How JBN Cleaning is handling the covid pandemic in Sydney

JBN cleaning Is handling the Covid-19 Pandemic in Sydney

JBN Cleaning Is handling the Covid-19 Pandemic in Sydney

Coronavirus has definitely triggered all our paranoia when it comes to sensitive issues like health, safety, cleanliness, and hygiene. It has completely rewritten the modules and processes of commercial cleaning in Sydney. It is now more than ever that everyone is not so concerned about just the surface-level cleanliness of their premises, but they go a little deep into how effectively it has been disinfected and how well it is sanitized.

As a company, we at JBN Cleaning have always believed that cleaning is not just an affair of the surface or first impression. We have been in the cleaning industry for over 10+ years now and we were always extra cautious about clearing up the germs that are lurking below the surface. This right here has made it easy for us to adapt ourselves towards providing COVID-19 cleaning services in recent times.

Safety first

All our cleaners are professionally accredited and are backed by years of hands-on experience. We prioritize safety protocols and strictly adhere to regulations from standard bodies like OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)  and CDC (Center for Disease Control).

Our cleaners will be completely equipped with personal protective equipment, gloves, sanitizers, and proper masks for their own safety and also to prevent cross-contamination from happening.

Even the bottles of cleaning supplies, and the rollers of equipment are all thoroughly UV sanitized to be germ-free as we bring them to you.

Results-driven COVID-19 cleaning services in Sydney

We understand that even one missed spot can remain a breeding ground for the spread of the coronavirus which is highly communicable in nature. Hence, we have a systematized way of handling almost every corner of your commercial space as we offer you our cleaning services.

  • We first assess your overall premises and devise a crafted workflow plan taking everything into consideration.
  • We then dust the accumulated dust from different areas like window blinds, furniture, electronic gadgets, walls, wall mounts, and floor.
  • We mop the floor with disinfectant liquids to ensure comprehensive protection.
  • The high touchpoints are the most sensitive when it comes to spreading infections. These include elevator buttons, switchboards, electronic gadgets, faucet heads, and entrance areas. We use a microfiber cloth and buff them on these surfaces after the application of proper disinfection solutions.
  • Our cleaners will then go around using foam sprayers or other dispersion equipment to ensure that the disinfection liquid is evenly spread all around.
  • And it doesn’t end there, we then sanitize necessary places that are likely to be used right after.
  • We later clear the garbage, dispose of the trash, clean up your trash bins and change them with new liners before we leave.

We take client satisfaction strictly. If we hear about any missed out spots within the first 24 hours after we have cleared a space for our clients, we go back right away and reclean it for free.

JBN Cleaning is handling the covid pandemic

Here are some of the top factors that make us the best cleaning company in Sydney.

1. Vast experience

Our experts have seen all that there is to cleaning through years of servicing in this field. We have been setting standards for the rest of them to follow. And also have a client retention rate of over 85% which speaks of our impeccable track record by itself.

2. Comprehensive expertise

We offer diverse niche services that are not easily found around. This is possible for us because we are continuously trying to improve our knowledge in different areas and we encourage constant training sessions to keep our professionals as up-to-date as possible.

3. Friendly professionals

A warming smile and a charmingly clean result are what we are all about. Our cleaners are going to consider your premises as their own and will only serve you with the best.

4. Affordable pricing

We are extremely transparent in all that we do. Our cleaners don’t overprice you and hence, we provide a free quote prior to requests. We do this after a complete assessment of your premise to give you an accurate picture of what you’ll be charged. This right here is what makes us the best cleaning service in Sydney.

5. Complete accountability

We are completely insured and we are here to completely take care of what you’re looking for. If at all there happens to be damaged, we’ll take spring into action to replace it as soon.

Coronavirus is a sensitive issue and we have been getting a whole lot of clients our way that has been opting for our COVID cleaning services in Sydney. An increase in demand does not mean that we compromise on our work quality by taking it up. A lot more projects than what we can handle with our present bandwidth. We take our work seriously.

As a company, it is important for you to take your hygiene seriously, especially in crucial times like this. We understand the intensity of the situation and how much you are depending on us. Worry not, you’re in safe hands. Get a free quote and be surprised by how economic our packages are compared to the market rates.

Keeping your premises safe is what we are here for. You’re just one conversation away from getting the most effective services in all of Sydney. Talk to us today!

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