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High-rise window cleaning is a specialized field of work that involves cleaning windows and facades of tall buildings. This task is crucial for maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the building and ensuring that the windows provide a clear view. If you’re a premises owner that has buildings anywhere above three floors, you definitely need to hire a high-rise window cleaning services at least once every three to six months. This will ensure that you maintain a crisp premise at all times from corner to corner.

Know The Right High-Rise Window Cleaning Procedure

Some cleaning procedures are not just difficult but rather seriously dangerous. High-rise window cleaning is just that. It involves the cleaning professional hanging off a platform attached to the building’s ledge off the ceiling. The commercial cleaners you hire should be well aware of all the industry-standard safety protocols along with disaster management techniques to avert any damages or disasters during the procedure. 

Some Key Aspects of High-Rise Window Cleaning Sydney

Safety Measures

Harness Systems

Window cleaners typically use harness systems to secure themselves while working on the exterior of a high-rise building.

Rope Access

In some cases, technicians may use rope access techniques to reach windows and facades. This involves using ropes and other safety equipment to descend or ascend the building.


Suspended Platforms

Motorized platforms or cradles are often used to carry workers and their cleaning equipment along the exterior of the building.

High-Pressure Washers

Specialized high-pressure washers are used to remove dirt, grime, and other deposits from windows and building facades.

Water-Fed Poles

These extendable poles have brushes at the end and are connected to a water source. They are effective for cleaning windows from the ground.

High Rise Window Cleaning Solutions

Environmentally Friendly high rise window cleaning Solutions

Company like JBN Cleaning use eco-friendly cleaning products to minimize environmental impact and safety of the employees and owners.

Specialized Chemicals

Depending on the type of dirt or stains, cleaners may use specialized chemicals for effective cleaning.

Training and Certification

Safety Training

Workers must undergo comprehensive safety training to handle the challenges of working at heights safely.


Many countries or regions have specific certifications or licenses for high-rise window cleaning professionals.

Regular Maintenance

Scheduled Cleaning

Regular cleaning schedules help prevent the buildup of dirt and grime, maintaining the appearance of the building.


Periodic inspections ensure that the building’s exterior is well-maintained and that any issues are addressed promptly.

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Frequency of High-Rise Window Cleaning Services

Typically, it depends on a whole lot of factors including the foot traffic that enters your building, the location of your premises, if your environment is smoking-inclusive, etc. In addition, if you’re near a substantial water body, industrial areas if your street sides are clean, and also your weather and smog conditions. Anywhere between once in three to six months should ideally be right where you can get to the cleaning before you spoil your exteriors too much. 

If you let it grow over a period of time and later hire a cleaner, it’s going to backfire. The more prominent the stain, the longer it will take to clean. And since most professionals work on an hourly wages model, you’d end up burning a hole in your overall budget that you set aside for commercial window cleaning.

High-Rise Building Window Cleaning Equipment

There are two kinds of climbing tools that you can generally find in usage all around.


They can either be a movable platform that gives the cleaners a stable platform to stand and work on. They are suspended through a pulley rope and it aids in easy transfers from floor to floor.

Bosun’s Chair

If not, they also use something called a Bosun’s chair that comes as a harness rope-like contraption to suspend from the ceiling individually. The type of mechanism used depends on the size of the building and the facilities for suspending that the professionals can find.

Apart from this, their major protection lies in the safety harness that anchors them in place to this suspending equipment. High Rise Window Cleaning

Why JBN Cleaning Be Your Best Option For High Rise Window Cleaning?

Expert Professionals

We have been cleaning in and around Sydney for over a decade now and we have seen everything there is to this industry. Be it any niche of business you belong to, we are sure that we have cleaned it all previously. This kind of experience is something that you need in place to ensure that everything is going in sync with the plan.

Complete Accountability

In addition, we offer comprehensive insurance coverage plans along with third-party liability compensations to take care of things even in the case of unexpected damages. We also include the compensation of workers. This right here is one of the reasons why we remain the most trusted player when it comes to commercial cleaning in Sydney.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

We offer green cleaning solutions that are completely eco-friendly. JBN Cleaning has a strict policy of not going for chemical-intensive supplies for your cleaning requirement. The world tomorrow depends on sustainable adaptation starting today! And in addition to these noticeable environmental benefits, you’ll also get a chance to negate chemical side effects of cleaning like rashes, allergies, or asthmatic triggers.

Transparent Process

You also need to hand over requirements that are this sensitive in nature to someone extremely responsible. Always ask about the entire procedure before you dive right in. We are trying to impart elements like separate client servicing person assigned to your project, promised deadlines, the scope of work, overall expectations setting, etc.

When we go about your commercial window cleaning services, we’ll do it in such a way that you completely feel relaxed and relieved. Be it any equipment, solutions, or supplies, our experts are here to hand-hold you through this entire thing.

Best of Procedures

We also stick to international guides, procedures, and protocols devised by global bodies like OSHA and CDC just to be added sure in everything that we do. In addition, we keep an eye out to find the latest compliance protocols devised and regulated by SFQ (Safe Work Australis). In order to stop us from using knock-off products, we also hand-pick our organic supplies and effect the best of treatments at your premises.

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