How frequently should a medical centre be cleaned?

How Frequently Should a Medical Centre Be Cleaned?

The frequency of your medical center cleaning is crucial if you want to retain the safety of your premises in terms of its overall hygiene without any compromises. Careful calculations of various factors are of absolute necessity which will decide the time interval between different routines that you must be following.

The overall ambiance and vibe that your medical center reflects are now under close scrutiny unlike never before. Especially since the pandemic, everyone who enters your premises wants to feel comfortable and this is only possible with proper disinfection cleaning that you keep doing at regular intervals all through the day.

Here are some of the factors with which you can decide the frequency of your medical cleaning

1. The size of your premises

The contrasting ideology is that bigger premises can be cleaned easier than smaller ones. Surprising yes, but true. Small premises are usually more cluttered than bigger spaces. But at the same time with bigger premises, there comes a lot of corners and a lot of prospective stains that happen each day and it requires your precise attention almost immediately.

While an in-house janitor might help with medical cleaning services of smaller spaces, bigger space might get a lot more hectic and would involve a whole lot of technical expertise. This is because there’s just too much ground to cover. You’d have to involve diverse elements like carpet cleaning, stain removal at different areas, window cleaning, disinfection and sanitization, high-touch point coverage, terminal cleaning, or hospital-acquired infection decontamination, etc.

2. Your foot traffic

The influx of your patients might now be high more than ever owing to the pandemic and also the surrounding paranoia. In addition, the flu season might result in contaminating your premises even more than the other days. And there are certain times even during the day where your foot traffic might be more than the other times. In all these cases it is important that you keep not just your surface clean but also go above and beyond to disinfect all the areas that are prone to contamination. In addition, sanitizing every last touch prone point to make it safe for the next person who walks in should be done every now and then.

3. The intensity of cleaning that different area inside your medical center

Areas like your outpatient consultation rooms might require constant disinfection cleaning while your medical center cleaning services in other sensitive areas like your operations theaters, injection rooms, nursing stations, and your scan rooms might require deep cleaning services once in every while to be added sure.

The routine that you can follow

Daily Cleaning Checklist

If your daily cleaning just involves the usual sweeping, vacuuming, and brooming procedures, you might be in grave danger. Medical centers require a disinfection procedure at least twice a day at times when the foot traffic is high. HAI is common in medical centers that forego this routine.

Cover these every week

Wet mopping and disinfection wiping of all the beds in the in-patient rooms, complete disinfection of bathroom areas, and other sensitive space should be done every week. Medical cleaning is also now being done on a regular basis. Make sure you wash your screen, window blinds, cabinets, etc at least once a week.

Do these cleaning routines at least once every month

Complete terminal cleaning routines along with deep cleaning procedures should be done month on month. Your carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and other places like your break rooms, medicine rooms fridges, etc should all be decluttered and cleaned once a month. Keeping track of all these medical cleaning procedures might be hard for you or an in-house janitor since there is just too much ground to cover. This right here is why you need someone who does professional cleaning in Sydney.

Why a professional might be your best choice?

1. They understand the sensitivity of cleaning

A professional in a place like JBN Cleaning would better empathize with your exact requirements and give you premises what it deserves at the right time intervals without you having to look over your shoulders every now and then. Be it the utilization of the right supplies or execution of the right procedures after a thorough understanding of the nature of your needs, they’d take care of it all for you.

2. Better accountability

Since their business depends on your satisfaction, they’d do everything in place to make sure to exceed your expectations. In addition, they’d come with proper liability schemes in a place like third-party insurance and workers’ compensation just to relieve any worries even in the event of any unexpected damages.

3. Standard procedures

Any reputable professional who offers hospital cleaning would make sure that they stick to green cleaning procedures in everything they do without any exceptions. This procedure is not profitable for the environment, but rather good for human health as well. The patients who enter your premises might already be vulnerable to their own ailments. Exposing them to rashes, allergies, skin irritation or asthmatic conditions as an aftermath of cleaning should be the last thing that your cleaning does.

Green cleaning is done by proper organic supplies that are handpicked after looking at proper DfE labels and EPA registrations.

At JBN Cleaning, we are here to give your premises the best shape it deserves while also not draining your pocket too much. Get in touch with us today to get a free quote for your exact medical cleaning requirements after a thorough inspection at your time of convenience. Contact us today, we’ll do your cleaning for you the right way and at the right time frequencies.



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