How COVID-19 Has Redefined The Importance of Medical Cleaning?

How COVID-19 has redefined the importance of medical cleaning,

Importance of Medical Cleaning in Covid-19

COVID-19 has not just realigned customer preferences or personal hygiene consciousness. It has gone a lot farther into the fundamental framework of the entire cleaning process. Especially when it comes to medical cleaning services.

Hospital Acquired Infections have one of the most despised adverse events which have a prevalence of at least 19% worldwide at any given time. With the coronavirus being extremely communicable in nature, it has made everyone a lot more cautious to keep the most vulnerable places like health care facilities to be completely free from any infectious germs.

What Really Changed When it Comes to Medical Cleaning in COVID-19?

1. The fundamentals

The entire outlook of cleaning has changed ground up. It’s, not just about mopping, sweeping, or vacuuming anymore. Especially when it comes to sensitive efforts like cleaning hospital premises.

Cleaning is now a multi-stage affair with utmost priority given to disinfecting and sanitizing procedures to prevent germ accumulation or contamination. Proper training of your cleaning personnel is important if you want to make this effort a success. And it doesn’t stop there.

You’d have to furnish the cleaners with all the supplies they might need that differ from one surface to another

2. Surface disinfection

Reducing the risk of contagious diseases and infections majorly depends on this crucial process when it comes to medical cleaning services. People have started to realize that disinfection is not just something you do at outpatient rooms, bathrooms, or operation theaters.

It involves anything and everything that is inside your premises. Be it your table, chair, beds, trays, and anything that might be prone to be touched or used by the next person.

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3. Focussing on the high-touch points

Now, this is another major concern involved in medical center cleaning services. High-touch points refer to surfaces like your switchboards, door handles, elevator buttons, rails of bedding, armrests of chairs, flush handles, tap openings, etc among others which are prone to be touched by multiple people all through the day.

They might accumulate different strains of germs over a period if left unattended and result in a lot of possible contamination. In fact, they are the primary reason for the spreading of Hospital Acquired Infections.

4. Cross-contamination awareness

Cleaners, be it your in-house janitors or commercial cleaning companies, are now instructed to be cautiously aware of cross-contamination aspects wherein they might possibly spread the germs either from the previous place they have cleaned or from their own self.

This is the reason why you should ensure that all the cleaning equipment and supplies are first disinfected properly before you go about disinfecting your premises. Also, ensure that your cleaners are properly equipped with sufficient Personal Protective Equipment when they go about their routine at your medical facility. If you’re a medical cleaning company, then the following is for you…

redefined the importance of medical cleaning in Covid,

If you’re a Medical Cleaning Company, then the Following is for you…

1. Train your employees

The world has seen enough in the course of last year. The last you want to do is tarnish your brand reputation by sending incompetent cleaners to do the groundwork for you. While some companies are as experienced as JBN Cleaning, you need not worry if you’re relatively new here either. All you have to do is prepare a training schedule and stick by it no matter what. Impart your cleaners with thorough knowledge of the working procedures and the latest industry updates and each piece of equipment in detail.

For example, you might also have the possibility of having to do a niche service like carpet cleaning in the middle of cleaning a hospital. This is an unprecedented situation and yet you might be prepared beforehand by having all your cleaners master every subject.

2. Follow standard procedures

Medical center cleaning is one of the most sensitive jobs there can be. And hence, it is always advisable that you take notes from leading authoritative bodies like OSHA and CDC. This is to ensure that your procedures and cleaning strategies are aligned with global standards. This will not just help us deliver better results but also enhance your brand reputation among the masses.

3. Green cleaning all the way

Hospitals have patients walking in and out of the door all day long. The last thing you might want to do is escalate their existing conditions by giving them respiratory discomfort or other possible allergies thorough cleaning. This might be a very real possibility if you keep using chemical-intensive supplies and hence we at JBN Cleaning would suggest that you go with hand-picked organic supplies.

As an added brownie point, you’d also minimize your impact on the environment by switching to this green cleaning procedure.

4. Quality Anything else

Ensure that every one of your cleaners is aligned with your vision of delivering your promises to your clientele. Go above and beyond to deliver perfection and make sure you stick to your pre-devised strategies. Never compromise on any corners. Your business depends on the effectiveness of your cleaning procedures. So, make sure you get it right the first time.

5. Listen to feedback and also communicate effectively

This is something you should always practice. You might sometimes be proud of the work you did for a medical center cleaning but in reality, your client might not be on the same page as you, and they might’ve noticed something that you’ve missed out on.

So, always welcome constructive criticism. Listen to feedback and improve with every new premise that you attempt to clean. Communication is another aspect where you should improve time and again. Always keep your clients informed on what you can do for them and the limitations that you might be having. Keep your clients posted on the progress every now and then as you go about your work. Give them a safe space where they can speak without holding back to you on any further requirements they might be having.

It’s in crucial times like these where a lot of expectations might be set up on professional cleaning companies. Let’s put on a big smile and give the people what they really expect or even more so.

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