of your primary considerations. You’d definitely have to furnish your employees with a fresh-smelling environment for them to work in peace which can also increase their productivity levels. This can happen if you go for organic hand-picked organic cleaning supplies that are either EPA-approved or registered under DfE (Design for the Environment).

When you go with the cleaning services that we offer, it goes without saying that you’ll only receive green treatment at your premises. We don’t just do this for the environment but also because it can prevent your employees from facing the harmful side-effects of chemical-intensive cleaning including allergies, rashes, or asthmatic triggers.

3. The Bigger The Weightage Of Their Portfolio, The Better

Experience plays a crucial role when it comes to covid cleaning routines. This is because only then the cleaners would be well-versed in the procedures and also provide you with any niche cleaning assistance on the go without any delays or back-and-forth running around. At JBN Cleaning we have worked with some of the premium brands in Australia over the past decade and our client retention rate also stands at an all-time peak of 85%.

This is only because of the satisfaction we leave them with. You can make this happen at your premises as well in no time. We also offer the most affordable covid19 cleaning around the entire block of Sydney. Talk to us today to get a free quote for your requirements now!

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