Technologies which are transformed the commercial cleaning industry

How has commercial cleaning in Sydney changed in recent times?

There has been a rapid influx of technology into almost any field there is. The cleaning industry is no different. Commercial cleaning services are just getting better each day around attributing to the efficient cleaners here who are jumping on to the trends as rapidly as they can. The post-pandemic world of cleaning has especially been drastically different from what it used to be previously. Every one of us wants to be added sure about the safety, security, and hygiene of their premises and cleaning is no more just a surface affair to them like how it used to be.

If you are a cleaning company like us at JBN Cleaning, you should definitely need to acknowledge these to surpass your competitors and stay sustainable with your business even in the future!

Here are a few recent upgrades and their advantages in the industry that you should definitely know about:

1. Robust inventory management

There is a lot of technological improvement when it comes to stocking up the inventory and managing them just in time. If you are a premises owner of complexes, shopping malls, or huge business spaces, there are a lot of chances that you might not know when there would be a lot of walk-ins where you’ll need extra supplies and utilities. With the up-gradation of IoT, you can simply be sure of prompt reminders before they run out and you can restock them just in time.

If you are someone who hires in-house cleaners, you can also keep tracking their efficient usage of cleaning supplies and make changes as necessary. Even a commercial cleaning company like us is now using these in places like strata cleaning for delivering reliable procedures at all times.

2. Improved guest experience

This is especially crucial in the hospitality sector. Let’s say if you have a hotel room where you accommodate guests and they have a cleaning requirement. They can simply click a button rather than having to go through the entire process of making a phone call to the reception to tell them the same.

Also, the air quality of the spaces can be continuously monitored when it comes to crowded spaces or even toilet stalls. After you get proper notifications, you can simply connect it to a cleaner and do what’s necessary immediately.

3. Cleaning robots in action

When it comes to even the simplest of things like vacuuming, brooming or even commercial carpet cleaning, professionals are now utilizing robotic equipment for the purpose to get reliable results. They come with pre-programmed patterns of cleaning procedures, and other standard protocols to follow the same routine that is proven to give impeccable results.

This is now becoming common in Australia now and in the future, we’d probably have different kinds of robots for diverse purposes that will become available on the shelf in the market. You might have to acknowledge yourself with this and get yourself ready for all the changes that are set to happen!

4. It can greatly reduce your operational costs!

With any tech revolution, there comes one impeccable advantage which is the reduce the overall involvement of human physical strength and power, thereby also reducing the overall manpower required.

With cleaning robots in action, you’d also be able to greatly reduce the want for wide ranges of other regular cleaning equipment. This will also reduce the occurrences of any possible damages or other accidents from happening while cleaning.

Not just that, they can help you maintain a neat premise by continuously monitoring air quality and help your employees from catching any season flu or any mass spreading allergies thus reducing the number of sick day leaves and increasing the overall productivity of your environment.

5. Reporting, invoice, agreements, and payments

All of the procedures involved right from the first sales touch to the final agreement, everything has been digitally processed these days making it a lot easier than usual. The transparency of the processes is also maintained by this effort.

For example, when the cleaners are in action, you receive the strategy and checklist for your device. You can simply check them at any point in time to keep yourself in the loop and updated with every last happening.

6. Application of IoT

Internet of Things is getting its place in the industry and it’s going to be the future of commercial cleaning in no time. IoT simply refers to the unification of data by transmission through multiple connective networks to make every day-to-day activity easily functional and accessible.

In the future, professional cleaners might have to equip themselves with these technologies that they can help integrate at their client’s premises. For example, you can install these IoT in a restroom and operate the prompt cleaning reminders and neatly schedule them in no time. You can code them in such a way that individual stalls can only be used by 10 people at a stretch before the next clean. This can help you reduce a lot of redundancy in the process by maximizing the efficiency of your cleaning routine. Your janitors can simply clean the ones that are utilized most first and the other accordingly.

The world around you is going to be constantly changing and it will come down to the evolution of the fittest even in the cleaning sector. If you are a business owner, you need to outsource your requirement to a professional who is the best at what they do and also grows alongside you.

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