How Do You Keep Your Gym Clean?

How do you keep your gym clean,

Do You Know To Keep Your Gym Clean?

If there’s one place where people care very little about hygiene, it must be the gym! I mean they wouldn’t mind wiping a sweaty bench just to not mess up their recovery timings. And thus the responsibility falls on the management to never let your clients face a moment of disappointment when they work their hearts out at your gyms.

This can happen only when your gym cleaning stays on point almost at all times with absolutely zero compromises. Here’s a list of procedures that we at JBN Cleaning highly recommend you to sequentially follow:

1. Have a checklist in place before you jump in head first

When it comes to fitness center cleaning, there are a lot of grounds to cover. So always hold a checklist of thing that needs your attention. Take note of everything that is in your floor space, no matter how small. It can something as simple as a resistance band or something huge like your heavy equipment.

We’ll further simplify it for you:

Entrance areas

Your entrance area might have a locker or a shoe rank along with a high-touch prone like your login sensor and door handle. All of these need your attention while you go about your cleaning. First, use a microfiber cloth to clean the surface dust, and then use a paper towel or another fresh microfiber cloth dipped in disinfectant to wipe the germs that might be present.

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Free weights

This refers to the dumbbells and the dumbbell rack arrangement that you might have at your gym premises. They are prone to multiple usages by a lot of people every now and then and hence they must be disinfected at regular intervals during the day.

Barbell and supporting weight plates

Just like dumbbells, they are also used frequently. They must be properly sanitized every day to ensure comprehensive protection. A professional cleaning service might help you take care of all these requirements without you having to keep constantly overlooking the process.

Locker/ changing rooms

These are comparatively cramped areas in your gym since no more than two people are going to be using this area at the same time. And hence, they’d give a sweaty or pungent shoe smell if it is not properly taken care of. Have this as one of your priorities in your daily cleaning services.


Another important area is that can accumulate a lot of germs in really shorter periods. They should be cleaned every morning and evening without fail. Disinfecting your toilet seats, flush handles, dish wash dispensaries, and toilet soaps should all be done without fail.

Reception areas and others

This area determines how well you ace your first impression. Make sure you sanitize and disinfect all the touchpoints including keyboardsmonitorspens, and notepads. Oh, this includes your weighing scale too! Also, remember that your gyms might have other requirements including commercial window cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning if any which you shouldn’t ignore.

Steam rooms

Steam rooms can be highly contagious since the purpose of the room in itself is to sweat out. Disinfect and sanitize the room all through the day after each batch enters and leaves.

keep the gym clean,

2. Get your supplies and equipment in order

First of all, acknowledge that no two places can be cleaned the same way or can be cleaned with the same equipment or supply. You can find so many off-the-shelf products that are now even specifically available for different gym equipment like your mats, metal surface cleaners for your equipment, and also mirror cleaners.

You will also be able to find different types of vacuum cleaners that can be specifically used for your gym floor cleaning. But do take note that all these capital investments are definitely going to leave a huge dent in your pocket.

If you’re employing gym cleaning services, this process might be easy for you since they come with their own supplies and equipment.

3. Educate your client a little

You can’t maintain the hygiene of your premises if your client is not cooperative. Ask your clients to be a little more hygienic while they are at your premises. Ask them to maintain separate indoor shoes to avoid contamination as well as to prevent dust accumulation on your floor areas.

Always have them carry a towel with them, and have them wipe off the equipment handles or surfaces after every use. All these might be little factors but they’ll make the next person who enters your gym feel comfortable about working out.

4. Go for a professional any day

Having to hire a janitorial team under your payroll, taking care of their training, investing in the right supplies, and overlooking. The job done every now & then can be really hectic for you. You’d ideally have to spend all your time and energy on making your clients reach their goals rather than involve in these trivial processes.

This right here is why going for a professional cleaning service would be ideal for you. Any established company that you choose to hire for your gym cleaning will come with comprehensive know-how on everything your premises need.

Additionally, they bring all the supplies that your cleaning process needs and relieve you from making huge capital investments. Also, a professional business will take full-on accountability for everything that they make happen for you, thus giving you only the perfect quality outcomes.

At JBN Cleaning, we are fully equipped to take care of your fitness cleaning and we are also insured just to give you added peace of mind. Are you looking for gym cleaning services? Get in touch with us to get a free quote after an on-site inspection today!

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