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How Long Does A Covid Deep Clean Take?

How long does a covid deep clean take?

Do You Know How Long Does A Covid Deep Clean Takes?

Well, the answer depends on various factors like the level of covid cleaning required, size of your premises, resources that you have and others. You should also understand what is generally covered under the procedure to get full-on benefits out of it. Instead of wondering about how long does a covid deep clean take, you should rather be thinking about the kind of companies or cleaners that you need to hire.

Covid has really been a game-changer and has locked us down for two whole years. The highly contagious nature of the disease is majorly the reason why the situation has escalated so much. How long does a covid deep clean take? It has also redefined the way we look at cleaning forever. It is no more a surface-level affair where you simply take care of dust removal or prevent dirt accumulation but rather something where you take care of the complete hygiene and safety of your premises.

On average, the entire procedure can take up to three hours for a small office of 2000sq.ft if the procedure is completely done by one single cleaner.

What Is Covered Under Covid Cleaning?

1. Complete Dusting

Taking care of removing all the dirt, dust, and grimes is what you should be doing first. Only when you remove these, the further procedures of deep cleaning can be done in a proper sequence. You should be covering the corner to corner of your space without any exceptions or missing out. Even your baseboards, cobwebs, and other external installations should all be taken complete care of.

2. Disinfection

It is always a better idea to hire a commercial cleaning for your disinfection procedures. Disinfection simply refers to the clearing up of germs and other contagious bacteria or viruses from the surface.

At the same time, you won’t be doing just your floor spaces as a part of disinfection. You should rather be focussing on all your crucial touchpoints to prevent contamination. These touchpoints ideally include everything from your door handles, elevator buttons, flush handles, dispenser buttons, furniture, staircase railings, etc.

Depending on the foot traffic at your premises, you should be disinfecting your premises multiple times during the day to prevent any harmful infection from spreading around.

3. Thorough Sanitization

Sanitization is what comes last after you’re done with your disinfection procedure. When you go for office cleaning, it is necessary that you complete your procedure with a sanitization routine.

Sanitizing solutions on application at floor spaces will help in building up a protective cover on top of freshly cleaned layers. This will make the space safe for further usage. If you leave your routine at disinfection and do not complete sanitization, then you will give way for microbes to spread again on top of these surfaces immediately in no time.

Take your safety, sanitation and hygiene to the next level.

What Should You Discuss With A Covid Cleaning Company Before Hiring Them?

1. Package Rates

There are a lot of considerations when it comes to giving you a quotation for your requirements. The intensity of cleaning, the number of cleaners, and the size of your premises are the major factors that decide the cost of your entire cleaning procedure.

Not every professional is going to give you a quote that justifies the returns. If you’re looking to hire a company for covid cleaning services, always look for ROI than going with something cheap. You’d lose your quality along the way.

2. Scope Of Work

Always dive into your procedure after getting a detailed covid cleaning checklist and an action plan in hand. This will give you an exact picture of what you need to ideally set your expectations at. You’d be completely aware of what procedures are going to be done at your premises and the kind of output that you’re looking for.

Any reliable covid cleaning company will help you with a complete transformation of your premises inside out.

Covid Deep Cleaning services

3. Insurance Coverages

There is always room for damages and disasters when it comes to technically intensive procedures like deep cleaning. You need someone who takes complete accountability for what they make happens at your premises.

If they offer you insurance policies, they’d take care of any repairs, replacements, or repercussions all by themselves. That’d give you a better trust factor with the employees that you hire.

4. Supplies, Solutions And Equipment

When you hire someone like JBN Cleaning who has been in the industry for ten whole years now, they’d have all the latest equipment and technology to give you the best of results. The capital cost involved in the procurement of cleaning supplies can simply shoot up through your roof. This is why hiring an office cleaning company might just be the best choice for you at the moment.

5. Niche Cleaning Experience

When you go about your procedure, you’ll have to clean a lot of different elements that are completely different from one another. This niche cleaning experience can only be found with reliable players in the market.

This might be anything from cleaning a carpet, their baseboards, commercial window cleaning, or other routines specific to each premise and industrial vertical.

The major reason why you need to understand all these is to hire someone who can be trusted with the deliverables. Who better than making this happen for you than us? We have cleaners who are extremely good at what they do!

If you are looking to hire a commercial cleaning company, get our free quote first before you make a decision. JBN Cleaning might be your one-stop solution to giving your premises a fresh clean and crisp look.

Take your safety, sanitation and hygiene to the next level.

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