How Much Does it Cost to Clean a Gym?

Gym cleaning cost

Wondering About Gym Cleaning Costs?

A gym or any fitness or sports center for that matter is one of the most vulnerable places that can catch up any contagious diseases, flu, or infections in no time. It is thus of vital importance that you pay proper attention to your cleaning routines in spaces like these if you are a business owner that wants to sustainably thrive in the fitness space without tarnishing your reputation. And hence, gym cleaning cost is naturally one of the things that you should be wondering about.

Here’s how we’ll make it easier for you. As an insider in the cleaning space who has been doing gym cleaning in Sydney for 10 years now, we have compiled a list of elements that would be factored in when it comes to summing up to a cost. After reading through this blog, you’d also have a fair understanding of why you should go for a professional and how to choose your cleaner. So go ahead, read on…

What will be the basis for gym cleaning costs to be factored in?

The cost is usually calculated based on the nature of the work involved. The final quote that you’d be presented with or charged would be on the basis of one of the following

Depending on the number of hours involved

Fitness center cleaning services generally cost anywhere between $30 to $40 an hour depending on the nature of work involved and the intensity of cleaning required. It might also vary depending on the last time the premises had a full-on commercial deep cleaning routine since it’d make the subsequent jobs easier.

The cost can also go as low as $15 to $20 if you are going for routine cleaning services which might be on a recurring basis that covers usual janitorial services including mopping and general vacuuming.

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But also be aware, if you are going for any add-on services like disinfection cleaning routines, you’d be charged somewhere around $45 an hour.

Typically a cleaner would be able to cover a 500 sq. ft. area for complete gym floor cleaning in an hour.

The number of cleaners involved

The more cleaners, the better will be the expertise that they bring to the table and the quicker will be the time involved in cleaning up your entire premises. Generally, for your gym cleaning, two people would be more than enough to clean up your requirements.

Add-on disinfection or sanitization routines required

Now, this is one of the crucial factors that decide your gym cleaning cost. Since your fitness center is a space where people sweat their hearts out to get to their goals or shape up their bodies, you’d need to take care of all the germ accumulations before they happen.

The frequency of disinfection depends on the foot traffic that you have at your premises. If you have a higher influx of fitness aspirants entering your premises at every other hour, then you’d probably have to go for a disinfection cleaning routine at least twice a day at the very least.

Gym cleaning prices

Why should you go for a professional for your gym cleaning services?

1. Increased accountability

A professional in a place like JBN Cleaning has been in the industry for far too long and would take all the more responsibility to make sure that your hygiene is on point. This is because they’ve built a long-standing reputation that they’d want to protect and they also understand that their business depends on your satisfaction.

2. Subject matter know how’s

We have been cleaning for 10 whole years now and we know what it takes to ensure that your expectations for fitness center cleaning are met. Be it any niche requirements that you entrust us with on spot, we’d be able to offer just the right solutions to make sure you’re presented with impeccable results that can sweep you off your feet, quite literally.

3. Standard protocols and procedures

A professional gym cleaning service in Sydney would stick to authoritative guidelines from standard bodies like OSHA and CDC to ensure that you are presented with the best procedures. In addition, they’d also be sticking to green cleaning protocols where they handpick the right organic supplies that are chemically neutral. This would also ensure that you are not left with a premise that triggers potential allergies, rashes, or asthmatic conditions.

4. Fixed timelines

Be it post-working hours cleaning or booking appointments at timings that suit you, you’d have the leverage to make a call on all of these according to what is convenient for you with professional fitness center cleaning services! Quick turnaround times while also meeting your demands with the right solutions is something the cleaning professionals would master even more than your in-house janitorial team.

5. Economic on your budget

While hiring a team of janitors on your payroll might sound like a cheap option, it really is the other way around. Cleaning equipment and supplies come at huge capital costs and you’d also have to spend huge sums on cleaning, repair, and upgrade costs frequently. Not to forget all the knock-off products that you might fall prey to if you don’t have just the right idea.

Insurance is also added plus when it comes to commercial cleaning services offered by professionals. This would ideally not be even factored in the gym cleaning cost that they present you with. In any unfortunate situations, if any mishaps result in damages, a professional will spring into action to replace them immediately without you having to even get involved.

At JBN Cleaning, we are now offering a free quote for you to have a fair idea of how much you’ll be charged for your exact requirements after a thorough on-site inspection at your convenient time. Get in touch with us to avail a quote for your gym cleaning requirements now!

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